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Simulation games are now the target of gamers. Because this simulation game is not only unique but also very interesting to play. Although not as exciting as battle royal games, simulation games are still very exciting and interesting to play. Now if you like playing simulation games, at this time we will recommend a simulation game called Picka Mod Apk or Picka 30 Days to Love MOD APK.

With you guys playing the simulation games we recommend. Then you will be able to feel the sensation of virtual dating that is exciting and makes your heart flutter. Well, since the game we recommend is a modified version. So later you will be able to find a lot of excellent features in it.

For simulation games, aka tight, it is certainly the genre that is most favored by many people, especially girls. Because indeed in this dating simulation game, girls will be able to experience a very rare experience, namely dating a partner with the character they dream of.

How are you one of the people who want to have a virtual date with the partner you want. If that’s the case then you can use the Picka Mod Apk as a tool for you to date.

Review Picka Mod Apk

For Picka Mod Apk itself is a romantic virtual dating game released by a third party. Actually, before this game was modified by a third party, this game was developed by Bagel INC.

The gameplay presented by Picka Mod Apk is actually not much different from dating simulation games in general. Because in this game you will play as yourself and interact with various characters who will later become your date partner in this game.

Even though this Picka Mod Apk has a dating theme, you can say this game is still very safe. Because it presents gameplay that is not too vulgar like adult games in general.

Not only that, this game is interesting in that it offers a lot of excellent features that you can use for free. Here are its features and a full explanation.

Gameplay Review Picka 30 Days to Love MOD APK

Picka 30 Days to Love is a romantic virtual dating game released by Plain Bagel Inc. This game is the English version of the game Love of the Month which has been selected by more than 500,000 users.

This game is actually not much different from dating simulations in general. You will play as yourself and interact with characters who will be your date for 30 days.

Even though it has a dating theme, Picka 30 Days to Love is still safe, gang. Anyway, it’s not like other adult games that are more vulgar .

While other dating simulation games have varied visual content, in Picka 30 Days to Love your interactions are more focused on chatting like WhatsApp or LINE applications.

Even though it’s just a chat, the sensation of dating on Picka actually feels really real. The virtual characters you chat with feel like real “girlfriends”.

One that provides the most unique experience is Picka 30 Days to Love MOD APK. This game offers various excellent features with attractive gameplay so that virtual dating feels like a real date!

This is one of the advantages of Picka 30 Days to Love. These computer-generated characters are very intelligent, so your interactions with the characters in the game feel very realistic.

Interestingly, this game also provides scenarios that feel almost limitless. You will get many possible stories throughout the 30 days. Therefore, the ending “dating” you will get will be different.

Download Picka 30 Days to Love MOD APK

Can’t wait to experience a realistic virtual date? You can download the official version of Picka 30 Days to Love from the Google Play Store and install it directly on your cellphone. However, before downloading, it’s a good idea to first check the details regarding the specifications in the table below:

DetailPicka: 30 Days to Love
DeveloperPlain Bagel Inc.
Minimal OSAndroid 5.0+
Rating4.7/5.0 (Google Play)

Are your HP specifications suitable for this game? It’s time for you to download Picka 30 Days to Love , both the original version and the MOD APK via the link that ApkVenue has provided in this table:

Cara Install Picka 30 Days to Love MOD APK

Unlike the official/original version, you cannot install Picka MOD APK directly. This is because this version is not the official version on the Google Play Store.

If you still want to install the MOD APK version , here are the ways that ApkVenue has summarized to help you:

  1. Delete the previous version of Picka 30 Days to Love if any.
  2. Open the Security menu in the HP setup options.
  3. Enable Unknown Sources .
  4. Download file APK.
  5. Click the Picka 30 Days to Love APK file.
  6. Click Allow from This Source if prompted.
  7. Wait until the installation process is complete.

Difference between Original Version and MOD APK

In the original version, there are many locked features and modes. You must complete the given level and mission in order to unlock the access.

Well, in the MOD APK version, all of these features will open immediately. Because, there are premium features that don’t lock features so you can play them all right away.

For more detailed differences, please refer to the table below:

Picka 30 Days to LovePicka 30 Days to Love MOD APK
Unlimited moneyUnlimited money
Limited featuresUnlocked all
There are adsNo Ads

Picka MOD APK Featured Features

Different from the original version, Picka MOD APK is a modified version that offers a myriad of interesting features. You are guaranteed to be addicted and reluctant to play other dating simulation games!

The original version of Picka 30 Days to Love has also received a positive response from fans. The proof, this game got a rating of 4.4/5.0 which is quite high.

If the original version is okay, you will get even more fun in the MOD APK version through its premium features. For more details, please refer to the explanation of the features of Makeover Master below:

1. Unlimited Money

The main feature in Picka MOD APK is unlimited money. So, you can play like using premium features in the original version. In fact, what you get is also more than the premium version!

2. Unlocked All

In the original, you have to complete a number of dates in order to unlock new characters or dating scenarios. Well, in Picka MOD APK, everything opens immediately so you can choose a date according to the character you want.

3. No Ads

For most mobile gamers, in-game advertisements can be a very annoying thing. How not, sometimes ads appear in video format so we have to wait quite a while.

In the MOD APK version, you will enjoy 100% of the game without any distractions. Because, this version does not open access to ads so you can play freely without interruption.

(IMPORTANT!!) Risks and Dangers Download MOD APK

In this article, ApkVenue does provide you with a MOD APK file that has premium features. However, you should know that downloading the MOD APK file from third party sites has various kinds of very large risks.

If you don’t know what the risks of downloading the MOD APK file are, please see the explanation below:

1. Potential Virus and Malware: MOD APK files have the potential to be exposed to viruses due to the unsafe compression process. In fact, there is a possibility that the rogue developer intentionally includes a virus! Once hit, the antivirus is difficult to ward off!

2. Permanent Ban : If you log in or register in the MOD APK version of the game, Google will mark your account for illegal activities. Your in-game and Google accounts have the potential to be permanently banned .

3. Potential Hacking of Personal Data: Apart from potentially getting banned, the personal data that you enter in the game (email, cellphone number, etc.) will be entered into the developer database. If the developer is naughty, your privacy will be polluted or even your data can be sold!

4. Disadvantaging Developer: We don’t really feel the disadvantage. But, remember that the developer will lose materially because you use the premium version for free. This premium version should be a source of developer income.

5. Damage the Device: Once exposed to a virus or malware, your cellphone will be damaged quickly. If your cellphone has a virus, try to remember again, have you ever downloaded a MOD APK file?

The final word

That’s the discussion about gameplay, excellent features, and the download link for Picka 30 Days to Love MOD APK which you can download right now.

The simple but attractive gameplay certainly makes Picka 30 Days to Love MOD APK a game that you really have to try. Especially for you singles who still haven’t found a life partner. While looking, this game can accompany you as well as become a “practice” for real dating!

Of course, you have to keep in mind that the MOD APK version that ApkVenue provides is full of risks and has the potential to harm the original developer. So, think wisely before downloading and playing the game, OK!