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Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk Unlimited Money Ant Anti Banned Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk Unlimited Money Ant Anti Banned

Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk


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Aug 1, 2022
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Android 4.3+
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Hello friends, see you again with us where there are lots of latest games and applications and have new features and perfect graphics and interesting gameplay and can be downloaded for free for all of you . In our meeting this time we will discuss Call of Duty Mobile

Strive to be the best by battling across the map in multiplayer mode while trying out all of the highly anticipated unique modes of Call of Duty.

This adrenaline-pumping head-to-head multiplayer game is full of impressive graphics and more. It may be difficult to play the game because of the defensive tactics required in the same.

Using Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk can get rid of the sweaty parts, and can help become an advanced gamer. In the modded version, you can expect better features like Aimbot, better healing, easy-to-play interface and many other things. A common question that might arise in everyone’s mind is, what is a Mod Apk?

In short, finding out a bug in any app, modifying the app and exploiting that bug is called Mod apk. The app is similar to the original with a few additional adjustments.

Our expert hacker team did this work and came up with this mod apk version. Now, there are no limits, and you can go beyond shooting, landing, and healing related issues.

From running at a higher speed to mastering the basics of the game, everything is possible now. Credit goes to the effective use of all the tweaks added by our team so you don’t feel any issues about the usage.

It also improves your overall experience and makes you one of the best players. Let’s learn more about the features and then some important things about the game.

All Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk Features

Some of the impressive features of Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk take it to the next level, which can help your playing style and improve your overall performance in the game. The main features of this freebie are

Unlocked Character Class

Several characters exist in the Call of Duty game, and each one is unlocked in the mod version. If you play the normal version, you have to go through a certain number of stages to unlock certain characters.

It may be time consuming and requires a lot of effort to see the real potential in this game. In all types of characters, you can find the max level, and each one unlocks at the same time. Making a better team is easier in this apk.


Auto-aim lets you take better calls from your opponent and kill from a distance. Just pointing it near the opponent and pressing the shoot button will automatically target the target. This will kill your opponent in one shot, so you don’t have to take too many calls to kill your opponent.

When trying this mode, you have to stay a little bit specific with the target. This makes you have a better kill line and unlocks better abilities of each character. Aimbot is a bit common to learn at first because it seems complicated, but you’ll like it eventually.

No Root Needed

Many platforms require you to root your smartphone so that you can install the modded version. But, this is not a problem with the modded version as you can install it directly to your smartphone.

As of now, this apk version is available for android devices, and there is very little chance that it will be available on iOS version. When installing the app, you need obj file and apk file. Everything was done after that; no root required in the whole process.

No Reload

Reloading is one of the common problems of action survival games, and a slight delay in getting rid of opponents gives it a chance. To avoid this problem, we added an auto reload feature, which will save you time.

It also gives you an advantage with melee and other types of weapons. You can treat your opponent with this method. This no-retreat feature means no manual tasks and a better focus on the opponent. Killing more enemies becomes easier with this method.

Unlimited COD points

COD points are required for upgrades. They play an important role in development, and they also help with weapons. You can unlock better stuff, and our mod apk version offers you unlimited COD points.

Getting the original amount of resources to be easier with this method, and you can get better progress in the game. The same points are required to level up, and it becomes easy to get the original amount with this method.

Anti-Prohibition Properties

Being banned by developers is common when using generator tools or mods. But if you prefer the safe ones offered by us, you will feel safe using them. In fact, many other safety factors are considered before releasing the mod version.

The reason being, it potentially has an anti-ban security feature, which doesn’t let developers know about the tweak, and no one can report your account either. Proxies keep you safe, and you’re still on the same server as the developer.

Mode Daring

In this multiplayer game, you fight against enemies in online mode with your friends. If you prefer mods, you can still get all the online modes available in this app. It’s just like the real thing, and the app doesn’t crash for any such reason.

You just need to get apk file and obb file to install this app. When battling in any mode, it might take a little while to join, but once connected, you’ll get perfect servers and effective gameplay.

Tentang Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk

Call of Duty by Activision Publishing, Inc. is a great fighting game about survival and killing enemies. This freebie game is available for iOS and Android devices, and gamers of PUBG and other survival games can remember the playing style required in this game. Developers put more effort into making this game unique and unique than others.

To fight your way through difficult levels and progress effectively, you need an effective strategy, and if you can’t find some basic tactics, then it’s going to be hard to progress. To get a higher amount of COD points and spend them wisely, you need to follow some basic tips. Below are mentioned old impressive tips that you should take care of –

Optimal Settings For Graphics

Nothing is more important than tire performance, and if your smartphone can’t cut the graphics thing, then you can opt for the optimal settings. By lowering your graphics performance and increasing your overall speed, you’ll be able to keep out your opponents. This gives an opportunity to kill the enemy in seconds, and you can advance towards him.

