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Youtube Biru 3D Mod Apk Downlaod Versi Terbaru 2022 Tanpa Iklan Youtube Biru 3D Mod Apk Downlaod Versi Terbaru 2022 Tanpa Iklan

Youtube Biru


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There are many types of modified third-party youtube that you can use, such as YouTube Pink and YouTube Biru Apk, which we will discuss at the same time this time.

Youtube is one of the most complete video provider platforms, through this platform you can find lots of cool videos such as movies, music, vlogs, and many others.

So, no wonder Youtube is always loved by various groups. In addition, YouTube has a display that is very easy to understand by its users. And interestingly again through this application you can make it a real source of income.

Therefore, many people are involved in becoming Youtubers or Content Creators because the salaries given are fantastic. However, in terms of its own features, some users think that Youtube still has many shortcomings.

Like the ads that annoy users when watching videos. Actually, you can remove ads by subscribing to premium first.

However, some people are reluctant to do this and try to switch to using the YouTube Blue Apk which supports ad-free services. You can access it easily, and to find out more details about the application. Please see in full below.

YouTube Biru Apk is a video watching application that has gone through a modification process and is definitely different from YouTube in general. And in this blue youtube, you can change the appearance of the theme with a lot of choices of themes that are very diverse and will not bore the users.

Of course, youtube blue is not available on the Google playstore, but you can download it directly on the provider’s sites via the internet. There are so many features that are embedded in the application, and you can certainly access the application without annoying advertisements.

About YouTube Blue APK

YouTube Blue APK is a modified version of the YouTube app. This APK offers several premium features such as ad blocking, behind-the-scenes video playback, dark mode feature, and other features.

At first glance, the Blue YouTube APK is very similar to YouTube Vanced . Moreover, both of them were developed by the same developer, namely the Vanced Team .

They have long been known as developers of various APK modifications on the internet. The Vanced Team is committed to creating third-party apps that people can enjoy for free.

As the name suggests, Youtube Blue uses blue as its background color, not red or white like the original version. The goal is that users can identify modified applications easily.

One of the excellent features in this APK is that users can play videos behind the scenes. That is, you can still play songs or podcasts on YouTube even if the cellphone screen is turned off. With this feature, you will be more battery efficient.

The cool thing is, this modified YouTube application can be used for both rooted and non- rooted devices with the main support that is not much different.

Download YouTube Blue APK Latest 2022

For those of you who want to get the Blue YouTube application, ApkVenue has prepared the download link for the application below.

Before deciding to use this application, here are the details and specifications of the YouTube Blue APK that you need to know.

DetailBlue YouTube APK
Operating systemAndroid 4.2 or higher

Well, here is the download link for the latest 2022 YouTube Blue APK that you can click. Come on, just try it.

How to Download Blue YouTube App

No need to be confused about downloading the Blue YouTube APK file that ApkVenue has provided above. Relax, you can follow the steps from Jaka below:

  1. Click the Blue YouTube APK download link above.
  2. Click the available Download button .
  3. Select a storage folder location, then click Download.

Difference between Blue YouTube and Original YouTube

Of course there are some significant differences between these two applications. To be more clear, you can compare in the following table:

YouTube OriginalBlue YouTube APK
There is a paid serviceFree
There are AdsAd-Free

YouTube Blue APK Features & Benefits

The number of applications similar to this Blue YouTube, might make you wonder, “what is the mainstay feature of this application?”.

Well, to answer your question, ApkVenue will explain the features and advantages that exist in the Blue YouTube APK application.

  1. Based on the YouTube API: YouTube Blue’s interface and functions are similar to the original YouTube app.
  2. Block ads: There are no ads on YouTube Blue because this app comes with a built-in ad blocker.
  3. Background play: YouTube Blue supports video playback in the background, so it can be minimized .
  4. PiP Mode: pop up video box for multitasking , you can watch videos while doing other tasks on your phone with Picture-in-Picture Mode aka PiP Mode. PiP mode is only supported on Android Nougat and above.
  5. Save offline : just like the original YouTube original, you can save videos offline .
  6. No root : this app works without root , you can use app on any android device without system access problem.
  7. Support and stability: support Android 4.4+ and the app is very stable.
  8. Parallel usage: You can use YouTube Blue alongside the built-in native apps. This app has different packages and can run together with the original YouTube.
  9. Dark Mode: You can switch between Normal Mode and Dark Mode.

IMPORTANT!! Blue YouTube Download Risk

As Jaka said, this kind of modification application is not an official application, and of course illegal. There will be lots of risks that you have to consider if you want to download this application.

Here is a full review of the risks of the MOD application that you need to know:

1. Disadvantaging Official Developer

One thing you have to remember, using MOD applications is very detrimental for the developer. The reason is, this application sells various features that should be paid for free. Of course this is tantamount to cutting off profits for the developer.

Not only that, creating this MOD application can also reduce user trust in the original application. There will be many people who are more interested in using this modification application.

2. Potential Viruses and Malware

The MOD application is an application that has undergone a modification process. However, this non-standard and perfect modification process actually backfires on its users.

The chances of a MOD system carrying a virus or malware are very high. So it will be very dangerous if it is installed on your device. Your cellphone might be damaged and lose a lot of important data.

3. Data Hacking Risk

Third parties who make modifications to this application do not have a clear identity and license. It is very possible that they created this MOD application as a form of fraud.

They can use this application to hack your personal data and it can be misused. If so, who can be held accountable?

4. Permanent Tires

Because it is an illegal application, the Google Play Store will ban the account and system on your device if it detects the existence of this MOD application.

Of course this can be difficult for you, because you will not be able to access other Google applications. Repost, huh!

Well, after you know all the risks in the MOD application, you should reconsider your decision to download and operate this illegal application.

The final word

YouTube Blue APK can provide premium features that you can access for free. You only need to click once, you can get a super comfortable experience when watching your favorite videos on YouTube, gang.

Feel fit after trying the features of this MOD version? You can upgrade YouTube to the premium version to get these cooler features permanently and of course safe.

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