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Some users choose to use whatsapp mod when compared to the original version. It looks very perfect, but the WhatsApp application still has many shortcomings in it both in terms of features and so on. Therefore, many third parties make modifications to whatsapp to meet the needs of its users.

The emergence of the WA mod has succeeded in attracting the attention of users in the country. And until now there have been a lot of modified versions of WhatsApp applications that you can use freely. Equipped with various advantages and disadvantages, you can determine which type of WA mod you want to use. Some wa mods include GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, RA WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp to YowhatsApp.

Among these wa mods, YowhatsApp is still the target of many users to date. There are lots of features that you can get in it for free. You can use all the features provided to make it easier for you to communicate with each other. And to find out more details about Yo WhatsApp, please see the explanation below.

YowhatsApp is a third-party modified version of the WhatsApp application. This application has been equipped with many cool features and is very complete, you can use it freely. Yo whatsApp comes from the initials of the name of the application developer, Yousef Al-Basha. The developer provides this application so that other users can feel the sophistication of the features provided in it.

Of course, there are lots of interesting feature sets that you can get in this game to make it easier for you to communicate in the application. One of the excellent features that you can get in this application is being able to send a very large number of files and this is not easy for you to find in the original version. There are many other advantages that you can find. For more details, please see the explanation below.

Get to know YoWhatsApp

So social media with a large number of users makes WhatsApp a crucial application that must be on the device. But unfortunately the features in the application are somewhat less supportive for more varied needs.

This is also what finally made third-party developers create cloned applications under the name YoWhatsApp. This application was created to support various application user activities that cannot be done on the regular WhatsApp application.

This application is made as identical as possible to the source application, hence it is also called a clone application. This application is indeed called an illegal application but it turns out that there are quite a lot of users.

This is due to user needs for the various features in the application. It doesn’t make users bored, in fact the existence of this application allows you to do many things that cannot be done in ordinary applications.

This modified application also has many features of its own. That’s why many call it a typical modification application. With its various advantages, this application manages to make users feel at home for a long time in the application.

YoWhatsApp Featured

Not just a cloned application, this application has many excellent features that cannot be used on the regular WhatsApp application. These various features can later be used to support various daily needs. Anything?

1. View Sender’s Deleted Messages

Do you like being annoyed with messages that are suddenly deleted even though you haven’t read them yet? No need to worry let alone ask to send messages back, now you can see what messages the sender secretly deleted.

Use the viewer deleted messages feature on the YoWA app. Through this application you can easily read deleted messages. Not just once, you can view deleted messages as often as possible.

2. Can Use Various Themes directly from the Application

Themes in ordinary applications can only be changed between two choices, namely dark or day themes. Indeed, these two themes can be used for free, but unfortunately they often bore users. For a more exciting chat application experience, you can use a different theme.

The different themes of the YoWhatsApp application can be used for free without any restrictions. There are many interesting themes available in this application. Not only that, additional themes can be downloaded immediately and can be used every day.

3. Send Large Files Without Hurt

In normal applications you can only send files with a size of no more than 30 MB. If you want to send a file with a large number of files, you must send it periodically or use another application. Of course this is not efficient at all.

But now large files up to 100 MB. There’s no need to cut the file to send it, you can directly send the file in its entirety. There is also no need to use additional applications to be able to use this feature.

4. Keep Story WA

Like IG stories that can be made highlights, you can also make WA status last longer. Even statuses can be made so they don’t disappear before being manually deleted. This excellent feature can be used immediately when the application is successfully activated.

Keep story WA will be very useful when you need to promote something. So there is no need to upload the same story every day, you can use this feature to upload stories for a long period of time.

5. More Stickers and Emojis

Not infrequently the stickers sent by people look broken and can’t even be seen because of different types of devices. Likewise, emojis are often seen as empty boxes with an X in the middle.

Don’t let that happen, you can take advantage of a feature in the application that allows you to view and send various emojis, even if you have different types of devices. It is also possible to view and download stickers in higher quality.

6. App-Specific Airplane Mode

Faced with a myriad of activities, you may need to disappear for a moment from the online world. But is it possible that airplane mode only applies to one app? Of course, armed with a modified application, this can be done.

Especially if you want to disappear from WhatsApp, you can activate the flight mode feature or application-specific airplane mode. You can still receive notifications from other apps without being detected as active on WhatsApp. Interesting right?

7. Block Different Types of Calls

YoWhatsApp allows you to block different types of calls. It doesn’t mean blocking completely, so only certain features such as voice calls or video calls can be partially blocked.

Neither you nor your friends can make account calls because they have been blocked. This method can also be done quickly and for free. Not only permanent, the settings can be removed once the settings are no longer needed.

8. Multi-level Security

Privacy or security in using an application is now a must. Not only security from hackers, the security of accounts directly from outside the device also needs to be improved. Using a password is one of the best options.

In this application you can use letter, number and pattern passwords. Not only that, you can also use a fingerprint password on the screen if the software allows it. The security of this app is definitely right enhancing privacy.

9. Download Other People’s Status

Not infrequently you are interested in what people upload via status. Not just interested, maybe the status posted by people contains information that is currently needed. You can actually download it and save it in the gallery.

Armed with the download status feature, you can save various uploaded files such as photos and videos. No less exciting, you can save files without restrictions. So there is no need to use additional applications to perform similar activities.

10. Two Accounts in One App

Have two accounts that have to run at the same time? No need to log in using two different devices, now these two accounts can be run simultaneously in the same application.