 This gives you the opportunity to kill enemies in seconds, and you can progress to become the best player. If the word settings option and then start the resolution feature treatment, you can choose the optical resolution and you can turn off HDR. This will help you get better performance, and you can connect with the server easily.

Turn on ultra HD mode and if you turn off shadow too, you will spot enemies easily. Aiming at them will be easy, and if you use future photos from the modern version, then killing the opponent is easy.

Choosing the Right Shooting Mode

The game developer offers two shooting modes, and both are reliable. If you choose the simple mode where you automatically trigger the shoot button, then you will find that it is easy to kill the opponent. It is effective for beginners, and most gamers like it, but when it comes to the advanced mode, most of the games are hesitant because it takes some time to learn their basics.

On the other hand, the manual version takes time to improve your overall skills, but it’s important if you want to become a proficient gamer. In this mode, you will trigger the shoot button yourself, and the probability of losing your opponent is very low in this world. Level by level, you will get better at this. So you should give it a try over the simple options available in this game.

Character and Class

There are several types of characters offered in the game, and each of them has its importance. When choosing the best type, you need to know about the character’s abilities, and releasing each type is rather typical.

So, at first, you can check out the base characters, who tend to have better offense because playing in attack mode is fun, and it’s interesting too. As you browse through the characters, you can find that each has its own class. Let’s learn about each character:

  • Scouts Scouting
    your opponent and knowing their strategy is a bit advantageous because you can plan an effective counterattack. The scout class also offers two distinct boosts in the game, and the former can easily see footprints, which gives the advantage of killing opponents smartly.
    The second push is all about arrow sensors which can help to know about the highlighted player, who is in the vicinity. Scouts can easily see they are helping in some way to take advantage of the current situation. Medics can easily recover by not finding players around.
  • Medics
    One of the common types in this game is the medic, and this class comes with two special boosts that can give you a serious advantage as you progress through the levels are medics. This can help set up a medical station anywhere you want, and it will create a circle around the character.
    All other players can heal by entering this circle. It takes 25% less time to revive a teammate in a difficult situation. It helps your team progress at an effective rate
  • Clown
    Class that has a toy bomb and is able to summon zombies to come in first place in attacking the enemy. They can easily take over any nearby enemy, and there are other boosts available to aid in development as well.
    It has an anti-zombie boost, and it will help reduce the zombie awareness distance to 15 meters, which gives you plenty of time to move faster and act according to the scout player’s stats. Taking over the opponent becomes easier with this method.
  • Mechanic
    When it comes to the mechanic class, you can expect some advantages with an EMP drone because the mechanic can handle it. They have the ability to launch drones, and they have continuous EMP interference with enemies, and they also have their own boost.
    This helps them with a zoomed in view. All vehicles within a radius of 80 meters stop and make them hostile to the enemy. This is a pretty unique skill, and helps when playing through the in-game zombie mode.
  • Defender
    The last on this list is the Defender, and it has the ability to place a switchable and flashing shield. His ability, he could send it anywhere he wanted.
    The ability to inflict 20% less damage ensures that he can last longer on the battlefield. The only problem is with the bullets as it can’t reduce the damage to the bullets. So you have to be careful when your opponent fires multiple bullets. It improves your overall strategy, and it can help with effective development for sure.
  • Ninja
    Ninja are not very strong, but they have some unique skills that help them prevent attacks and act faster. They have a grapple hook, which can easily hook onto any kind of surface, and this will help the grapple to a specific location.
    Ninjas also move quietly like they are on tiptoe, which makes less noise. The sound of footsteps is muffled, and enemies can’t hear them, giving them a chance to get close and take over other teams, zombies, or enemies.
    After learning all the characters and their classes, you need to create a team of all types of players.
    Mastering each character’s skills takes time because as you upgrade each one, the stats increase. You’ll have to learn a lot about each character, overall skills, and several other factors.

Taking Advantage of Drones

After all, taking advantage of drones makes you feel two steps ahead of your opponent, and that means a lot with his development. Your character is awarded with UAVs, missiles and drones. It happens when you have a continuous steak to kill enemies and if you use weapons effectively at the right time while playing in multiplayer mode.

Missiles are very helpful in taking control of the screen, and aiming these missiles at the enemy is very helpful in killing from a distance. All enemies within the blast radius will not survive at all. You can launch the UAV in the general direction of the opponent, or you can use the UAV to kill the enemy on impact.

This drone helps you get to the position of the enemy on the map, and it will make things easy with the UAV so you can find it an effective option. This option is only available in multiplayer mode, and you can easily take advantage of it with effective progression. Make sure that you use this weapon at the right time when it is needed especially.

