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Opera Mini Apk Download Untuk Android Dan PC Terbaru 2022 Opera Mini Apk Download Untuk Android Dan PC Terbaru 2022

Opera Mini

New & Old

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June 10, 2022
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New & Old
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You can download the latest free Opera Mini 2022 here. Various interesting features and other advantages are here to make your browsing experience enjoyable.

Having been around for a long time even when the Android operating system has not appeared, Opera Mini is still able to be the best even though there are so many similar applications out there that are competitors.

Well, if you are interested in downloading the latest version of Opera Mini for free , you can see the full discussion below.

About Opera Mini

Photo source: Papermag (Download the latest version of Opera Mini and experience fast and safe browsing).

For those of you who like to browse, you must be familiar with one of the most popular browser applications , Opera Mini .

Not only does it have a minimalist and easy-to-use UI, Opera Mini also offers faster browsing even on very slow connections.

That’s because Opera Mini will compress and optimize the content before it is presented to its users.

Not to mention the presence of a built- in ad-blocking feature that reportedly can help load web pages faster.

That way, you no longer need to download additional ad blocker applications so you can experience fast and smooth internet. Besides being known to be fast, Opera Mini is also claimed to be safe and able to protect the privacy of its users, you know!

You can visit web pages safely and privately using the Private Mode feature without leaving cookies or history on your smartphone device.

Download the latest Opera Mini 2022

Currently, Opera Mini itself is available in its latest version, namely 63.0.2254.61942 which comes with various stability and performance improvements to make it smoother.

Well, if you’ve already downloaded the old version of Opera Mini APK and want to download the latest version of Opera Mini APK for free , you can download it via the link below, friends.

DetailOpera Mini
Minimal OSVaries by device
SizeVaries by device
Download500,000,000 and above
Rating4.3/5 (Google Play)

Difference Between Old and New Opera Mini

Then what is the difference between the old and new versions of Opera Mini APK? For more detailed information, please refer to the table below.

Old Mini OperaNew Opera Mini
Ad-free.Sometimes there are ads.
Smart download.Download some files must be manual.

Opera Mini Main Features

Photo source: Amazon (Download the free Opera Mini APK and Opera Mini for PC below).

In this all-digital era, internet quota is definitely the key so that you can stay smooth when browsing online.

However, this activity is also what ultimately makes the use of our internet quota more wasteful, gang.

Well, fortunately, the Opera Mini application is equipped with the Data Savings feature which is claimed to be able to save up to 90% of your data usage.

Thanks to the combination of Data Savings features, ad blockers, and also faster browsing, can you imagine how cool the Opera Mini browser is?

That is also the reason why many people choose to download Opera Mini as their daily browser. Although there are actually a lot of similar apps that offer more interesting features.

Especially for those who like to download videos or even movies, this Opera Mini application is definitely a dream!

Other Opera Mini Features

It doesn’t stop there, Opera Mini also has a myriad of other features that are no less cool and interesting, you know!

Do not believe? Just take a look at some of the other excellent features that Opera Mini has to offer below.

1. Ease of Browser Display Customization

Have you ever felt bored with the appearance of your browser that is just like that?

Slightly different from other browsers, Opera Mini allows you to customize the appearance of the browser from layout, news topics, to browser navigation.

Not only that, there are also several color theme options that you can change according to your taste, gang. So, it’s not just the monotonous red and white colors that are typical of Opera Mini.

2. Video Player

If other browsers only allow you to open downloaded video files using the phone’s default player application, then Opera Mini is different.

You see, this one browser application is equipped with a built- in video player feature that can be operated easily and even supports one-handed mode .

3. Smart Download

Photo source: Opera (Download the latest free Opera Mini APK to enjoy smart download feature).

Almost similar to the Internet Download Manager (IDM) application, Opera Mini also supports the Smart Download feature which can scan automatically for downloadable media, you know, gang.

So, when you open a website and it turns out that Opera Mini detects a media, whether it’s a video or a song that can be downloaded, a notification will appear.

Thanks to this feature, you can easily download your favorite songs or videos without having to install the downloader application first!

4. Offline File Sharing

Not only acting as a browser application, Opera Mini is also equipped with a File Sharing feature that makes it even cooler and superior.

In fact, this feature allows you to share files with other Opera Mini users on nearby devices without requiring an internet connection! Great right?

You can transfer any file safely and even 200 times faster than using bluetooth.

5. Night Mode

Photo source: Opera (Download Opera Mini APK for free).

Not inferior to other browsers, Opera Mini is also equipped with a night mode feature , aka a smart night mode.

You can read comfortably even in low light or dark conditions.

By activating this feature too, your eyes don’t get tired easily and feel sick because of the HP screen light.

The final word

Well, that was information about the features and advantages of Opera Mini compared to other browser applications, gang.

For those of you who want to download Opera Mini for free VPN , you can click the download button for Opera Mini for PC because this feature is only available in the Opera Browser version, not Opera Mini.

How to download Opera Mini on a laptop is also very easy, you just click the download button above and wait until the download process is complete.