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You can try some interesting things in this increasingly sophisticated era. Like the tantan mod apk application , there are many types of versatile applications from unique to interesting for you to use directly. The existence of an Android smartphone itself makes it easier for users to be able to get services in it such as communicating and so on.

Therefore, you can use it easily and one of the unique applications that is widely used is Tantan. Of course the name tantan is familiar to users. Through tantan, it will help you to be able to get a mate or new friends easily. Tantan also provides premium features in it for you to use by subscribing first.

How to use tantan is very easy and simple, because this application does have a simple appearance. To be able to enjoy all premium access in the application. Then you can use Tantan Mod APK which is a modified version and has unlocked all the excellent features in it. And for those of you who want to know more clearly about this application, please refer to the explanation as follows.

The reason is, this platform tends to be used to find a mate virtually. And through tantan you can get a lot of fun in it to make new friends around you. In addition, Tantan Mod Apk makes it easy for you to be able to access all the premium features that have been provided by the application.

And by using tantan, you can approach the person you want. Like chatting to attract attention and so on. In addition, you can access Tantan freely to be able to get fun in the application. Tantan application is easy to use, because it has a simple interface.

Tantan mod apk has become a popular application that has been widely used. This application is much liked by young people because it is able to provide a means to make new friends more easily. The features presented are complete enough to facilitate communication.

This application is popular because it has its own charm and has many advantages. Through this application, you can not only make friends, but you can also get dates. The interesting thing is that you can start communicating online before finally deciding to meet.

What is Tantan Mod?

Tantan mod apk is an application that provides a means of finding a mate easily because it can be accessed online. This application is well known and widely used. The working concept of this application is a social service that can give users new friends or girlfriends.

This application will help you overcome the feeling of loneliness because you will soon make new friends. Users can choose their own criteria for friends they want to communicate with. A simple swipe system is applied to this app to select friends.

You can freely swipe as much as possible to be able to find the opposite sex faster. If you have found a suitable person, the user can establish communication by sending a message or voice.

Tantan helps users to find a partner more easily and quickly. In addition, information about the selected friend will be provided in detail so that you can find out the photo to the person’s personal information.

If you use the original application, you need to subscribe to become a VIP member first to be able to access all the available features. But when using the mod version, you no longer need to worry about subscription fees because it can be accessed for free.

The modified application provides a VIP subscription service for free so you can immediately use the various premium features available. This application is quite fun and fun to use.

Featured Features Available In Tantan Mod

The Tantan mod apk service is indeed known to be far superior to the original version. This happens because this application has been modified so that its premium features can be accessed for free. This is the main attraction of this one application.

With this feature, users can be more flexible when using the application according to their wishes. Here are some of the available features.

1. Unlock VIP

One of the advantages of this version of the app is getting VIP access for free. That way you don’t have to spend any more money to be able to subscribe. VIP access allows users to be able to access premium features.

That way you can feel more comfortable because the facilities provided are very complete. All communication needs can be accessed more easily.

2. Exclusive Badge

In this modified version you can get exclusive badges. This badge belongs only to VIP accounts. This is a sign that you are part of a VIP membership.

Premium access will be provided by VIP members, so they can enjoy the application optimally.

3. Unlimited Matches

In the original version, the user has a limit on the number of matches each day. So you have to be careful in choosing the people you want to like. But by using the mod version, you can access it more easily.

You can match any number of times each day. So when it feels right, you can match with any user. This feature can increase flexibility so that it can make users more comfortable when using the application.

4. Unlimited Swipe

By using this modified application, you can swipe as desired so that there is no limit for you to be able to find new friends. When you get a match, you can immediately communicate via audio, text or video messages.

The existence of this unlimited swipe feature makes it easier for you to be able to make new friends faster.

5. Match From Nickname

You can use match of nicknames to find the user with the name you want. The match feature is quite simple and can be used quickly so you can find a suitable friend faster.

After making a match, you can immediately open communication via chat to video. With this feature, you can find suitable users and can build communication together.

6. Wider Reach

By using this mod version, you can reach a wider range of users. This can be done because you can easily change the region or country as you wish.

That way you can not only reach users who are near, but also those who are far away. This increases your chances of making friends from different regions.

7. Privacy Guaranteed

To provide convenience for all users, this application is equipped with features that can limit user privacy. You can hide personal data to hide online status.

Not only that, you can also set a nickname or nickname as you like. This feature can protect user privacy optimally.

8. No Ads

When using free applications, generally ads will appear frequently. But don’t worry when you use this mod version. No more annoying ads so you can use the app more comfortably.

This can be done because this application is equipped with advanced technology that is able to block ads. That way users can take advantage of the application without being bothered in the slightest.

9. Unlimited Likes

There are no more limits when you want to give likes to other users. It must be the original version, it is limited so you have to choose carefully when giving likes. When using the mod version, you don’t have to think about that anymore.

That way, whenever you want to give a like you can do it more freely. No need to choose the friends you want to give likes.

10. Can Communicate with Non-Friend Users

Another excellent feature presented by this mod application is that users can communicate with other users more easily, even if that person is not your friend.

