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Playing games and getting to know the country’s natural wealth is indeed very exciting. You can do this by playing one of the games made by local children known as Bus Simulator Indonesia, or the BUSSID mod apk.

Interestingly, there is a modified version, where there are additional features that are not obtained from the official version. The modified version is called the BUSSID mod Apk which is currently our main topic.

For the official version, you can directly get the application through the Playstore. The total downloads in the Google store indicate that this game application has a lot of demand.

Moreover, from the number of more than 50 million users, most of them gave a good rating, an average of 4.4 stars.

The number of users is none other than because the features provided are quite complete. Not only driving the given task, but also being able to modify your own vehicle as you wish.

In addition, the gameplay is easy to understand with clear menus and controls. Interestingly, you can get around from one location to another which is the original map from the country of Indonesia.

Plants, mountains and other landscapes characterize this simulation game developed by Maleo. Unfortunately, to get all these features, you are required to buy them in the application.

This is what makes some users do not want to spend money. The solution is to use the BUSSID modified game application.

If you already know what the bus simulation game is, it’s certainly not difficult to know more about the modified version. It says modified means that the inside has been changed.

Some of the features that should be obtained by buying it, you can get for free. This is the main advantage of the BUSSID Mod Apk, also the reason why many are looking for it.

The graphics are good with 3D exactly the same as the original bus. The scenery is also the same, trees and plants around the road accompany every trip.

It becomes more interesting when you take passengers towards the destination equipped with other vehicles on the highway.

Traffic jams, red lights, and parking are a challenge. This game is very exciting, even liked by everyone.

There are two main modes that you can use to play the BUSSID Mod Apk game. The first mode is known as ‘Pull’, where you have to play using an internet connection.

The main mission is to get as many passengers as possible and take them to their destination.

The second mode is actually better, you can play without using the internet. This mode is known as ‘Nglayap’, if translated into Indonesian means wandering.

Advantages of BUSSID Mode

It’s time to discuss the features and advantages of the BUSSID Mod Apk, where you won’t get one or two, but a lot of advantages.

The advantages in question are that you can get the official version, some you can’t get. For more details, please refer to the following explanation

Unlimited Money

Every time you carry out a mission and succeed, you will get money that can be used for bus upgrades and other purposes.

This does not need to be done when you use the BUSSID Mod Apk, where the unlimited money feature is already available. You can buy anything you need without running out of money. Interesting right?

Horn Options

You can get various horns, including the one that went viral some time ago, namely ‘Telolet’.

You can adjust other options according to your needs and desires. Best of all, you can get them all for free, without having to buy them in the app.

No Ads

Using games that are obtained for free from the Playstore cannot be separated from the name advertisements, as well as when using BUSSID.

Fortunately, the latest BUSSID mod apk has removed these ads, so you won’t be bothered by their sudden appearance and ruining the playing atmosphere.

Easy Control

This feature can actually also be obtained from the official version. Every control provided is very easy to understand, even when you are new to using it.

It’s more interesting when there is a tutorial at the beginning of the game, so it’s definitely not difficult to learn.

Complete Vehicle

Actually, it’s not only buses that you can drive when playing it, there are also trucks and other large vehicles.

That way, you can choose the mission as you wish, whether you want to deliver passengers, or deliver goods to their destination.

Custom Design

For those who are creative at heart, this feature is certainly very useful. Its main function is to make modifications to the state used.

You can change the bus sticker, tires, and all the body as you wish. The BUSSID mod apk android has this feature embedded, so you can use it to hone creativity.

Grafik 3D

Both the modified and official versions, the graphics provided are very good with HD quality. Playing games with good graphics has its own advantages.

Where you will not be bored in playing it. It’s different when playing games with low graphics, it definitely makes you uncomfortable and wants to close it immediately.

This exciting game will bring gamers to feel the ups and downs of being a bus driver. This application is not the first bus game, but it is the only one with the most complete features. You can also download the latest Bus Simulator Indonesia Bussid V3.2 Mod Apk easily.

Review of the Latest Bus Simulator Indonesia Bussid V3.2 Mod Apk

Games that inspire enthusiasm do not have to be related to battles, wars and so on. Simulation game models such as Bus Simulator Indonesia Bussid are being loved by gamers. Because this application contains a variety of typical Indonesian bus vehicles. The interesting thing that makes players happy is that they are free to change vehicles with the Custom Vehicle menu at will. At first glance similar to the game Euro Truck. But the difference is that this bus simulator has 2 modes, namely pulling and hovering. Pull mode, where players act as bus drivers looking for passengers that can only be played online. While the gliding mode can be played offline. In addition, various Kamulan buses are available such as JB3 buses, flat, hino trucks, canters and so on.

