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For the past few years, watching Korean dramas and Indonesian films has become easier. You only need to download Viu Premium Mod Apk for free. That way, you can watch movies with the best quality.

As is known, the development of technology makes it easier for you to do anything. One of them is to watch your favorite movie. With applications that are now popping up, it makes it easier for you to watch movies anytime and anywhere.

One of the applications in question is Viu which you can get easily and of course for free. This application is very easy to use. Even in a short time, you will be addicted to using this application. Interestingly, there is no reproach for anyone who holds this application.

Of course, unless the device is damaged, you will continue to use the application. Because this application has very minimal streaming problems. Thus, you can be very satisfied to watch movies and videos.

How about you, are you curious and want to download the Viu application? Well, it would be better if you read a more complete review of the application below.

Since the past few years, indeed, live streaming applications are being sought after by millennials. This is because the application can provide entertainment for its users. One of the entertaining applications through live streaming is Viu. However, this application is still standard, meaning it is not premium and the features in it are quite limited.

Then now Viu Premium Mod Apk has appeared which helps you get premium features. This application is said to be superior to the others. In addition, this application is also focused on content that smells of Asia, such as Korean dramas. So, this application is very suitable for use by drama movie connoisseurs.

This is due to the Ove The Top Platform (OTT) system in this application which can provide interesting impressions. Especially for Korean drama connoisseurs, which is special from this application.

At first the Viu application was not very popular in 2015 since its appearance. However, due to the Korean drama content that is served, this application becomes booming and has many fans. Even now you can get the application on official markets such as the Play Store or the App Store.

But unfortunately, the applications that you get from the official market have limited and standard features. Don’t be surprised if many features are locked and can’t be unlocked. To enjoy the locked features you have to upgrade it. So you have to spend more money to enjoy premium content.

So that you don’t spend money on the premium version, you can try the modified version of the Viu Premium application. With this application, you can get all the interesting, advanced features, and even all of them are automatically opened.

What is Viu MOD APK?

Viu is an application to watch movies and videos and TV series from Asian countries. The genres offered in it are very diverse and can be adjusted to your taste.

Various quality shows from South Korea, Japan, China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Turkey, and the Middle East are presented through this application. You’ll feel at home, stay tuned for this application for a long time!

As mainstay content, Viu presents various Korean dramas played by famous artists, including Song Joong-ki, Park Shin Ye, Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Kyo, and Lee Min Ho.

It’s even more fun because you can download Viu APK For Android TV on your Android smartphone, so you are free to watch TV series and movies anywhere and anytime.

To find out more about the features offered by the Viu App and the Viu MOD APK download link , first read the full review below.

Link Download Viu MOD APK 2022

As Jaka mentioned above, this application is an unofficial MOD or modified version, gang. But if you understand the risks and just want to use this application as a trial and error , then you can access the link below.

DetailIt saw
DeveloperVuclip Mobile Video
Minimal OSAndroid 5.0+
Rating4.1/5.0 (Google Play)

For those of you who can’t wait to download the original version of Viu MOD APK Indonesia and the latest MOD, just click the link below!

Face Install Viu MOD APK Premium

Viu MOD APK is a modification of the original version. This means that you cannot directly download it from the Google Play Store. You have to install the APK manually so you can use it on your cellphone.

Don’t worry, it ‘s easy to install , really. You can check the guide below:

  1. Delete the official version of the Viu app if any.
  2. Go to HP Settings > Security & enable Unknown Sources .
  3. Download the APK file that ApkVenue has provided above.
  4. Click the Viu APK file and install it on the device (Click ‘Allow from this source’ if prompted).
  5. Wait until the installation process is complete.

Difference between Viu Original and MOD

The reason the MOD from VIU is so sought after is because it has quite a lot of differences with the original version, gang. Here’s the comparison:

Saw OriginalI see MOD verses
Can’t download movies to HPCan download movies to HP
There are adsNo ads
Premium paid viewsPremium free views

Viu MOD APK Featured Features

The features in this MOD version of Viu are similar to the original application. However, since this is a modified app, you can access all the features you need to pay for in the original app.

So you no longer need to spend money to pay for the premium features contained in this application.

Just download this application, you can directly access all its features easily! For more details, you can see the features of the following modified version.

1. No Ads

This application has no ads at all, so you can enjoy the show without being interrupted by annoying ads.

If on a PC, you can use the Adblock program to disable ads, but for this application you just need to download the MOD version of Viu.

With this MOD version of the Viu application, you are free to watch all videos without being interrupted by ads . You must be annoyed, right, when you’re busy watching an ad suddenly pops up?

2. High Quality Videos

There are many streaming platforms trying to compete with Netflix and Hulu, but Viu is different in that it offers more content than most streaming apps.

Even everything in high quality video! You’ll enjoy your favorite movies and shows in all high-resolution quality.

You don’t have to feel annoyed with pirated content or videos from YouTube just for entertainment.

3. Unlocked Premium

The features of this MOD version of Viu will be very suitable for you to use because it has been unlocked Premium so you can enjoy all the premium shows and features. Moreover, you can also download your favorite shows to your HP device.


Although the modified version of this application is profitable with the offer of features that are free and without ads, there are many risks that you have to bear, gang.

Here, ApkVenue will review what risks you might get if you are desperate to use this MOD application.

  • Potential Virus & Malware : The MOD version of the application undergoes a modification process and coding that is less than perfect. This of course has the potential to be infiltrated by viruses or malware that can be dangerous for your device.
  • Risk of Permanent Ban : As an unofficial and illegal application, you may be permanently banned from the Google Play Store if an illegal application is detected on your device. This will certainly make it difficult for you later on.
  • Damage Software & Hardware : The result of imperfect modifications can make the compressor or operating system on your device work unstable. As a result, the software or hardware of your device can be damaged. Not to mention the additional viruses that may exist.
  • Data Hacking: The creator of the MOD app has no clear identity and copyright. So it is very possible if the MOD application maker makes a scam application with the aim of stealing your personal data.
  • Disadvantaging Developers: Giving away premium features that should be paid for is the same as breaking the chain of profits for the developer company. In addition, the user’s trust in the official application can also go down.
  • Copyright Infringement: The creators of this MOD application will certainly not bother applying for permission to the official developer to modify the application. Of course this is a form of copyright infringement that can be criminalized.

The final word

How? Are you interested in downloading Viu MOD APK latest version ? If so, you can directly click the link that Jaka provided above, gang. But, you have to be willing to take it at your own risk, yes!

The advantage that you will get with this application is that there are various premium features that you can enjoy for free. As a result, you can watch as much drama as you like from morning to morning, without encountering annoying ads at all.

Oh, yes, if you want to watch movies for free, you can also try various free watching sites that you can see in the following Jaka article. Check it out :

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