The existence of this feature allows users to have wider communication access. You can communicate with anyone you want to talk to. Your opportunities to make friends to new girlfriends will be wider.

Things to Pay Attention to Before Downloading Tantan Mod

Before downloading the Tantan mod application, there are several things that must be considered first. These rights are required so that you can use the application optimally. Check out the following description.

  • Make sure to get the download link from a trusted site. This is done for device security when using applications developed by third parties.
  • Use a good internet connection so that the download process can run smoothly without any problems. Although the size of the application is not large, an internet connection is needed to ensure the download speed.
  • Check the available storage space on the device, whether it is still enough or not. Applications can be installed if the device’s storage space is sufficient. This needs to be done so that the application can function optimally.
  • Pay attention to the installation process, applications that come from outside must get permission first to be installed.

Download the Latest Tantan Mod

The Tantan mod apk application was developed by a third party so it has undergone various modifications. Applications developed by third parties are generally not available on the official market so you cannot find them on the Google Play Store.

But don’t worry, because you can still enjoy the excellent features of Tantan mod by downloading the application via the link below.

Guide to Download and Install Tantan Mod Apk

To be able to take advantage of the Tantan mod application optimally, you need to understand how to download and install it properly. After the application is successfully installed you can optimize all the available features. The download and installation process can be done by following the steps below.

  • Please click the download link that has been provided.
  • On the main page of the website, you can press the download button and start the download process.
  • While waiting for the application to finish downloading, you can go to the device settings to activate the permission to install applications from outside.
  • Select the security and privacy section. Select Unknown Source, after a green check mark appears, it means that permission has been granted.
  • Check again the download process that has been done. Is it finished or not. You can check the apk file by going to the File Manager section. Go to the Downloads folder.
  • Recently downloaded apps will be at the top. If you already have the apk file, you can proceed to the installation process.
  • Select the application you want to install. The installation process will take place automatically.
  • Leave it until the process is done.
  • When finished, you can directly open the application and register an account first. You need an account to be able to access all the available features.
  • Follow the registration step one by one until the account is successfully created.
  • If you have successfully created an account, you can immediately log in to try to enter the application.
  • You can directly access all the available features. Swipe the screen right and left to find matching people. You can press the love logo which selects the desired person.
  • If you get a match, you can start communicating via chat and view the personal data of that person. Communication can continue to be done according to the wishes of the user.

Difference between Tantan Mod Apk and Tantan Original

These two types of applications are actually the same. What distinguishes the two is the version of the application. The mod version has been modified so that it has more superior features. This is the main attraction of the application.

By using the original version, you can more freely use the application according to your needs. Check out the differences between the two versions of the application as follows.

Original TantanTantan Mod
Swipe is limited to about 40 times per day. That way you have limited access to find suitable people.Swipe is not limited so that users can more freely choose the person who suits them.
Can only give likes 3-5 times per day. So you have to be more careful in giving likes.Can give unlimited likes. So you can easily give likes to whomever you want.
Can not move locations or countries so the scope is quite limited.You can change locations and countries at will. So you can have a much larger reach.

Advantages of Being a VIP Member Tant

This mod application gives access to Tantan VIP members easily and for free. You no longer need to spend money to subscribe to VIP. That way the Tantan mod apk application can provide a means to find a mate more easily.

Becoming a VIP member gives you unlimited access to all available services. Users will get many benefits from this service. The available features are also much more complete so that communication with new friends can run more easily.

The main advantage that can be felt by users is being able to give likes freely to other users. You can give likes to whomever you want. Special, this application can be accessed for free without having to pay a certain amount.

In addition, the features presented by this modified application are very complete and can be accessed for free. This makes it easier for users to find partners and dates. You no longer need to worry because this application can be used completely free of charge.

What’s more unique, as a VIP member you will get an exclusive badge. This makes your account look more attractive and cool. Its easy access allows you to easily access all features.

Tantan Mod Apk Revie

The Tantan mod apk application provides the most complete facilities so that it becomes the best matchmaking service that is widely used. The simple appearance of the application makes it easy for users to access it. Even for new users it is not difficult to use.

The interface of this application is very attractive so it is comfortable to look at. Users can see photos of other users in more detail and clearly. Not only that, this application also provides various detailed information about the person.

Some of the information that will be displayed includes gender, age, name, photo and so on. This application has a very easy working system so it doesn’t take you long to make new friends.

Although it is included in the modification application, Tantan mod is safe to use on any device. Even able to provide benefits for users. To find other suitable users, all you have to do is swipe the screen right and left.

If you feel interested, you can give a like. If that person also chooses you, they will get a match and automatically make friends. If you are already friends, you can immediately establish communication by sending text messages, audio to video.

To view other users’ information in more detail, you can press one of the buttons below the photo image. That way you can get better information about potential dates.

This makes it easier for users to find friends who match their criteria. Users that can make settings when searching for friends such as setting distance, age, location and so on. That way users can more easily find suitable friends.

The services provided by the Tantan mod apk application are certainly more sophisticated and diverse. So that users can use it more freely and can make friends more easily. Its superior features make users feel more comfortable when using it.

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