Specifications of the Latest Bus Simulator Indonesia Bussid V3.2 Mod Apk

Actually, almost all smartphones can be filled with this bus simulator application because of its light size. However, there are RAM standards that must be met so that the process of playing this game is not disturbed, which is at least 2GB and 16GB of internal memory. Because if the specifications of the cellphone used are below that provision, even though it can be downloaded, when it is used it will often hang or lag (slow). Then the screen size should be at least 4 inches. Because to play requires a broad view to be more focused.

The Advantages of Bus Simulator Indonesia Bussid V3.2 Mod Apk Latest  MOD APK  + OBB

This game is provided for free so you don’t have to pay to download or play it. There are several advantages in it, such as:

1. Indonesian atmosphere

This Indonesian bus simulator game presents a very distinctive atmosphere with the State of Indonesia. Because along the way, you will find gas stations, mosques, terminals and several public places in Indonesia. Things like this cannot be found in foreign bus simulator games.

2. 3D

This Indonesian bus simulator game presents a very distinctive atmosphere with the State of Indonesia. Because along the way, you will find gas stations, mosques, terminals and several public places in Indonesia. Things like this cannot be found in foreign bus simulator games.

3. Livery Design

Another advantage, players are free to design or determine the characteristics of the vehicle. Both colors, images, motifs, shapes, and so on will show the identity of the bus. Everything can be modified according to preference.

4. Select the Horn

One of the characteristics of a bus is determined by the sound of the horn or bell that comes out. Like some time ago, the om telolet horn had gone viral on social media, even a number of buses wore this type. Interestingly, in this bus simulator there are also many variants of the horn.

How to Download the Latest Bus Simulator Indonesia Bussid V3.2 Mod Apk

1. Open Google Search

One of the places to download the bus simulator application for free is the Play Store for Android phones and the App Store for iPhone users. You just write “Bus Simulator Indonesia” in the search field. Many links or sites to get this application. Apart from using the default HP application, namely the Play Store and the App Store, you can visit the browser by going directly to the official website and then clicking the download menu. However, for the “Mod” version here:

2. High Rating

The key before downloading and choosing the bus simulator application you want to download, pay attention to the most star ratings. Because the rating with a high star is a description of this application is correct and of good quality. In addition, read the comments column, if the site is official and not deceptive, comments from downloaders will be included. If they have successfully downloaded, it will definitely be a good review.

How to Install the Latest Bus Simulator Indonesia Bussid V3.2 Mod Apk

1. Click Install

After the download process is complete by following the instructions, there will be an icon that says install at the top, to install it just click.

2. Notifications

Next, a notification will be sent and confirmation must be given from the downloader. The question is in the form of downloading options using Wifi or data packages. Please tick and press continue if using wifi. But for data packages, please uncheck it.

3. Wait

The installation process will run, then wait a few moments for it to finish.

4. Ready to Use

The application is ready to use if you have completed the installation process without missing a single step.

How to Play Bus Simulator Indonesia Bussid Latest Mod Apk

There will be 3 ways to play in this game.

1. Surfing

Players can freely go anywhere by choosing the desired travel route. Then select and click the origin city and destination city in the game. For example, Surabaya-Malang and so on.

2. Attract

As explained a little above, you carry out your duty as a bus driver who will find as many passengers as possible and deliver them according to the travel route. If successful, you will receive payment or wages according to the determining rate.

3. Play together

This feature must be played online. In addition, it cannot be played alone but must partner with friends or other people. However, to play this multiplayer you are charged a fee of 40 thousand rupiah through game cash deductions.

4. Install MOD dan HD Pack

To play with good quality, you must have a MOD that functions as a cheat. Make the game fun without having to bother. Such as MOD money, buses, and so on. While the HD Pack will make the bus graphics look cooler and more attractive. The bus will look more real along the way with beautiful views. Everything can be downloaded via this.

5. Steering Correctly

This simulator game must be driven properly and not carelessly. There will be traffic signs that must be obeyed to organize the trip. Because if you don’t, the game will end and you have to start over.

6. Steering Wheel

You can use these accessories when using laptop media. However, the price is indeed expensive around 4 million rupiah. However, satisfaction will be felt because it is really like driving a real bus with real-like vibration effects.

7. View Map

The map is at the top right of the Android screen or in the bus driver when this 3D mode shows the way according to the selected route. Just follow the red line. Including when it will take passengers to their destination.

8. Stop the Bus

Buses need to be stopped, especially when you see a lot of passengers on the side of the highway. Hold the bus door right in front of the passenger. Then the passenger will automatically go up and open it. If the passenger doesn’t want it, they can try to offer it back.

9. About Time

Just like the buses in the real world. When arriving at the last stop or terminal, gamers have to time or wait for passengers for a long time to get a lot of passengers. That’s the uniqueness and excitement of the game that will make you feel at home playing for a long time. If interested, how to download the latest bussid V3.2 Mod Apk bus simulator can be obtained easily and for free.