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2 September 2022
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Download the latest version of Rise of Eros APK from ApkVenue. Especially if you are a fan of RPG games . Plus, you can find lots of fun and adult scenes in this Android game!

Role playing game (RPG) genre games do not only focus on war -related gameplay , but some are seasoned with sensational scenes. One example is the game Rise of Eros APK .

Rise of Eros is the latest adult-only Android game released by EROLABS, a game developer from China. The game is labeled 18+ and above so it can only be played by gamers who are old enough.

The reason is, in this game there is a lot of vulgar content that is not suitable for small children to enjoy. The graphics are also too sexy so that it can trigger lust.

The appeal of this game is not only limited to that. Many gamers say that Rise of Eros is also very exciting. So, ApkVenue would like to recommend you (who are aged 18+ and above) to download Rise of Eros via the link below. Curious? Let’s have a look and get the link.

Review Rise of Eros

As Jaka mentioned earlier, Rise of Eros is an adult RPG game that tells the story of war and love between the gods and humans.

The story of the war began when Inase wanted to revive her lover through the figure of an ancient god named Eros. However, problems start to occur because Eros puts a condition that if he wants to revive his girlfriend, Inase must “sleep” with the god.

This is where your strategy will be tested, gang. You have to do various things to defeat Eros’ lust. In addition, you also have to control the war that is inevitable due to the greed of gods and humans.

You are assigned to fight against evil gods and monsters in a turn-based system . Don’t worry, you won’t just lose because in Rise of Eros APK you are free to customize anything, from characters, attacks, and others.

In fact, you can gacha many times so that you have the opportunity to get the most powerful god or hero .

Interestingly, the battles that you do in games similar to Treasure of Nadia MOD APK will look amazing. You see, Rise of Eros claims that the graphics quality of the game is on par with AAA games .

Link Download APK Rise of Eros 2022

Jaka is sure that you will be increasingly impatient to try out the excitement of playing this game, right? Before continuing to download, you must first read the information in the following table.

Why? Because in the table below, ApkVenue will explain the detailed specifications requested by Rise of Eros so that you can play more smoothly.

DetailRise of Eros
Released byEROLABS
GenreRPG 18+
minimal OS9 or more

If seen from the table, your phone must use Android OS 9 or higher to play this game, yes. In addition, you are also required to provide 2GB to download the game.

Well, if you think it’s okay, please download the latest Rise of Eros 2022 below. Jaka has provided a download link that Jaka got from the game’s official website .

It’s just that the Rise of Eros game doesn’t have a MOD APK version yet, gang. So you can’t cheat. Even so, it’s better to use the version below because it’s guaranteed to be just as exciting.

How to Install Rise of Eros on Android and iOS

How to install Rise of Eros to Android and iOS is actually not difficult, gang. However, because you get this APK from a third party, the installation method is not the same as you install games from the Play Store.

You can see how to install the game through the discussion below.

  1. Open your HP Settings.
  2. If already entered in Settings, select Security
  3. Then, enable ‘Unknown Sources’ .
  4. Download the download file via the link above.
  5. Click the file and install it on the device (Click ‘Allow from this source’ if prompted).
  6. Wait until the installation process is complete.
  7. Rise of Eros is ready for you to play!

Rise of Eros Featured You Must Know

Even though EROLABS branded this game as an adult game, the appeal of the game does not only lie in the branding .

However, there are other excellent and interesting features that make gamers download the game. What are those? To find out more information, you can refer to the Jaka discussion below.

1. Adult RPG with Interesting Story

The first feature brought by the game Rise of Eros is the presence of adult content on offer. This is very interesting for adult players aged 18+ and above, besides being able to entertain, they can also imagine.

Plus, the maturity that appears in this game comes in terms of the story. So, it can definitely make the imagination fly.

In addition, they are also present in the characters of gods and beautiful women. It can definitely make you feel at home playing this game for a long time.

2. Game Turn-based Action

Even though it’s wrapped in adult content, the developer doesn’t forget the entity from the game, really. You can still feel the excitement and thrill of fighting against gods and evil creatures, gangs.

You won’t be fighting alone either. Here, you can hang out with other players from all over the world. Please form your strongest team with the hero of your choice!

3. Can Gatcha Every Time

Almost the same as other RPG games , Rise of Eros also provides a gatca feature that you can access at any time. With this feature, Jaka believes you can get the best hero available.

4. AAA Game-like Visualization

One more thing that makes Rise of Eros interesting to download is the beautiful visuals it has. How not, the developer said that the game’s visuals are equivalent to AAA games so that it will appear clearer and sharper.

If you have doubts, please prove it by downloading Rise of Eros or watching it through the video footage that Jaka attached at the beginning.

Is Rise of Eros Game Safe to Play?

Unfortunately, this adult game with cool stories and visuals is not safe for children, gang. The game contains many wik-wik scenes and vulgar visuals so only adults can enjoy it.

In fact, you can’t even play it in a crowd. You see, the visualization of Rise of Eros can cause misunderstandings. You can be judged as watching a blue film when playing this game.

In addition, the game is also not yet on the Play Store so you must be careful of malware . Yes, even though Jaka got the file from the official website, you have to stay alert, okay?

The final word

That’s Jaka’s explanation about Rise of Eros APK , the latest 2022 Android RPG game, which can be an alternative when you are bored with ordinary action games.

In this game, you can find fun that is different from other RPG games. You can enjoy adult stories and scenes that are present. In addition, you can also modify your character to fight as you wish, gang. It must be much more fun.

So, how, interested in trying? If interested, you can download via the file above. But, again, make sure that you are over 18+ years old , okay?

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