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Super Sus Mod Apk Download Unlimited Golden Star 2022 Super Sus Mod Apk Download Unlimited Golden Star 2022

Super Sus Mod Apk


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Casual games are now becoming many choices for those who want to spend their free time. Of the many games that exist, Super SUS Mod Apk is starting to be popular with teenagers and adults.

Even though it’s still new, now a modified version has been found, known as the Super SUS mod Apk.

What are the differences between the two versions, and how do you play them? Please read along with our full explanation.

Previously, please note that this game is not yet listed on the Playstore. As for games with the same name but much different from the core and how to play, the developers are also different.

Super SUS which is our main discussion this time is only available on the official website, namely Taptap. But at the end of this article, we also provide a download link so you don’t have to look for it anymore.

This game is actually a group game, but not a team to work together. It becomes interesting when all the players have their own different roles.

Each role has its own function, but not to help help. Slandering each other and provoking riots, that’s the essence of this funny game.

These differences become the same when viewed from the gameplay or how to play. In a plane containing several players, there is one traitor that you have to guess.

This is where the fun of this game lies because whoever gets the role of the traitor, must hide and refuse to confess.

The task of other players is to guess who is the traitor. If wrong, then you don’t get points or your points are also deducted.

In order to guess correctly, there is an eagle eye item that serves to make the percentage of truth higher, but it is not completely correct.

There are also other items with their respective functions that can be purchased in the shopping menu. Unfortunately, you have to top up to buy the necessities or items needed.

Gameplay Super Sus MOD APK

As the name of the game implies, Super Sus-Who Is The Impostor is a game that will invite you to a tense game atmosphere. You are invited to look for the traitor who infiltrated the plane.

Before starting the game, all players will take their respective roles. One of them will become the shocking traitor .

You have to be really smart in observing every movement of the players. Use your eagle eyes to catch the Traitor, gang.

However, be careful and don’t be fooled. Many players are two-faced in this game. They influence each other, instigate, and bring down each other in order to secure themselves.

Download Super Sus MOD APK Latest Version

After reading Jaka’s description above, you must immediately remember the booming Among Us game , right? Yep, that’s right. You could say the story of this game is very similar to that. To be more familiar with the game , see the preview of the application below.

DetailSuper Sus MOD APK
DeveloperGame Adviser
Size145 MB
OSAndroid 5.1 or more

Here are all versions of Super SUS MOD APK , unlimited money and original, which you can download via the link in the table. Please select the version you want.

How to Install Super Sus MOD APK Android

Have you downloaded Super Sus menu MOD APK from Jaka, right, gang? If so, come on, follow these steps to download it on your cellphone.

  1. Delete the previous version of Super Sus MOD APK (if any).
  2. Go to HP Settings > Security & enable Install Permission from Unknown Sources.
  3. Download the MOD APK Super Sus file that Jaka gave earlier.
  4. Click the file and install it on the device.
  5. Wait until the installation process is complete.

Difference Super Sus Original MOD and MOD APK

Basically, there are several differences between the original Super Sus and the MOD APK that Jaka gave earlier and those in the official store.

In the original version, there are some features that you may have to buy if you want to use it. Meanwhile, in the Super Sus MOD APK version unlock all skins , you can access all the features in this game for free. To be more clear, see the table below.

Original Super SusSuper Sus APK MOD
Limited money.Unlimited money.
Limited characters.Unlimited characters.
There are ads.Ad-free.
There is an in-app payment.Free of payment|.

Featured Features of MOD Super Sus APK

Generally, the modified version in a game has various advantages. One of the things that stands out the most is the completeness of features offered compared to the original version.

To find out more about the superior features of Super Sus MOD APK , see the review below!

1. Unlimited Money

In playing the game money is needed. Either to increase the level or complete the features provided.

Thanks to the modified version of Super Sus MOD APK from ApkVenue above, you can enjoy unlimited money services without a headache, gang. So, you are free to buy whatever you want during the game.

2. Unlimited characters

Because in this game you have to play a role, it’s not good, right, if the available role features are few and ordinary? Luckily the modified version provides what you need. Through this version you can enjoy various interesting and unique roles so that the game becomes more exciting and fun.

3. Ad-Free

Here are the excellent features of the MOD APK that make players feel at home. If you’ve been bothered by ads while playing games , with MOD APK Super Sus that won’t happen again.

The no ads feature, aka no ads, allows you to play very comfortably so that you can spend hours without the distraction of ads from any sponsor.

4. No In-App Purchases

In addition to being ad-free, this Super Sus MOD APK also provides excellent features with no in-app purchases. If you’re frequently exposed to notifications when you want to level up, use features, or update apps, you’re free to enjoy whatever you like.

(IMPORTANT!!) Dangers and Risks of Using MOD APK

Before deciding to try and use the modified version, first understand the risks that you can accept as follows:

  1. Vulnerability to viruses and malware : The main risk of files coming from third-party sites is the potential for viruses, as they are not legal from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  2. Permanently banned account : Login or register in MOD APK will be considered as illegal activity. Your account or email could potentially be permanently banned by Google.
  3. Hacking of private data : Installing and logging in the MOD APK file can also hack privacy. The login or registration data that you enter on the site or APK will go to the developer.
  4. Damage your cellphone : If a virus or malware has entered your device, your cellphone may be damaged and completely dead, or the files that are there are completely lost because of a virus.
  5. Disadvantage to the developer : The MOD APK version unlocks premium features that are usually paid for in the original version. Therefore, downloading and playing MOD APK games is the same as closing access to developer income .

Well, because using the MOD APK of Super Sus is detrimental to developers and dangerous for security, ApkVenue recommends not trying it!

Wisely, you can try the original version with prices starting from Rp. 14,000 to Rp. 690,000 per item on the Google Play Store.

The final word

That’s the review and download link for the latest 2022 Super Sus MOD APK that you can play with friends. Similar to Among Us, this game is no less exciting with more detailed and sharp visuals.

However, if you feel fit after trying the MOD version of Super Sus, ApkVenue recommends switching to the premium version of Super Sus to get these cool features permanently and safely.

Oh yes, for those of you who are hunting for the Super Sus gift code , you can check it out via the link below, yes, gang. Bye and see you!

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