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COC Mod Apk Download Unlimited Money Gems Dan Gold COC Mod Apk Download Unlimited Money Gems Dan Gold

COC Mod Apk


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Want to play a nostalgic COC game but lazy to upgrade your Town Hall? Relax, there is currently a COC mod apk which is a modified version of the original version.

With this version that is currently increasingly trending, you can easily increase your TH (Town Hall) because of the many useful features.

Even though at first you still play with TH 1, but to reach TH Maximal is not a dream.

COC stands for Clash of Clans which is a game made by Supercell. This game is very interesting because there is a strategy battle in it.

COC is also still a Tower Defense type game, where you have to defend your territory.

In addition, you can attack enemy defenses to take Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir.

Until now, the level of popularity of Clash of Clans is getting better, as evidenced by the total downloads on the Playstore.

The figure of 500 million is certainly not a small amount, it can even be said that it is very much for a light and simple game class.

Simply put, the game that you will run is to build a village.

Initially, they were only given land with a modest level of military strength. With elixir and gold, you can build stronger defenses and trained soldiers.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to collect elixir and gold. As said earlier, you have to attack the enemy’s defenses to get these two items.

Of course the enemy will not let you easily take and destroy the village.

This is where the excitement of the game that is said to be a strategy match lies. If you use the wrong strategy, it’s definitely not the enemy’s defense that is broken, it’s your army that loses.

On the other hand, in terms of village defense, you also need to develop a strategy so that it is not easily attacked by the enemy.

Reviews of Game COC Mod Apk

Clash of Clans is a very legendary Strategy Game, before the presence of the MOBA & Battle Royale Game.

This game developed by SuperCell, has now added a variety of more exciting features.

One of the additional features that are applied to this Strategy Game, is that you can upgrade Town Hall Level 14.

And there is a feature called Hero Pets that can be used to protect Heroes from attacking.

In addition, there are many more new features that are implemented into this game, which we will explain in a simple way later.

Featured Features of COC Mod Apk

By playing this Mod Version of the Clash of Clans Game, it can make it easier for you to do various things.

Because you will get Featured Features that cannot be obtained through Clash of Clans Original, which are as follows:

1. Unlimited Gold Coins, Gems, Elixir, & Dark Elixir

To be able to make various kinds of Buildings, Troops, & Heroes, which have been provided in this Clash of Clans Game.

You must have Energy Resources named Gold Coins, Gems, Elixir, & Dark Elixir with a considerable amount.

And in order to get Energy Resources in large quantities, you can go through Farming & attack other Player Bases.

But by using the Clash of Clans Mod Version that we provide, you can get endless resources.

2. All Building & Troops Level Max

In playing the Clash of Clans game, making a strong defense is the main thing you have to do.

Why is that?, because having a strong base will make the enemy unable to loot the resources you have.

And for how to make a strong Base Defense Formation, you can search or look at the Bases owned by other players.

In addition, by using this Mod Version of Clash of Clans, you will immediately get all Troops with Max Level.

3. Unlocked All Heroes Level Max

When doing War between Clans or Destroying other Base Players, you don’t only have to have Troops with Level Max.

However, you also need a variety of Heroes with Max Level, so that the win rate is 100%.

But by playing Clash of Clans Original you have to unlock the Hero, which starts with Level 1 first.

Therefore, you can use the Clash of Clans Mod Version that we provide, so you can immediately get Hero Level Max.

4. Shield always Activated

So that you will not lose various Energy Resources & Rank Points, you can activate a Shield.

But in Clash of Clans Original you have to buy this Shield through the Shop Feature by using Gems.

There are 3 kinds of Shield that you can buy through the Shop Feature so that the Base is not destroyed, namely Shield for 1 day, 1 week, & 1 month.

Difference between COC Original & COC Mod Apk

There are lots of advantages that you can get by playing this Mod Version of the Clash of Clans Game.

But you also have to know what are the differences between playing Clash of Clans Original & Clash of Clans Mod, which are as follows:

Clash of Clans OriginalClash of Clans Versi Mod
The start of playing starts from Town Hall Level 1 firstEarly playing can immediately have Town Hall Level 14
So that all Building, Troops, Heroes, & Spell Level Max must be upgraded firstInstantly have Building, Troops, Hero, & Spell Level Max without having to upgrade
Must do Top Up in order to have Gold Coins & Gems in large quantitiesGet a large amount of Gold Coins & Gems directly without having to top up
Buy a Hero first to be able to use it during WarNo need to buy a Hero first to be able to use it
To be able to have Gold Coins, Elixir, & Dark Elixir, in large quantities you have to farm firstImmediately have Gold Coins, Elixir, & Dark Elixir, with a large amount without Farming
In order to get 4 Builders, you have to buy them with Gems firstGet 4 Builders directly without having to buy them using Gems
All kinds of Troops, Heroes, & Pet Heroes, can die while doing WarAll kinds of Troops, Heroes, & Pet Heroes, cannot die during War
To be able to activate the Shield, you have to buy it firstImmediately can activate the Shield without having to buy it
In upgrading all Buildings, Troops, Heroes, & Pet Heroes, have Time or CooldownIn upgrading all Buildings, Troops, Heroes, & Pet Heroes, there is no Time or Cooldown
Clash of Clans Account Security is more secureClash of Clans Account Security is still in doubt

Download COC Mod Apk

NoClash of Clans Mod Unlimited Gold Coins & gems
Size172 MB
Device Recommendations4.1 Jelly Bean or above

We recommend this Mod Version of the Clash of Clans Game for those of you who really don’t want to Top Up Gold Coins & Gems.

And in order to get this Strategy Game, you can download it via the Download Link

Cara Install

Because you have downloaded the Game Clash of Clans Mod Unlimited Gold Coins & Gems through this website that we provide.

There are several differences in installing applications or games through the website, for a tutorial on how to install please follow below:

  1. If you have downloaded the Mod Version of the Clash of Clans Game via the link we provide, on the download page above.
  2. Please enter the Settings Menu to activate “Install Unknown Source Applications” first.
  3. Next, you just look for “Files or Folders” where you store applications or games that have been downloaded before.
  4. Then you click the “Application or Game Logo” you want to install, then agree to all the “Terms & Conditions” that have been submitted.
  5. Wait for a few seconds until the “Installation Process” reaches 100%, then you can use the Application or Game.

The final word

Maybe only a few articles that we provide about Clash of Clans Mod Version Unlimited Gold Coins & Gems.

Hopefully this article will make it easier for you to play this popular Strategy Game.

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