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SBO TV is the most appropriate media platform for everyone who is looking for entertainment when bored. Because, you will be given various shows for free. Suroboyo TV aka SBO TV is a local TV APK with services for watching various movies and others.

Everyone can take advantage of this TV Apk, if you want to watch a spectacle with super clear and clear quality, aka HD. In addition to providing HD quality for every available show, all users will not feel disturbed by the presence of an ad.

Having the advantages as we just said, it’s no wonder that the SBO TV application is always in demand by everyone who uses a sophisticated smartphone device.

Since SBO TV is one of the social media applications that uses the Apk format, the manual method is required to attach files to Android & iOS smartphone devices. Even though you have to use the manual method when you want to install it, you don’t need to worry because the method is quite simple.

And, you also don’t need to pay a penny when you want to have the application, because you can download the TV show apk this time for free. For those who are always looking for entertainment via online, you should download SBO TV Apk!

Everyone certainly has a different hobby, but for the hobby that everyone likes is watching local TV shows or International TV. Now you don’t need to be in the house if you want to watch television shows, because now you can all do it with sophisticated smartphone devices.

Watching a local and international television program is now more often done through Android & iOS smartphones. What’s more, there are many applications that support these activities, especially recently the SBO TV application with super-sophisticated IPTV quality that can be accessed without paying / subscribing.

SBO TV is an application developed for viewers of Suroboyo TV from Surabaya. This Online TV application has received the attention of smartphone users, where you can enjoy various IPTV channels without subscribing or paying.

What is SBO TV?

Various applications for watching movies with various interesting shows are now increasingly being spread on the internet and can be downloaded for free. One of them is the SBO TV application.

SBO TV or Suroboyo TV is a local television station from East Java that presents the largest and most comprehensive collection of IPTV channels. Currently, these TV channels can be accessed using an application compatible with Android.

With this application, you can get shows from the category you choose, from movies, series, TV shows, to sports that are available for free to you.

If there are too many choices, you can take advantage of filters to avoid all unnecessary channels and only get the ones with your favorite content.

Well, if you can’t wait to watch your favorite movie or series, you can directly download SBO TV APK Streaming for free in this article, you know!

Download SBO TV APK 2022

The SBO TV APK application comes with a variety of channels and shows that make you feel at home watching all day long. Instead of lingering, please download this application via the following link!

Cara Download & Install SBO TV APK

Because it is not downloaded through the Play Store, then you have to install this application on your cellphone manually. If you are still confused, please follow the steps below!

  1. Download SBO TV via the link above. Wait for it to finish.
  2. Open File Manager and locate the SBO TV .apk file that you just downloaded.
  3. Open the file and select the Install option .
  4. Enable Unknown Sources to grant installation permission.
  5. Click Open to open the application.

For information, to install SBO TV APK on a PC/laptop, you need to download an emulator first, yes. You can choose from the link that Jaka has provided below.

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SBO TV APK Featured Features

As Jaka mentioned above, the latest SBO TV APK 2022 has various features that will make it easier for you to get the best viewing. Then, what are these features? Here’s the review!

1. Unlimited IPTV Channels

SBO TV Live Streaming Football can be categorized as one of the best football streaming applications that provides quite complete football shows, both from within and outside the country.

Not only about the world of sports, SBO TV Sport APK also has various other channels that broadcast other content such as movies, series, to ongoing TV shows.

This feature is available for free thanks to the variety of IPTV channels in the application so you can choose the category you want, including the sports category.

2. High Quality Videos

Just like other online TV applications , SBO TV online also provides a choice of resolutions from the lowest to the highest and can be adjusted to your liking.

If your quota is low, choose a low resolution such as 480p to save quota. But if you have a lot of quota and the signal is fast, you can choose a higher resolution like 1080p.

3. No Ads

Unlike watching television, with SBO TV for PC or HP, you can watch without ads that are milling about and disturbing you while enjoying the moment in the movie.

That way, you can watch western movies or other movies more comfortably. You can also better understand the storyline that is presented throughout the film.

(IMPORTANT!!) Impact and Risk of Illegal Streaming APK Download

You need to note, the SBO TV application is still illegal. This is because this APK takes broadcast/streaming services illegally.

Therefore, ApkVenue highly recommends that you do not download and use this APK . The use of this APK will clearly harm the official streaming service provider and the industry as a whole because you are indirectly doing piracy .

You must already know that piracy is an illegal act that violates the law. Instead of that, you better subscribe officially, gang!

In addition, downloading unofficial third-party APKs is also very dangerous . The downloaded file may carry a virus or malware that can damage your device.

Of course, all the risks and dangers above you don’t want to experience, right? The only way to safely watch streaming TV is to use a legal app like Mola TV .

You can get a variety of exciting shows more calmly and safely. Apart from Mola TV, ApkVenue recommends watching it through the series of legal and official streaming applications below.

  1. CNN Indonesia
  3. RCTI+
  4. Saw it
  5. MAXstream
  6. tvOne Connect
  7. Vision+
  9. Tube TV
  10. Amazon Prime Video

Why SBO TV Can’t Be Opened?

There are some situations when the SBO TV application cannot be opened. This is certainly annoying. Well, to find out, here are some of the factors that cause SBO TV online apk cannot be opened:

  • Application Not Updated
  • Full HP RAM
  • Technical Problems on HP
  • Internet Network Disturbance

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the factors above so that they can be overcome according to the cause.

The final word

You can use the latest version of SBO TV Online APK 2022 to stream any interesting events, including sports events that are currently being broadcast. You can access all channels without limits, and of course it’s free!

This application is an option, because currently watching has become a hobby for many people. This activity does feel fun and can improve your mood when you are feeling tired.

However, if you want to watch shows in a safer and less risky way, you can do so through legal and official streaming applications. Unless you are ready with all the risks. Happy watching, gang!