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 X8 Sandbox is an application that is used to speed up the speed of online games. This application is increasingly being targeted with this function, especially for games that are known to be slow in providing game speed.

One type of game that can be accelerated with this application is Higgs Domino Island. Not for all the game modes provided, but specifically for those who want to speed up the slot spin.

As is known, the game takes time for each round. It doesn’t matter if it’s just one or two rounds, but what if it’s a thousand rounds? With the application that we will discuss thoroughly this time, of course you can save more time.

This application is not a kind of modification, like Apk Editor Pro Mod Apk or others. The official developer has provided various interesting features and of course useful for those who use it.

These functions and benefits are what make many online game players look for and use them. Even today there are some games that are modified by adding this application in it.

From the brief explanation above, perhaps there are still many who know what is meant by X8 Sandbox. From its main function, it is clear, namely to speed up the game.

But there are other functions that make it interesting and worth using. The function in question is to overcome games that often lag or crash. The cause of these two things is usually the HP device that is used is not adequate.

The use of this application does not burden the performance of the device, but actually makes it lighter. This can be proven when you use it, and feel the difference before using and after.

About X8 Sandbox MOD APK Speeder Higgs Domino Most Powerful

X8 Sandbox is a modified version of the application that you can use to control the speed of the game . Not only makes the game faster, this application can also protect you from lag .

Besides being able to adjust the rhythm of the game, 8X Speeder Domino provides various game cheats that can make it easier for you to play. In fact, you have the opportunity to get free Diamonds, you know.

Interestingly, the x8 Speeder Sandbox application can be downloaded and used without having to root first. With this flexibility, you can directly use the APK to play.

This application is also very compatible with potato cellphones or even low-spec cellphones. The size of the application is also very small, making it suitable for devices with small RAM.

Even though the phone’s storage space is full, your cellphone will not be slow if you download this application. It’s so light, you can play it on cheap HP 1 million below. There are several brands and types of HP that support the X8 Sandbox, including:

  • Xiaomi Redmi 10A
  • realme Narzo 50A Prime
  • Infinix Smart 6 HD
  • OPPO A16e
  • alive Y01
  • Infinix Hot 12i

Download X8 Sandbox MOD APK Latest 2022

Unfortunately, currently the X8 Sandbox Higgs Domino APK Latest Version application is no longer available on the Google Play Store, gang. so, if you want to download it, you can visit this Jaka article or go to the official website.

X8 Sandbox Featured Features

There are several superior features offered by X8 Sandbox, namely:

  1. Speed ​​Booster Hack : this feature really helps prevent lag in the game as well as adjust the speed so that the gameplay can run smoothly according to the wishes of the players.
  2. Refresh Rate : X8 Sandbox is able to increase the refresh rate of the games you play to be higher and smoother.
  3. No Ads : you can play your favorite games smoothly without being bothered by ads.
  4. Picture in Picture : this feature is useful when you open other applications on your smartphone without having to close the game application window.

Newest X8 Sandbox Features 2022

X8 Sandbox Advantages & Disadvantages

Although it has many interesting features, it cannot be denied that this APK also has a number of shortcomings, gang. This is natural because this is a third-party application that is classified as unofficial.

So as a comparison, you can see the advantages and disadvantages of X8 Sandbox MOD APK through the table below.

Advantages of X8 SandboxDisadvantages of X8 Sandbox
No adsVulnerable to viruses
No rootNot official
FreeData prone to theft

Cara Install X8 Sandbox APK

Already have the X8 Sandbox MOD APK Unlock All file, it feels like it’s lacking if you don’t know how to install it , right?

Although installing APK files is actually easier than installing XAPK files, in fact there are still many people who don’t understand this. Are you one of them? Calm down, here Jaka gives the steps.

  1. Open the folder where you saved the downloaded file and select X8 Sandbox APK.
  2. Grant app install permission from File Manager > Settings .
  3. Enable the Allow from this source slider button .
  4. Select the Sandbox X8 Speeder file again, click Install .
  5. Wait until the installation process is complete, then open the application.

