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Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk Download Unlimited Money 2022 Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk Download Unlimited Money 2022

Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk


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Aug 11, 2022
916 MB
Android 5.0+
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If you want to try the latest version of the 2022 RPG adventure game, then you can immediately try playing the cookie run kingdom mod apk. Play the game and enjoy all its features, if you can’t wait then see the following article.

In this sophisticated era, especially in the current year, games in Indonesia are increasingly popping up. Not only from one genre, but there are other genres that make gamers in Indonesia interested in playing it.

Maybe you only know war games like mobile legends, FF, and COD. In fact, if you explore, there are still many games and even genres that are more exciting and support to be played on mobile phones.

Well, one of the games that has just appeared in 2022 is Cookie Run Kingdom. You need to know that even though the latest one has attracted the attention of many people, even on the google play store it has got the highest rating and has 100 million users.

The game developed by Devisisters Corporation managed to attract the attention of many people due to its unique gameplay and graphics. But on this occasion we will not discuss the original version of the cookie run kingdom game.

But a modified version that has been tampered with by other parties, because the cookie run kingdom mod apk game is also very popular. Moreover, it has a myriad of advantages that you cannot get in the original version.

So that people can get several superior things that are multiplied, both from game currency and ease of play. You need to know that cookie run kingdom mod apk is an animated RPG game with an adventure theme.

This means that this game is perfect for those of you who like animation but want some challenges in it. Are you impatient to immediately download and play this mod game?

Take it easy, you will definitely get a download link from this cookie run kingdom mod apk, but before that, let’s pay attention to the full discussion below.

Get to know Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk

As in the discussion above, the cookie run kingdom mod apk is a fantasy RPG game with an adventure theme. However, this mod version has been modified again so that there are some unique and profitable things.

Of course, before you play this game, you definitely have to know the ins and outs of the game, starting from the gameplay, graphics, and so on. Well don’t worry because you can find out all of it in this article.

Of course, because below there is a little summary of the gameplay and also the graphics of the game. If you feel curious and want to know immediately read carefully the full explanation.

Know From the Gameplay

To recognize a game and understand the ins and outs, the first thing you have to do is get to know the gameplay of the game. Now in this cookie run kingdom mod apk, you will take care of a city or village so that it can progress quickly.

But not only taking care of the city or village, because in it there are already several stages of challenges that must be passed. It is said that the challenges in this mod game reach 200.

Now, every time you log in and play, it must be completed quickly, so you can get rewards such as money and game items. That way you will have a collection of enough money to buy other items.

In addition, this adventure game has also been decorated with cute characters, so that anyone who plays it will definitely feel excited. Characters made with cartoon themes so people don’t get bored playing this game.

You can also shop for other necessities so you can quickly build a village or town. Because in the cookie run kingdom mod apk there is already a shop as a place for buying and selling tools for the game’s players.

Get to know in terms of graphics

Now, after you know a little about the gameplay from the info above, then identify the cookie run kingdom mod apk in terms of graphics. Of course, this graphic is very important for a game.

Because if it doesn’t support the game, maybe people or gamers are rarely interested in it. And the graphics on this modified version of the cookie run kingdom are certainly very epic and can even be considered HD.

So when you see the characters, the villages that were built, and other things in this game it will be very clear and spoil the eyes. Therefore, it is only natural that this game is being hunted by game lovers in Indonesia.

Fitur Cheat Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk

Now in addition to recognizing the game in terms of gameplay and graphics, you can also understand about the features embedded in it. Of course, as a modified game, there must have been some cheat features that could later facilitate the game.

Maybe you are also curious about the cheat feature in this cookie run kingdom mod apk. For that we will also discuss it in full, and for those of you who want to know, then see the following information.

1. Unlimited Money

The first feature you can get when playing the cookie run kingdom mod apk game is unlimited money. You need to know that in building games, there is definitely a need for money.

So that later you can build a village or city quickly, even filled with objects that are quite difficult to get. In addition, the money in this game is also very much needed for war or adventure activities.

Because when you start the adventure and fight, you definitely need some additional damage such as weapons, items, and others. For that, play the cookie run kingdom mod apk game to get unlimited money.

2. Unlimited Gems

Furthermore, you will also get unlimited gems when playing this cookie run kingdom mod apk. You need to know that the gems in this game are rare items, cool items, and so on.

