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26 August 2022
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Bloody Bastard MOD APK is the most anti-mainstream Android fighting game you can find playing. Here, you will fight against a medieval European setting with unique graphics.

The most prominent uniqueness of this one fighting game is that players will enjoy 2D battles with the difficulty of moving characters. As a result, you cannot fully control the character which is a challenge in itself.

The modified version or MOD APK of this game also adds to the excitement of playing, such as the presence of the unlimited money feature . However, using the MOD version risks inviting viruses that can damage your device.

So, you can download the latest Bloody Bastard MOD APK 2022 just to try before playing the official version through this article. Check out the reviews and game download links from ApkVenue below!

Review Bloody Bastard MOD APK

Bloody Bastard MOD APK is a one-on-one (1vs1) fighting game . Interestingly, this game uses a medieval period setting in Europe.

Here, you are required to defeat your opponent until the health bar runs out to become the winner. You have to equip your character with strong self-defense and weapons. Not only that, you are required to strategize and plan attacks on your opponent.

This game is perfect for those of you who want to test your strategy-setting skills. Plus, with an attractive game display that will make you addicted to playing it to the end.

Usually, after you beat your opponent, you will get 200 USD . Every now and then, you will get a bonus of up to 2 times that can be used to upgrade weapons and armor .

Download Bloody Bastard MOD APK All Unlocked

Before going to the download link for Bloody Bastard MOD APK unlimited money , it’s a good idea to know the details and minimum specifications of the game to be compatible with the device you have.

DetailBloody Bastard
Android Minimal5.0 and above
Rating4.1/5.0 (Google Play)

You can download several versions of Bloody Bastard MOD APK via the table below. Enjoy a variety of interesting features that make you addicted, gang.

Cara Instal Bloody Bastard APK MOD Android

How, have you downloaded the latest premium Bloody Bastard APK MOD above? If so, follow the installation steps below.

  1. Remove the previous version of Bloody Bastard APK (if any).
  2. Go to HP Settings > Security and enable Permission from Unknown Sources.
  3. Download the APK file that ApkVenue has provided above.
  4. Click on the Bloody Bastard MOD APK file and install it on the device.
  5. Wait until the installation process is complete.

Differences Bloody Bastard Original & MOD APK

Investigate a calibaration, it turns out that these two versions do not have quite different features. Of course, the MOD APK version has superior features.

For more details, here is a comparison table of the two.

Original Bloody BastardBloody Bastard MOD APK
Limited money.Unlimited money.
Some features and facilities are locked.Unlock premium features.
There are ads.No ads.

Main Features of Bloody Bastard MOD APK Level Max

Bloody Bastard MOD APK version has several advantages and advantages that greatly benefit players and will not be found in the original version. Here are the points that Jaka managed to collect.

1. Unlimited Money

As Jaka explained, to get money, you have to fight often and find hidden gems . Fortunately in the MOD APK version, you can get an unlimited amount of money right from the start.

As a result, you can buy new items for fighting purposes, for example armor , weapons , and even additional equipment that has high combat power.

2. Unlock All Premium Features

One of the advantages if you install the Bloody Bastard MOD APK is its features that can be used by all players without any conditions.

You can also use all the rare weapons or self-defense equipment. Of course, this will further increase your ability to defend as well as defeat your opponent in one attack.

3. Ad-Free

Well, this is the most important. You can enjoy the game in full without having to be bothered by the presence of promotional ads.

This is because the Gold and Goblins MOD APK version has been modified with a special program to prevent ads from entering the game.

(IMPORTANT!!) Risks and Dangers Download MOD APK File

Remember, the Bloody Bastard APK that ApkVenue highlighted in this article is the MOD version. That is, this version is not official because it comes from an unlicensed third party developer.

Therefore, downloading the MOD APK file is very risky. Besides being able to threaten the safety of your cellphone, the original developer will also be harmed.

The following are the risks and dangers that you will face if you continue to download the MOD APK file:

1. Vulnerable to viruses and malware: The main risk of files coming from third-party sites is the potential for viruses. Because, you downloaded not from the Google Play Store which is very impossible for a virus to be there. In fact, it’s even more dangerous if the MOD APK file provider intentionally inserts a virus in the download file!

2. Damage your cellphone: Once your cellphone gets a virus or malware, even the best antivirus software will be very difficult to ward off. So, your cellphone can be damaged and completely dead, or the files that are there are completely lost because of being gnawed by a virus.

3. Risk of hacking personal data: In addition to damaging your cellphone, the use of MOD APK files can also compromise your privacy. Because, all login or registration data that you enter into the site or APK will go to the developer.

4. Permanently banned account : Login or register in MOD APK will be considered as illegal activity by Google Play Store. Once you are “tagged” by Google, your Google account used to login or register can be permanently banned !

5. To the detriment of the developer: The MOD APK version usually unlocks premium features which can usually only be obtained by paying for the original version. So, downloading and playing MOD APK games is the same as closing access to developer income from the premium version. Jaka urges you to never download MOD APK files from local apps or games !

The final word

That’s Jaka’s review of the latest Bloody Bastard MOD APK 2022 along with the download link. You are guaranteed to lose track of time and feel as if you were transported to the Middle Ages with this game!

Feel fit after trying the features of this MOD version? You can upgrade Bloody Bastard to the premium version to get these cooler features permanently and of course safe.

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