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Small Business Apk Download Untuk Android Gratis Terbaru 2022 Small Business Apk Download Untuk Android Gratis Terbaru 2022

Small Business Apk


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11 July 2022
48 MB
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Download Small Business APK right now, especially for those of you who want to “practice” to be a cosmetic entrepreneur! This game , which was released on April 30, 2022, is indeed being sought after by many gamers, especially women who like the world of fashion .

On the Google Play Store , there are currently many business simulator or tycoon games that you can play. However, very few take up girl-only businesses such as cosmetics or fashion .

Well, the good news is, you can play Android Small Business games for virtual “practice” in entrepreneurship! With the MOD version you can get unlimited coins, adding new levels and a simple interface.

But ApkVenue recommends you use the latest Small Business MOD APK 2022 as a trial version considering the dangers and risks. Check out the full review and get the download link in this article.

Gameplay Small Business APK

APK Small Business is one of the best Android games that has a very unique gameplay . This simulation genre game will invite you to act as a businessman .

Combining mobile and business games, the game will indirectly invite you to explore the world of entrepreneurship. You will be invited to dive into the business world in a fun way, namely by playing games .

Your mission here is quite simple, but challenging. You will manage a store, such as an online store , that sells various beauty products. Yep! only beauty products, yes, gang.

Like a shop owner, you will serve buyers, from bargaining to packing orders and delivering them to expeditions. In addition, you will also be responsible for the finances of your store.

The challenging thing about this game is that there are targets that you must complete. You will work on targets that are very fast and dense.

If successful, you will get big profits and bonuses. But, if you lose, you have to complete the mission from the beginning.

In essence, by playing Small Business games APK new version , you will get experience building a business from scratch in a game . So, if you are interested, you can get the Small Business APK link for download which is below.

Download Small Business APK Gratis

Although it looks easy, playing the Android simulation game is not easy. You have to be more patient because apart from having a target, you can’t access all items for free.

You have to use Small Business game MOD APK to access all those items , gang. Unfortunately, ApkVenue does not provide this version because it is dangerous and detrimental to developers.

DetailSmall Business APK
Released byAltplay LTD
Size94 MB
minimal OS6.0 or more
Version0.4 (Play Store)

Here’s the link for Small Business games APK to download the original version that you can use. Come on, download it, gang.

Cara Install Small Business MOD APK

After downloading the Small Business MOD APK application or the latest 2022, you need to install it on your cellphone manually. The method is as follows:

  1. Go to the File Manager menu .
  2. Click the Install option .
  3. Setting in the settings to allow the application.
  4. View Security options
  5. Enable the Unknown Sources tick .
  6. Open the APK Installation Window menu .
  7. Click the Install option .

Difference between Small Business APK Original and MOD

Basically, this Small Business application is a modified version of the application from the official version. This means that there are a number of different features such as the following:

Small Business Original VersionSmall Business Versi MOD
AdvertisementNo Ads
Unlimited CoinsUnlimited coins
Premium lockedPremium is open and accessible for free

How to Play APK Small Business

Already downloaded the game , but confused about how to play Small Business APK? Don’t worry, gang, Jaka will also explain how to play the game , really.

Actually, how to play Small Business APK is very easy. If you have registered and logged in , you must first make a strategy to win each mission that will be executed.

You will receive various orders from customers who enter the “Order” menu. Serve them well so that your shop points increase.

More or less the gameplay of Small Business APK is similar to Cats and Soup which carries the concept of selling simulation. It’s just that in this game the buyers are humans, not cats.

Then, if you successfully complete one mission, then your level will increase. However, remember, as your level increases, the difficulty level also increases. So, make the right strategy and maximize the duration of the mission well, yes.

Small Business App Featured

This game for girls because it offers cosmetic business gameplay brings a myriad of interesting features. Armed with the existing interesting features, you will be more addictive to play, gang. What are the interesting features of this fun offline game ?

1. Carrying the First Person Point of View Tampilan

When playing and running a business in this game , you are not played by an avatar in the form of an anime, but is represented by a hand. You see, the game that will invite you to become an online businessman uses first-person POV mode .

2. Light

Although it requires you to make a strategy when playing to get an advantage, the Small Business APK game is very light . You will not be invited to think hard to win the game like when playing the Battle Royale game .

This game is really light like the Project Make Over game that ApkVenue has discussed.

3. Simple UI/UX

Now this is more important, gang. The UI of Small Business APK is also very simple. When you play, you won’t be bothered by the complicated application interface . In fact, the control buttons on the screen will be easy for you to understand.

4. Unlimited Coin/Cash

In the latest modified version, the coins and cash you have are unlimited. You can certainly develop your business without fear of running out of capital. You can also add other resources you need to your heart’s content

5. Added New Level

In addition, new levels in this game will be added in the latest modified version. You can complete several challenges in this new level, gang. Of course this game will be more exciting.

Risks of Using MOD Apps

Playing Small Business MOD APK can indeed give you a lot of convenience through its features. Moreover, you have access for free. However, you must remember that this MOD application is not an official and legal application.

Of course, if you install it on your device, there will be some risks that you can run. Among others are:

  • Presence of Virus & Malware : Application modifications are made with a non-standard process. Therefore, it will be easier for viruses to infiltrate which is very dangerous for the security of your device.
  • System Damage: This is still related to the effects of viruses or malware , gang. In addition to losing important data, your cellphone can also be damaged due to unstable processor performance.
  • Permanently Banned: If Google detects an illegal application on your cellphone, of course Google will immediately impose a ban on your system. So it’s hard to access other Google applications, right!
  • Data Theft: Because it is not an official application, this application may be a form of fraud whose purpose is to hack and steal your personal data.
  • Disadvantaging Developers: Official developers not only lose revenue from the presence of this MOD application, but also lose trust from other players who prefer to use free applications.

The final word

That’s the discussion about the latest Small Business Games APK v1.321 2022. With this game, you seem to be invited to “practice” to become a virtual cosmetic businessman. You will be invited to sell and become a waiter in fun game missions. Anyway, it’s fun and different from the others.

If you are interested, please download the Small Business MOD APK game via the link above. However, ApkVenue recommends that you only use the modified version for the trial , gang.

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