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Until now, Youtube Pink has become one of the popular applications and is widely used by users. Lots of cool features that make it easy for you to watch free videos.

Youtube itself is an application developed by Google and is one of the best platforms that provides the largest variety of video content until now.

Through Youtube, you can find a variety of cool videos that you can watch for free. In addition, for those of you who want to start becoming a content creator and looking for income from Youtube.

Don’t forget to make video content as interesting as possible so that it can attract viewers. The reason is, Youtube also provides several entertainment categories such as games, news, vlogs, music and others.

However, the drawback of YouTube is that it displays too many ads which makes anyone annoyed and disturbed. Actually, you can subscribe to remove these ads by spending money first.

YouTube Pink Apk is a modified version of YouTube application made by a third party and in it has been equipped with a variety of cool features that are not easily obtained in the original version. Like the advertising feature, which you can try without having to subscribe again and spend money. You can also enjoy all the premium features that have been provided for free.

As we can see, YouTube provides premium features that require users to subscribe first. However, this does not apply if you use the pink you tube. You can get all the advantages in this application. Therefore, it is better to know in advance what features are in you tube pink as follows.

What is YouTube Pink?

Through the internet available today, we can access many websites and applications that provide us with many features.

One of them is YouTube, this free video streaming site and application is one of the entertainments that cannot be separated from the modern generation.

Using YouTube Pink, you can now enjoy all the premium YouTube features plus unique features.

You are free to use YouTube without limits which is not in the free version. You will be able to enjoy watching any video without annoying ads!

Other features you can activate a colored theme and dark mode while enjoying videos.

You can also freely play videos in the background even when you are using other apps. Apart from that, you can enjoy many other features!

Oh, yes, you can also try how to get YouTube Premium for free forever through the following article:

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Download YouTube Pink APK Latest 2021

This application comes with full features that you can directly access for free, without having to pay first!

For those of you who can’t wait to download, just click the link below!

DetailYouTube Pink APK
DeveloperTeam Vanced
Minimal OSAndroid 4.4+
VersionRelease DateFeatured FeaturesLink Download
MOD v16.38.39 (latest)March 4, 2022Click here
MOD v14.21.5410 September 20211. Unlimited money

2. No ads
Click here

Cara Install YouTube Pink APK

Because it is not an official application provided by the developer, you have to download the YouTube Pink APK from a third party site ( outside the link that ApkVenue provided above ). That means you also have to do the installation manually in order to be able to play it on your cellphone.

For how to install YouTube Pink APK, you can see the steps below:

  1. Open the Security menu in the HP setup options.
  2. Enable Unknown Sources .
  3. Download file APK YouTube Pink.
  4. Klik file APK YouTube Pink.
  5. Click Allow from This Source if prompted.
  6. Wait until the installation process is complete.

Difference between YouTube Original & YouTube Pink

Since this is basically a modified version, of course the MOD version will feel a little different than the original version. So what are the differences?

YouTube OriginalYouTube Pink
Fixed app theme.Can change the theme of the application.
Limited content.Open content.
There are ads.Free from ads.
There is no feature of playing in the background.There is a feature of playing in the background.

YouTube Pink Featured Features

The features in this YouTube Pink version are similar to the original application. However, since this is a modified app, you can access all the features you need to pay for in the original app.

So you no longer need to spend money to pay for the premium features contained in this application.

Just download this application, you can directly access all its features easily! A number of cool features that it presents.

For more details, you can see the features of the following modified version.

1. Playing Videos in Background

Well, you can continue to play your favorite music videos, lectures, or videos even while accessing other applications or when the cellphone screen is off or locked.

This application also provides a lot of original content for customers.

With content like that, this service is like streaming applications Netflix , iFlix, and others.

2. Ad-Free

This application has no ads at all, so you can enjoy the show without being interrupted by annoying ads.

If on a PC, you can use the Adblock program to disable ads, but for this application you just need to download the .

With this YouTube Pink application, you are free to watch all videos without being interrupted by ads . You must be annoyed, right, when you’re busy watching an ad suddenly pops up?

3. Changing the Theme

As the name implies, you can change the theme of this application with the Pink accent in it.

Unlike the free version of the application where you can only change to dark mode without changing the color theme.

IMPORTANT!!: Risk of Downloading MOD APK File

Jaka has indeed provided a download link for the YouTube Pink APK which is a modified version of the original YouTube. However, you must understand very well that downloading modified applications is very dangerous, high risk, and has the potential to harm many parties.

Below Jaka will give you what risks you will receive if you download the MOD APK file:

1. Potential Viruses and Malware

Viruses are a danger that you must know when downloading the MOD APK file. This is because the virus can be attached to the MOD APK because it is unofficial or illegal. Because it was developed by a third party, the application security of the MOD APK cannot be guaranteed.

Even worse, there are also third parties who are not responsible and deliberately spread viruses or malware. If it’s like this, only you will feel miserable because no one wants to be responsible for this.

2. Permanent Ban

Your account can be permanently banned once you dare to log in to the MOD APK version. Because, MOD APK is an illegal application. Google will also consider you to be in violation for using the application.

It’s not just in-game accounts that have the potential to get banned. Google accounts such as Gmail, GMaps, Chrome, to Drive can also be locked. Not very fun, right!

3. Potential Hacking/Hacking

The biggest danger of using MOD APKs is hacking. Because, you will definitely enter personal data such as email, password, or even cellphone number when you register or log in.

Once you do that, it means you have to accept your privacy and personal data being used by others.

4. Disadvantaging Developers

You don’t really accept this risk. However, still using the MOD application is an act that harms others. More precisely in this case is the original developer.

They will obviously lose out in terms of material. Because the income they get from the premium version will be lost because you use the MOD version which opens access to premium features.

5. Damage Device

This point is the “ultimate” risk of all the risks that ApkVenue has described earlier. Suppose your cellphone has been hit by a virus because you downloaded the MOD APK. Viruses will clearly damage your cellphone from many aspects, such as hardware to software.

The final word

So how about it, gang? Of all the features of the latest YouTube Pink APK 2022, you certainly can’t wait to use it, right?

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