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Apr 12, 2022
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If you’ve been on TikTok recently, you may be suddenly surprised to see that everyone on your For You Page has become a talented animator overnight. Also, the dancing queen? With an aesthetic that draws somewhere between a cheesy 80s music video and a 2000s dancing iPod classic silhouette commercial, the Rotoscope effect has taken TikTok by storm.

While the effect may start trending on TikTok in 2022, “rotoscoping” is an animation method invented in 1915, in which artists trace moving images to create animations. The effect works the same — allowing the user to track their body in real time into a lifelike animation. With flashing colors, sunglasses effects, and more, TikTok’s take on rotoscoping is naturally lending itself to the new wave of one-man dance parties.

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Since going viral in the first week of April, nearly 170K videos using the effect have been posted. Videos using the effect have amassed several hundred thousand to nearly 2 million likes, and the hashtag #rotoscope has nearly 500 million views.

To find out more about this neon light trend, and how you can join in on the fun, here’s everything you need to know about the Rotoscope Remove APK TikTok trend.

Fitur Filter Rotoscope Tiktok

Make dance moves cooler

If sometimes we feel inferior to people who are good at dancing on TikTok and want to be like them and then you use this application and want to Remove the Tiktok Rotoscope Filter, you can download it here.

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Rotoscope Remove APK Android will make your movements smoother and follow the rhythm of the song thereby adding a fun factor to dancing without embarrassing yourself. You should get Rotoscope Remove APK download.

Transition colors all over your body

Apart from the glasses that you wear in this filter, you will also have the color from this Rotoscope Remove APK Latest Version. It’s hard to choose a color, but the color combination that Rotoscope Remove APK Mod has gives you a cool and chic effect.

Every move you make you will have a changing color. It is certainly very pleasing to the eye for those who see it. Your movements will look more attractive, not inferior to people who dance on TikTok without this filter. So don’t hesitate, let’s click Rotoscope Remove APK download now.

Song selection

You can also choose the song you want to dance to. Everyone’s musical tastes are different, so you have to adjust your musical tastes to the dance you want to dance. That way you can enjoy dancing to the song more.

rotoscope remove apk android

In the Latest Version of Rotoscope Remove APK there are many songs that you can use to pull. You can choose any song you like in this Rotoscope Remove APK Android. You can play metal songs to even dangdut songs, whatever it is, it’s all up to you.

If you are curious about removing the Tiktok Rotoscope Filter, you can see the method below.

How to Remove Tiktok Rotoscope Filter

Since the effect Removes Tiktok’s Rotoscope Filter has gained popularity recently, most TikTokers have used the effect with two different voices. “Captain [Whistle],” a catchy rap song that has been a trending sound since 2021, is one that is popularly used to effect thanks to its drop beats. Another sound, from house music artist Never Dull, also offers funky melody switching for users to kick into their boogie mode.

rotoscope remove apk latest version

If you’re ready to make your own rotoscope video, put on your dancing shoes and open your TikTok app.

You can easily find rotoscope effects by tapping your camera tab then clicking “Effects” and searching for “Rotoscope” or by searching for “Rotoscope” in your Discover tab. However, if you want to jump right into the trend, you can head over to one of the popular sounds from Nutcase22 and Never Dull. Click one of the rotoscope videos below sound, then click “Use sound.” By clicking this button directly from the video using Rotoscope Remove APK effects, it will automatically apply the effect as well as the sound.

Set up your camera as you wish, and, when the beat goes down, nod your head to activate the effect. Then, perform motions, or tap the screen to change your animated facial expressions. You can even change your facial expressions to the beat, or just put on the heart-shaped glasses expression and be done with it.


Since going viral in the first week of April, nearly 170K videos using the effect have been posted. Videos using the effect have amassed several hundred thousand to nearly 2 million likes, and the hashtag #rotoscope has nearly 500 million views.

You can use the method above to Remove the Rotoscope Filter for Tiktok or you can use the TikTok filter remover APK that you can find online. It’s quite difficult to find a TikTok filter remover APK out there but you can definitely do it.

You have covered the main Tiktok Rotoscope Filter Features mentioned above and also told you how to use Rotoscope Remove APK. We really hope that the information above can help you solve the problem you are currently facing.

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