How to Use X8 Sandbox APK

If you have successfully installed X8 Sandbox, then you only need to know how to start the application so that it can be used. Don’t worry, it’s easy. Check the steps here, yes!

  1. Open X8 Sandbox APK.
  2. Click Add Apps in the main menu.
  3. Select the application according to your wishes, click Add .
  4. Click Open to run the application.

Other x8 App Alternatives

Apart from X8 Sandbox, there are several other apps that have similar functionality. Basically, they can both speed up the game. The only difference is the version, as well as the features in it, gang. Here is the list.

1. X8 ​​Speeder Versi China

X8 Speeder China is the Chinese version of the global version of X8 Speeder which uses English. However, the features brought by the two are not much different. In this version, you will not be bothered by ads. However, the default language is Mandarin.

X8 Speeder Chinese Version V0.3.5.5 Newest 2021, Free to Play No Ads!The Chinese version of X8 Speeder is a solution for those of you who want to play Higgs Domino without annoying ads. Download X8 Speeder China APK here!VIEW ARTICLE

2. x8 Speeder Replacement App

If the x8 Sandbox alternative above is difficult to use because it uses Chinese, you can use Game Guardian as an alternative. Game Guardian is a hack application that has been popular among Android gamers for a long time.

3. X8 Speeder APK Version

X8 Speeder APK Version has similar features to other alternative apps. In fact, this version supports a variety of well-known games, such as Subway Surfer, Soul Knight, Fate_GO, Food Fantasy, Higgs Domino, and many more.

4. X8 Speeder No Ads

Just like the X8 Sandbox that Jaka has written in this article, X8 Speeder is also supported by an ad-free feature which is very useful for players of mainstay games like Higgs Domino. Its features are also quite complete.

To find out more about X8 Speeder, you can read the article below, yes.

Which Games Support X8 Sandbox APK?

Just like X8 Speeder APK, X8 Sandbox also supports several types of popular mobile games that many people play. Here is the full list of games:

  • Higgs Domino Island
  • Subway Surfer
  • Dominoes RP APK
  • Soul Knight
  • BrownDust
  • Free Fire
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Food Fantasy
  • Game Fate_Go

Is X8 Sandbox Safe?

The security of X8 Sandbox is a major concern, considering that there have been many cases of data theft or hacking caused by viruses.

Don’t worry, based on Jaka’s search results, X8 Sandbox is guaranteed safe because it has minimal negative comments after being downloaded and used by users.

Of course you have to arm your device with a line of the best antivirus. Jaka has written a list which you can read below.

Questions About X8 Sandbox

There are some common questions that are often asked about this application. Given, not all games can be supported by X8 Sandbox.

This application can be used on all smartphones with predetermined specifications. Meanwhile on PC, you have to download the emulator first before using this application.

1. How to Use Game Guardian on X8 Sandbox?

If the X8 Sandbox alternative above is difficult to use because it uses Chinese, then you can use Game Guardian as an alternative. Game Guardian itself is a hack application that has been famous among Android gamers for a long time.

Please note, before using the Guardian game, all risks from using this Android game cheat and hack application are your personal responsibility, yes. Immediately, here’s how to use Game Guardian.

Well, here’s how to set x8 Speeder Higgs Domino and other games. Listen carefully, yes, gang!

  1. Download and install the Game Guardian and Parallel Space APK applications on your cellphone.
  2. Tap one of the Game Guardian applications installed on the cellphone (Game Guardian HW/SW).
  3. Wait until the process is 100% running.
  4. Enable permission to install unrecognized apps.
  5. Press the Back button and tap Install .
  6. Click OK on the notification window asking you to delete the installed Game Guardian part.
  7. Click OK again to confirm the uninstall of the application.
  8. Select Work Mode or ‘No root’ Work Mode.
  9. Click OK on the notification window that requires you to use a virtual space application, such as Parallel Space.
  10. Open the Parallel Space app which was pre-installed in the first step.
  11. Add the Game Guardian application and the game you want to cheat , for example Higgs Domino.
  12. Open Game Guardian via the Parallel Space application. If a pop-up notification appears , just tap the OK button .
  13. Click the Start button to activate the Game Guardian application floating icon. Open the game application that you want to play via the Parallel Space application.
  14. Tap the floating Game Guardian icon that appears on the screen.
  15. Input the script that you have downloaded in the internal memory via the Search icon .
  16. Enter the value you want to change such as gold, diamonds, and other items, then execute the script .