Well, when you play the original version of the game, it may be difficult to get the gems you want. But in the modified version you will be presented with abundant gems so it is easy to do many things.

3. Bebas Shopping

Because the cookie run kingdom mod apk has a shop or place to buy and sell, of course, players can shop freely when playing it. Not only free shopping, even some items for sale are already open and unlocked.

So that players can more easily get the items they want, let alone supported with unlimited money. That way players can freely buy items that if they need to be owned in this game.

Now if you want to get the benefits of unlimited money and free shopping, then the solution can be to use a game modified by the developer.

4. Simple Control

Then you will also find simple controls when playing this cookie run kingdom mod apk game. Of course there are no special tools in this game so that players can easily play on a smartphone.

Even the controls are so simple that all new users can immediately learn and play the game. So it can be said that the cookie run kingdom mod apk game is a complete game.

5. No Ads

The last feature that you will feel when playing the cookie run kingdom mod apk game is without ads appearing in it. Of course, when playing games, especially offline, there will be some ads that appear.

So that the players can not focus and it is difficult to play the game being played. So don’t worry if you play this cookie run kingdom mod apk because all the ads in it have been removed and blocked by the developer.

How to Download Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk Latest Version 2022

Maybe after you have seen some of the cheat features in the cookie run kingdom mod apk game then there is a desire to play it. Of course, if you are a game lover, you definitely want to feel all the cheat features.

Because rarely can this be obtained for free when playing a game. So that’s why many game lovers ask about the download link for this mod game.

Don’t worry because after you read this article, you will definitely get a download link for the game. Because below we will share the link, so let’s download it for free.

App NameCookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk
The Minimals5.0 + Android
File Size916 MB
DeveloperDevsisters Corporation
Link DownloadHere

How to Install Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk on Mobile

If you have managed to get the game via the link above, then install it immediately so that it can be played on a mobile phone. Of course, the installation of the modified game will be slightly different because you get the application through an online site.

Maybe for those of you who often use modified games, you must be familiar with this installation method. But what about new users who are still confused about the methods.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry if you can’t do it, because as a blog that understands consumer needs, we will provide tutorials. Therefore follow the steps properly.

  • At first you can directly download the game via the link above
  • Then you immediately enter the settings menu and visit privacy & security
  • If the unknown source notification option appears then click the check mark to activate
  • After that, the installation can begin
  • Then you can enter the file manager on your phone
  • And look for game files stored in the download folder
  • If you find it then tap immediately to start installing the application
  • Wait until the process is really successful
  • After successful, the game is ready to be played
  • good luck

Difference between Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk and Original

When users of the original kingdom run cookie game switch to the mod version, they will definitely find some differences in it. The difference is not in terms of gameplay or background, but features and security.

So, as a new user, you should know about the differences between the cookie run kingdom mod apk and the original. Immediately you notice the following information about the differences contained in the two versions.

Modified Version

For the modified version itself, you can see the difference through the complete info, pay close attention to avoid missing information.

  • Can access many basic features, cheats and so on
  • Have unlimited money, gems, items
  • No root
  • No ads
  • Free to do many things
  • No fees need to be incurred
  • There are still some risks
  • Not official yet

Original Version

And for the original version, you can see the difference through the explanation here:

  • Features are still very minimal and little to enjoy
  • Money, gems, and items are still very limited
  • There are ads in the game
  • There are still many things that cannot be accessed
  • Sometimes there is a fee when you want to enjoy the features
  • There’s no risk
  • The app is official
  • Made by original developer

So, those were some of the differences between the cookie run kingdom mod apk and the original, please understand and pay attention so you don’t use it wrong when playing the game.

Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk Is It Safe ?

Well, we suggest that you read this article to the end in order to understand the security of the mod game. When it comes to security, maybe all modified games can be considered very unsafe.

Because the application is not yet known who has modified it. Therefore , no party is responsible when there is a problem with modified game users.

Of course there will be some problems when you continue to use game mods. And usually the problems that will be obtained are in the form of being attacked by malware, banned accounts, and so on.

For that we highly recommend that you use only the original application or game, because even though it is minimal in features, it is very safe in terms of security.

The final word

Maybe that’s all we can give about the cookie run kingdom mod apk game, you can take the good stuff from this article. Thank you for your time and see you in our other articles.