Using Boosts

As previously mentioned, each player has a class, and they have some special abilities. As you strive to win over your opponents, you can see the improvements offered by the developer in the multiplayer mode. Each player has a class, and you can try them all. This gives you the option of taking a boost and getting rid of your opponent seems like an easy thing to do.

These advantages will put you on a different level, and it can also make you one of the proficient gamers. The ability to use your weapons with matches is the main advantage that every gamer wants to take. In other cases, you will need to change weapons, which might be a big deal but not in this situation, which can help you progress faster.

You can change the weapon according to the enemy, and killing from a distance becomes easier. Using boosts will tell you about enemies and other factors. Use the boost of all characters to ensure a significant advantage.

Weapon Upgrade

As you upgrade your weapons, over time, you keep improving your skills, and taking over your opponent is easy. You can only upgrade weapons like guns in multiplayer mode, and that increases the experience. You have to play a lot of matches to get enough experience points.

When you upgrade, it gives the ability to equip some advanced tools with your weapon. That’s why you can consider it an effective option. For example, you can equip your weapon with various sights, magazines, foregrips and stocks. It can increase the overall stats of your weapon, and targeting opponents from a distance is easier.

This can make you a better gamer, and many advantages are easy to gain over enemies; that’s why you can consider it without any problem. Being the best gamer seems like an easy thing with this method.

Throwables dan Helikopter

You get two kinds of ways to take over the enemy. You can use throwables or consider using a helicopter. When using this skill, it is important that you remain selective to avoid problems. In Call of Duty, there are a large number of items that can be thrown away.

This is advantageous in difficult situations where you can’t go out and show your presence to everyone. From common smoke grenades, frags, or stuns, you also have the type of items that are easy to throw away. This helps with a twist in the gameplay. On the other hand, using helicopters is an effective option in the game’s Battle Royale mode.

It allows you to fly a helicopter. Well, flying a helicopter seems risky, and preferring it in multiplayer mode isn’t good for your team members either. It’s effective for solo play and easy hiding. Opponents can easily fire on helicopters, and if your entire squad is in helicopters, chances of survival are very low.

This can be a problem, so you have to stay a little specific. When the zone shrinks, you can consider this a better option. Take your time and master this skill as it is very important in difficult levels for effective progress.

Fall from High

When falling from a height, most gamers end up losing their health. This is a common problem for every player as falling from hills is common here. So if you want to increase your chances of surviving a fall, try to stay in proper shape and launch high. This will help you attack at low speed, and it will cause less damage.

This will give you some advantages, and will also consume lower health. As you slide through objects and reach to the safe zone, it becomes easier to hide and seek out opponents. Be quick in such situations because the enemy might know about your location, so move in a safe direction, and that will help kill more opponents.

This is an important tip when you are playing in solo mode. Keep moving until you find the safest zone to hide. This lets you hide and get ready for action. It is very important to progress faster and become the best player in the shortest time.

Crouch and Slide

In case, the enemy is about to meet, and you’re on his radar, it’s a good idea to crouch and glide. While running, enemies can easily guess your moves and hit with bullets. But, if you tap on the character, it will crouch and slide. This is the best time to change direction and go to the safe side. Moving faster becomes easier with this method.

Don’t bother running because facing opponents at the same time is difficult. Get to a safe place and hide behind something to plan a strategy. Use your best weapon in such situations. In fact, it depends on the character you are using. When running, changing direction suddenly is a lesser-known trick that you can use.

Download Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk Latest Version 2020

Game NameCall of Duty Mobile Mod Apk
Android VersionAndroid 4.1 and up
Current Version1.0.10
File Size80 MB
DevoloverCall of Duty Mobile

1. Please press the download  button   above to download Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk

2 . Wait for the download process to complete, then install the apk on your cellphone and PC to install it, follow the steps below which we have prepared for all of you.

How to Install

This mod app cannot be found on Google Play. So you can download it from the website and install it manually. Here are the instructions for installing the Mod application.

  • Visit websites that have and share mod apk files for free like . Find the app you need, open it and hit the download button. Wait until the download process is completely complete 100%.
  • To install the APK file on your Android operating system, you are required to activate the “Unknown sources” option by going to the Settings menu – Security – Unknown sources).
  • Open the file manager on your mobile menu, then find and open the  download folder , find the Apk file that you downloaded earlier and run the application. Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • When it’s finished, you can enjoy the apk-mod with amazing and abundant features compared to the apps on the Google Playstore.

Until here, our meeting this time, look forward to it and enjoy the application and download other free games. Stay with us at   and wait for the latest news from us. Thank you