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Varies with device

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21 November
Varies with device
Varies with device
Android 4.4+, iOS 11.0+
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Wheelie Life 2 will challenge you to race your motorbike while keeping your balance with one of the most popular tricks. This racing game is ready to take you to the streets!

Racing games are indeed one of the most popular and timeless genres. The players are challenged to be the fastest to win the game.

Interestingly, Wheelie Life is a racing game that doesn’t just rely on speed. You also have to complete unique challenges that are given by performing various incredible maneuvers and tricks.

Can’t wait to test your skills in doing tricks on various tracks? Come on, see the reviews and the download link for the latest Wheelie Life 2 2023 here!

Review & Gameplay Wheelie Life 2

Review Gameplay Wheelie Life 2

Sumber foto: Google Play – Wheelie Life 2

Wheelie Life 2 isfree 3D wheelie racing game by ak.dev that is fun and suitable for everyone. The sequel to the game with the same title, Wheelie Life , has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times on Google Play.

In this game, you will race your motorbike on various tracks such as busy city roads, country dirt tracks, and many more. You will also do tricks or freestyle as a challenge.

Actually, you don’t really need to be the fastest. This is because the main objective of the game is to roam freely on various paths while doing as many tricks as possible.

Of course you need the best motorcycle to be able to do tricks perfectly. This game also allows you to customize so that the motorbike has good stability and control.

In addition to interesting challenges, you will also be treated to a realistic appearance that makes the playing experience more immersive. This game is guaranteed to take you right into the adventure of doing the popular wheelie trick .

Download Wheelie Life 2 APK 2023

You can also download Wheelie Life 2 APK via platforms such as Google Play and the App Store to be able to play it. There is also a purchase option that allows you to enjoy premium features.

DetailWheelie Life 2
OS MinimalAndroid 4.4+

iOS 11.0+
SizeVaries with device

Here is the download link for Wheelie Life 2 online which you can get through the table below and can be downloaded for free!

Cara Install APK Wheelie Life 2

You can immediately install Wheelie Life 2 on your device. Considering that it’s available on Google Play , you don’t need to do the installation process, because the game will be automatically installed.

Unlike the manual installation which is done outside the official platform. You have to grant installation permission on the device first and click on the download file to be able to play the game .

Featured Features of Wheelie Life 2 Game

Featured Features of Wheelie Life 2 Game

Sumber foto: Google Play – Wheelie Life 2

The cooler and better the motorbike you have, the more amazing tricks you can do. Don’t worry, because there is a feature that allows you to upgrade the motorbike.

Before you download Wheelie Life 2 , you should know a number of excellent features provided by this one game . The following are some of the features that you can enjoy.

  • Motorcycle Customization : after unlocking the motorbike you want, you can customize it using various items . For example, you can change the color, rims and other accessories of the motorbike.
  • Realistic Game Physics : this game features realistic gameplay physicswith high stability and control. You will feel the weight of the bike as you do the tricks.
  • Online Mode : this is a competitive game mode that tests your skills against other players. You’ll experience racing, classic time-trials , and challenges that show off your driving skills.
  • Freestyle mode : this is a casual mode that allows you to perform stunts for the audience. You have to impress your friends or fellow players by executing moves and combos.
  • Soundtrack : the game mixes different soundtracks to further enhance its gameplay , ranging from the light beats of hip-hop songsto upbeat rock tracks.

How to Play Wheelie Life 2?

Cara Main Wheelie Life 2

Sumber foto: Google Play – Wheelie Life 2

You only need to control the motorbike via the two buttons on the far right of the screen which are used to speed up and do wheelie tricks . You can press these two buttons simultaneously to do a combo.

However, don’t long press the wheelie button for too long or it will definitely cause an accident. Players may not press the wheelie button for more than two seconds if they do not want to fall.

You have to balance the motorcycle while doing tricks like wheelies , stoppies , and bunny hops . Try to measure the correct height of the wheelie trick to maintain balance.

The final word

Those are the reviews and download links for the latest Wheelie Life 2 2023 which are guaranteed to give you a different excitement when playing a motorbike racing game . Despite the minimalist design, you can have a lot of fun here!

For those of you who have played Wheelie Challenge , this one game will be no stranger. The main challenges and missions that are presented are basically not much different. It’s just that, Wheelie Life 2 has a more realistic appearance.

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