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Aug 27, 2022
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Choices Mod Apk is a simulation game from the publisher Pixelberry. One choice can change everything! With countless stories and many situations to choose from. Just like that, interesting, right? Let’s find out this game with me!

When I was little, my mother told tales like Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, 1001 nights, Achilles Heel, Beauty and the Beast,… Now, I can write my own interesting stories in Choices: Stories You Play.

Best Feature Choices

  • Customize your character

Like other simulation games like The Sim Mobile, Youtubers Life,… When you first join, you have to customize your character to participate in the story, the conditions in this game. However, the selection will be limited, we can’t create a character completely as you like, just choose between the suggestions available. But do not, therefore, should not ignore this very unique game, with an interesting story, unique situations waiting for us to discover.

  • Find stories

Choice: Stories You Play has lots of unique stories that are different and will be updated every week. The stories are divided into different genres such as magic, love, horror, reality, fantasy,… even adult genres (sounds unique, doesn’t it?). And the most important thing is that you can choose any story you want without finishing them in order. The story will make you feel curious and want to know what can happen if you make choices.

  • Some standout stories
  1. The FreshMan: we’re studying at Hartfeld University. In this story, we become friends with many men or women like James, Kaitlyn – the party girl, Chris – the soccer hero, … and will you date one of them or many people at once? Find out for yourself! In particular, you can wear costumes for your character when you attend a party or prom.
  2. Crowns & flames: In this story, our kingdom has been invaded by the enemy, you lead an army to reclaim your crown. Start rebelling and get your kingdom back.
  3. Matfect Match: You register with the high-tech matchmaking service Eros Incorporated and master the date. Make your own face to meet your love partner in this thrilling mystery story.
  • Some limitations

The game has a number of stories with adult content (18+), horror, social evil,… so you need to think carefully before playing. The game requires you to be at least 18 years old.

Some options may lose diamonds in the game and they are most difficult to find sometimes you have to use real money. Since the number of diamonds is limited, you may not choose the option we want.

In addition to the storyline, the graphics of this game do not stand out.

Download Choices Mod Apk

For me, Choices: Stories You Play is the best storytelling game for mobile. Each story is an adventure where you are the main character. Fairy tales, love stories, horror stories, sad stories, stories with a happy ending,… we can really conclude by making the right choice. If you like stories, write your own story in this game.


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