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One anime that is quite successful with serial and game shows is Dragon Ball Z and Dokkan Battle Mod APK.

There have been many Dragon Ball Z series that have been made into games on various platforms. However, one of the series that we will discuss is Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.

This game, which is specifically for mobile gamers, both iOS and Android, is a game released by a well-known Japanese game developer, namely Bandai Namco Entertainment .

Now you can also enjoy the modified version in the Dokkan Battle Mod APK.

DGZ Game Brief Review: Dokkan Battle

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a free-to-play game by Bandai Namco Entertainment which was released on January 30, 2015 for the Android platform and February 19, 2015 for the iOS platform.

This game has elements of board games, puzzles and collectible card games . Although it has several game elements, this game is actually a Card Battle genre.

However, what makes this game special? Of course the name Dragon Ball itself. The game is actually similar to other similar genre games .

In this game, you will act as a fighter who will face the problem of space and time distortion.

King Kai and Trunk will guide you through the storyline, take you on quests and also give you advice about the battles you face.

One thing that needs to be appreciated from this game is the storyline which is packed quite interestingly. Although it must be admitted that the Card Battle presentation made by Bandai Namco Entertainment in this game is not too special.

1. Gameplay

To continue the game, this game is like a game of snakes and ladders or monopoly where you have to use dice to determine the next move.

The difference is, in this game you are not only given one choice of numbers, but 3 choices of numbers for you to move forward.

Each square that you pass will give a different effect. Starting from enemy attacks, giving items, adding energy, and also facing enemies.

Because you have 3 choices of numbers, you can make a strategy to determine which tile to go through first.

Patterns like this will give players the opportunity to adjust to their current conditions. If the HP is high, of course against the enemy can be chosen to undergo the fight.

If you are in need of energy, players can also choose a plot that provides additional energy, etc. When undergoing a battle, there will be 3 characters that you can use.

Each has different abilities. Choose 3 characters that can complement each other so that it will be maximized when undergoing a battle against every enemy faced.

With its advantages and disadvantages, this game is still quite fun to play and will not make players feel bored.

Especially with the characters presented, it will make the players seem to see the Dragon Ball anime on TV.

2. Graphics

Dokkan Battle offers pretty interesting graphics. During the fighting scene, you seem to see the Dragon Ball anime on TV complete with exciting fighting moves and amazing attack effects.

Differences Dokkan Battle original with Dokkan Battle Mod APK

For some people, playing Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle takes a long time. So it can make brands bored and frustrated.

Therefore, this modified version of Dokkan Battle was released. The following are some of the differences found in this modified version:

  • Deals big damage . With high damage , players will easily defeat the enemies they face
  • HP (Health Point) Large. In addition to high damage, the character played also has a large HP so that the opponent will have difficulty in killing our lives.
  • Great Defense. HP and big defense? It is certain that the opponent will not be able to inflict significant injuries on the player.
  • God Mode

Features of Dokkan Battle Mod APK

There are things that make this Dokkan Battle Mod APK have more features than the original version. Of course for players will provide a different experience.

The following are the features in the modified version of Dokkan Battle:

1. Unlimited Health

In this modified version, the health of the playable character has no limits. That means, it is almost impossible for the enemy to injure the player and make him die. You can fight for a long time without worrying about running out of blood.

2. Unlimited Power

You can use the maximum ability continuously. Of course the damage that will be generated is very large and it can be done any time without any limitations. So it can be said that your normal strength is your maximum strength.

3. Unlimited Coins (Unlimited

Want to buy all the items in the game ? Just do it because here the coins will be available without any limitations.

4. Unlock All Locks

There are no locked items, modes or things in this game . You can access all of them freely without forcing you to grind or pay a certain amount.

5. Dice Hack

To step you are given 3 choices of dice, so you have 3 options to step. But that does not apply if all the dice show the same number. In this modified version the dice will always show the numbers 1, 2, and 3.

6. God Mode

This is one of the favorites of this Dokkan Battle Mod APK.

Yes, God Mode is a mode that makes the character you play IMBA or incomparable with all the maximum strength, defense, and damage produced.

7. No Roo

You don’t need to root your smartphone to be able to install this modified version.

Just download the file that we provide and follow how to install it on your smartphone , then you will be able to play this game smoothly.

Download Dokkan Battle Mod APK

For those of you who want to download the Dokkan Battle Mod APK game, here will be provided files that you can download for free. Please download via the link below.

Nama GameDokkan Battle Mod APK
Size85,44 MB
Android4.0 and above

How to Install Dokkan Battle Mod APK :

  • Please download the APK file via the link above.
  • Run the application, then click Install .
  • If the Android system can’t install the app, please go to Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Wait a few moments until the installation process is complete.
  • After the installation process is successful, you can immediately play the game.

Although the game content is fairly standard with the Card-Battle genre in general, the Dragon Ball characters presented in this Dokkan Battle Mod APK are a shame for you to miss.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to play this Mod version of Dokkan Battle, download the application and play the excitement of this game on your smartphone .

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