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The hobby of watching Korean dramas or drakor, has indeed become an activity that is often carried out by young people today. And the presence of this Drakor ID APK will help drama lovers watch the dramas they like.

Here the admin is very sure, if the admin’s loyal readers who stop by this article are very happy with Korean drama shows. Whether it’s an adult, a teenager, or even a child, they like this drama entertainment show.

And the admin is also very sure, that your arrival in this article is to find a service that can be used to watch Korean dramas. Where the service is Drakor ID APK, which provides at least hundreds of Korean dramas with Indonesian subtitles.

On this occasion the admin really wants to give a review about this service, and at the same time provide a download link so you can use it. Therefore, you continue to read the review below, because interesting facts about Drakor ID login are already listed in it.

Its existence which is quite popular in 2022, of course, makes this one drama watching application often a discussion in various media crews. Because for potential users who have just heard about this service, of course they will be curious about the facts of the application.

So Drakor ID is the best Korean drama watching service today that has been accessed by millions of users throughout Indonesia. Because we know that there are many fans of Korean dramas in Indonesia and that is what makes this application so popular.

You can operate this application on the Android system, or on iOS-based devices that you usually use to watch dramas. Moreover, the design of this application is very simple and has a light capacity for a drama watching application.

The Drakor ID application can certainly be the right choice for all of you, because as the admin said that watching drakor here is all free. Where you all only need to download the application, and you can watch all the Korean dramas you like.

For friends who want to edit photos, you can use the Picsart Color Mod Apk . The phenomenon of Korean fever has hit the whole world for a long time, including people from Indonesia. With the presence of this drakor id application, it can be the best platform to be able to stream Korean dramas.

This Drakor.id application is very useful, especially for those of you who love watching the full version of Korean dramas.

There are various Korean drama titles ranging from the old to the new, all of which you can definitely watch without missing a single episode.

Drakor.id is a streaming application that is definitely free for Android HP users. And even though it’s free, the features are definitely premium class.

This drakor.id application has very good audio and video quality, so watching can be more focused without being disturbed by other factors.

Through the Google Play store you can find this application called Drakor.id very easily. No need to worry anymore about the security system of this application because it is definitely not a scam and endangers your important data on your cellphone.

Because drakor.id has received positive reviews and ratings that you can directly see for yourself from the Google Play Store.

What is Drakor Id App?

For those who are hearing this good application for the first time, of course they are still foreign and want to know more deeply. The Drakor.id application has a simple interface that even new users can understand.

So of course you can very quickly use applications that are compatible with this Android OS.

In addition, the design and coloring is also quite elegant and pleasing to the eye. So you will have no trouble when using this Drakor.id application.

You can easily search and find all Korean dramas that you want to watch, both those that are finished and those that are still ongoing.

It doesn’t take long to find the title of the drama you want to watch. You can type the search feature to search for keywords from the Korean drama title you are looking for. So don’t manually read the titles one by one which is definitely long and troublesome.

And the good thing is that even though this application is free, it already has Indonesian subtitles. So it’s really very suitable for people who like drakor but the Korean language is still Zonk at all.

You should also note that the subtitles in this application are also of good quality. So surely the translation is accurate and the timing is also right, not too fast or too slow so it’s nice to watch from beginning to end.

Drakor.id Application Features

Without interesting features, even though it’s free, surely no user will want to use this drakor application.

So the Drakor.id application certainly has many features that are guaranteed you will like to watch more Korean dramas.

Well, for those of you who are still curious about the advantages of the features of this Korean drama watching application from other applications. Please see the following interesting feature reviews.

1. The Latest Version of the Drakor Id Application, Watch Online and Offline

Several other Android applications that have similar services for watching Korean dramas usually require their users to be constantly online. Or connected to an internet connection, and if it is not connected then you can’t enjoy the service at all.

This is of course very different when you want to use this application called drakor.id. You can use this drakor.id application both online and offline.

Because we know that until now in Indonesia there are still areas that are difficult to reach for electricity, let alone a stable internet connection.

So this offline feature is certainly very useful for users who are in a slow internet connection area.

2. Easy and Fast to download Korean Drama

Although you can use drakor.id for free, there are absolutely no ads that are quite annoying like most other apps.

The download process itself is also fairly fast because the link can be directly downloaded. So there is no need for fancy ads to appear for you to watch first.

Or a link that directs to another new site to direct download which is certainly very disturbing security and totally impractical.

3. User friendly interface

Smartphone users, be it any brand, as long as they have Android, of course, in general, can easily use this good application.

For those of you who are installing and using this Drakor ID application for the first time via the Google Play Store. So it seems no longer necessary to make a tutorial on how to use drakor.id.

Because the user interface is very user friendly with a simple display and easy to understand by anyone. Unlike other apps that tend to have misleading buttons or links to confuse users.

Not only that, this application also uses Indonesian. So for those of you who can only speak fluent Indonesian, you will certainly understand when reading the instructions from this drakor.id application.

4. The Latest Version of Drakor Id Application, Can Save Quota

To be able to watch Korean dramas freely, you will definitely need a large quota. Especially if the drama has many episodes that can reach tens or even hundreds of episodes.

So you definitely have to prepare a lot of internet quota so you can download or stream all the videos smoothly.

Fortunately, this drakor id application provides a choice of HD version video resolution or only 360p version. So for users who are still poor in quota, they can continue to watch Korean dramas until the end by choosing the 360p version.

Because the 360p version has a file size that can be twice as small as the HD version. So it is very suitable for those of you who have a small quota.

And you need to know also that the 360p resolution of course also still has good image quality. Especially if the screen still comes from the HP screen and not a PC monitor.

5. Diligently update

Currently, there are many streaming applications for watching Korean dramas that have sprung up. However, using just one drakor.id application is actually quite enough.

Because the developer of the Drakor ID app looks very diligent to do regular updates. Both from the security system and stability of the app as well as the contents of the drakor content itself.

So you can easily find all the Korean drama titles that you want to watch now or later. Because this drakor id application does have a large collection of drakor that is still ongoing.

6. Complete collection

Not only limited to Korean dramas that are still ongoing. If you want to reminisce or want to watch old dramas.

So it is certain that this drakor id app has many complete collections. It’s enough just to search for the title you want to watch the drama and you can watch it right away.

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