With the YoWA application you can run two accounts at once without fear of conflicting settings. Usually business accounts and personal accounts must be managed properly through different devices. No need to use the complicated method anymore, now two accounts can run on the same application.

11. Live Video Call 8 People

Video calls are now a necessity. Not only acting as a social media support feature, the video call feature can be useful for those who want to conduct long-distance conversations with various purposes.

The reason is now not only two to 6 people who can make video calls in one frame. You can use the direct video call feature for up to 8 people without a hitch even with HD picture quality.

12. Know the Location of Other Users

YoWhatsApp also allows its users to find out the location of other users. This versatile application can easily do tracking via the phone numbers of friends who have saved each other’s numbers.

No need to use extra applications to find out the location of friends because this modified application has exclusive features. Use this feature for free and as necessary to support daily activities.

13. Choose a Variety of Fonts

Make the screen look less boring by changing the font. No need to change the device font as a whole, you can change a special font in the WhatsApp application. How could that be?

Of course, by using the excellent features of YoWA. A wide selection of fonts that can be changed every day is ready to make the most frequently used social media displays no longer boring.

14. Can Change Appearance Like Facebook Messenger

Not only fonts, you can also use the chat view like facebook messenger. For those of you who are already familiar with the appearance of the messenger, of course, you can feel the sensation of using an unusual chat application.

This feature can be used after the application has been successfully installed. This view of course will not be permanently installed. So if you are bored, you can change the theme with the various themes in the application.

15. Uncheck Two or Blue Tick

The check mark may be for some people better removed. However, this method cannot be done on the original WhatsApp application. No problem, you can do it via a modification application.

From here various marks can be removed easily. Starting from removing the double tick to removing the blue tick can be done. Even the sign you’re recording voice for VN can also be removed easily.

How to Activate YoWhatsApp

How to download to activate WhatsApp mod is fairly easy. Basically you can do general downloads like downloading any other application. But make no mistake, here are the recommended ways so that the application can run smoothly.

  • Prepare enough internal storage to download application files.
  • Choose a trusted download link so you don’t get it wrong and even download a virus.
  • Download the file until it is successfully stored on the device.
  • Go to file manager in personal device.
  • Find the file that was downloaded earlier.
  • Click on the available install files and monitor them until they are completely installed.
  • Then enable unknown sources which may appear later.
  • Wait a few seconds for the final installation .
  • Immediately check whether the application can run properly or not.

Perform the above steps sequentially in order to get satisfactory results, especially so that the application is successfully installed. Pay attention to whether there are any major changes to the device after the app is installed or not.

Tips for Using YoWhatsApp

You can’t just use it, there are many tips that can be used to support the use of modified applications. Included in the use of this one application. The following tips can be done to support the use of the application.

1. Ensure Original Installed Apps

First, make sure that the application downloaded and installed on the device is the original application from the developer. If not, the opportunity for rogue parties to plant a dangerous virus is very likely to be done unknowingly.

The way you can check the installation source is whether the original source or not. If when downloading the file, it was passed to several websites with suspicious links, then you should also suspect that the application offered is a fake application.

2. Do a Trial of the Application at the Beginning of Installation

Then do the first trial or experiment on the application to monitor whether this application is running well or not. The application should certainly be able to run without causing various problems on personal devices.

Trials can be done by logging in to your account and then trying it for a few hours. If during the trial period no problems are detected, the application can be said to be safe. Also do periodic checks every few weeks to find out the condition of the application.

3. Periodically Delete Junk Files

The thing that needs to be done without missing is deleting junk files. Every application must produce junk files that will make the storage system full quickly. If this happens, the overall working system of the device can be hindered.

Likewise for modified applications that have the potential to produce quite a lot of junk files. To support the smooth use of the application and the smooth use of the device as a whole, don’t forget to periodically delete junk files.

4. Overall Device Condition Tracking

Tracking the overall state of the device can be done to find out whether the installed application is safe or turns out to be causing problems. This tracking can be done in a matter of once a week.

Check the condition of the storage whether it is full quickly or not, also check the condition of the RAM if it drains quickly and makes the device slow. Don’t forget to also check the file storage whether there is a locked file with the .exe format or not. If so, you should immediately release the application.

5. Explore the Features in the Application

Next explore the features in the application. It won’t be fun if you don’t explore various additional exclusive features that are deliberately planted by the developers of the modified application. At least do some testing on certain features.

Adjustments need to be made not only to check application performance but also to check the security of application features and their impact on the device. This can be done periodically so that the use of the modified application remains smooth.

6. Do Regular Updates

As with other official applications, modified applications are also developed by professional hands with periodic updates that may be carried out as often as possible. In order not to be left behind from the trend of using new features, you should do regular updates.

Updates are not only made to be able to use the latest features but also to ensure the security of using the application. So don’t forget to check for periodic updates and update the application as soon as possible.

7. Don’t Save Important Data in Applications

Finally, don’t save important data in modified applications, especially important data in the form of bank accounts. The possibility of data leakage can happen anytime anywhere. Including one of the methods is hacking from modified applications even though it is equipped with multilevel security.

So it’s better to keep important data in private notes with tighter security. Do not let other people know the personal data stored. It is also necessary to pay attention to maintaining privacy data from various types of applications, even if they are not modified applications.

Don’t forget to continue to monitor the condition of the device after the YoWhatsApp application has been successfully paired. Use the tips mentioned above so that your application usage continues to run smoothly. Immediately uninstall the application if the device is detected as having problems.

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