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The old version of Vidmate APK application is more like it than the newest one. Maybe because the older version of Vidmate is lighter and also has stable performance.

There are also some cases regarding the new version of the Vidmate application. Many say that the latest version of Vidmate often has errors , the app does not run, and closes by itself.

Therefore, users of the Vidmate application choose to downgrade or prefer to use the old version of the Vidmate application instead of using the latest version of the Vidmate application.

About Vidmate APK Old Version

Vidmate is known as an application for downloading video images on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and other social media, and you can also save the video image with the resolution you specify.

But not only that, this application has been around since 2014 which provides various features for us, which we will discuss below. keep on reading, don’t skip.

Regarding the old version of the Vidmate application, of course it is safe for us to use, even though we say we can’t find this application in the playstore and also the appstore.

As we previously said, the old Vidmate application has the advantage of the newest version. That’s why many are looking for this application with an older version.

Frequently Used Features

The thing that is often sought by users of this application is the various interesting features that are in it. This application has also been widely used from various circles.

Video Image Editing

Often used by Vidmate users. And this feature is useful for editing short videos and long videos.

For editing, usually only for standards-based, or you could say editing does not use excessive effects.

Video Image Resolution

We can adjust the resolution according to our needs, we can get a rather high resolution image, or a very low one.

You just have to choose the video resolution as your video output, which is for you to share on your social media.


If you already have videos from Vidmate that you want to share, the Vidmate application has provided for you.

So that you no longer need to exit one application and another and then return to the Vidmate application.

Insertion Media

From Video Images that you take through the Vidmate application, before sharing them on social media.

You can also add images, videos, soundtracks or text to the video, so that your videos can be more varied.

Watch Live TV via Vidmate Old APK

The Vidmate application also allows us to watch Live TV, which maybe some of us prefer to watch TV via a browser, Cable TV or watch live TV.

But if you want to watch TV through this application, we will tell you how. Some of you may not know that we can also watch Live TV on the Vidmate application with various TV channels.

  • How to Watch Live TV
    1. Make sure you have an internet connection
    2. Open the Vidmate application on your cellphone
    3. You will be on the first page
    4. Then you can see the available TV channels
    5. Choose one of the TV channels you want to watch

Watching through this application, you could say it is more stable and the picture looks clearer. But make sure again that your internet is connected, so that when watching it is not disturbed by a signal that disappears.

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