2. How to setting sound in X8 Sandbox?

The sound settings on the X8 Sandbox actually follow the sound settings on your cellphone. However, if there is a problem with the audio, you can check the volume of your cellphone first.

Try using headphones to see if it’s a problem with the speakers or with the app. Meanwhile, if you are having problems loading videos, please check your internet speed and wi-fi connectivity.

3. How to Solve X8 Sandbox Black Screen?

This is one of the most common problems on android. Usually when you open the application, you will see a black screen for a few seconds and then the application will freeze and black screen . There are several ways to fix this below.

  1. Tap the Recent App menu and close all its applications.
  2. Try Hard reboot on Android phone. Press and hold the Home and Power buttons simultaneously for up to 10 seconds. Then, release the button and hold the Power button until the screen turns on.
  3. You can wait until the phone battery runs out and turns off automatically. After that charge it, and press the power button.
  4. If that doesn’t work, you can re-install the app.
  5. If reinstalling doesn’t work either, try installing an older version of the app.

4. What is the difference between X8 Speeder and X8 Sandbox?

There are two types of speeders developed by X8 APK, namely X8 Speeder and X8 Sandbox. What are the differences? Let’s look at the table below.

DifferenceX8 SpeederX8 Sandbox
SizeHas a size of 13 MB.Has a size of 350 MB.
FeatureThere is no PIP (Picture in Picture) feature.Ada fitur PIP (Picture in Picture).
Memory UsageThe device does not heat up quickly.The device heats up fast.
InstallationCan support all mobile devices.Only support some mobile devices.

5. How to Send Chips on X8 Sandbox Application?

Users usually use the X8 Sandbox application to scoop chips at Domino Higgs Island. Then, how to send the chip to the application?

The chips you get through X8 Sandbox are automatically entered into your account. So you don’t have to send it again.

However, please note that the game you connect to X8 Sandbox is a MOD APK version. You can get quick chips, and your chips can also be sent to friends as special gifts.

Risks of Using MOD Apps

Although the MOD application can give you various interesting features and of course it’s free, the MOD application is an unofficial and illegal application, gang.

For this reason, there are several risks that you may get if you use this modified application. Anything? Here’s the review:

  • Presence of Virus & Malware : Application modifications are made with a non-standard process. Therefore, it will be easier for viruses to infiltrate which is very dangerous for the security of your device.
  • System Damage: This is still related to the effects of viruses or malware , gang. In addition to losing important data, your cellphone can also be damaged due to unstable processor performance.
  • Permanently Banned: If Google detects an illegal application on your cellphone, of course Google will immediately impose a ban on your system. So it’s hard to access other Google applications, right!
  • Data Theft: Because it is not an official application, this application may be a form of fraud whose purpose is to hack and steal your personal data.
  • Disadvantaging Developers: Official developers not only lose revenue from the presence of this MOD application, but also lose trust from other users who prefer to use free applications.

The final word

That’s an explanation of the latest X8 Sandbox MOD APK 2022. The latest version of the cheat application presents very complete features, including the Sandbox MOD APK PIP mode feature.

By using it, ApkVenue guarantees that the game will be easier and more exciting. So, from now on you won’t have any lag , crash , or error problems again.

Besides that, ApkVenue has provided a link for you to use to download the game directly. Choose the application version wisely, yes, so as not to affect your account or device in the future. Jaka recommends that you just try the original version.

Is there an application or game that you want to download also from JalanTikus? Leave your message in the comments column, okay?

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