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August 21, 2022
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Ninja Heroes New Era APK is finally re-released after disappearing from the Play Store. The game was released by Kageherostudio by adding various updates to make the gameplay even more exciting.

As you know, Ninja Heroes New Era (NHNE) is one of the best Naruto games . At the beginning of its glory, this game was very popular with mobile gamers . Likewise with NHNE which is predicted to be the Naruto Reborn game.

Since it was released a few days ago, many people have played and tried out the latest features of the game. The reason is, through this game you can get ninja and gacha characters every day, you know. It’s definitely more fun!

Well, are you a Naruto game fan who has been waiting for the game to be released again, gang? If so, that means you have to listen to Jaka’s discussion about Ninja Heroes New Era , starting from how to play to the tier list here. Checkidot!

Overview of Ninja Heroes New Era

Photo source: Play Store – Ninja Heroes New Era is a game inspired by Naruto

Ninja Heroes New Era is a legendary Android game inspired by the Naruto anime series . Because it has an anime nuance, the game is often played by webumen.

Although it is dominated by wibu gamers , there are also many, you know, non wibu players who play this game. Because, Ninja Heroes New Era carries the concept of an action RPG that is very fun to play.

Through games similar to Ninja Heroes APK , you will be invited to explore the ninja world without limits. You will be assigned to collect the best ninja to defeat enemies and other players from around the world.

Interestingly, you won’t have trouble doing the tasks because in this version of Ninja Heroes New Era, you will be equipped with the latest ninja characters, gangs.

There are five new ninja released by this New Era version, including Boruto Karma Mode, Kawaki, Otsutsuki Kaguya, Otsutsuki Momoshiki, and Kashin Koji. The five ninjas are in the SSS tier , which is the ninja with the most powerful ranks and skills .

In addition to updates in terms of heroes , the best Android RPG game also provides a gacha feature that you can enjoy regularly to get the best character you want. In fact, he said, there are also attractive daily rewards , you know.

Later, if you get the target hero, you will fight with enemies and opposing players in one party . You can battle in 1 vs 1 or 3 vs 3 mode , gang.

Download Ninja Heroes New Era iOS & Android

How about it, gang, are you more curious to play the play to win game ? If Jaka has an estimate, you will be more curious, here, because you already know that there are many new heroes waiting for you.

However, don’t be in a hurry, okay? Before you download it, it’s better to see the Ninja Heroes New Era APK specification information below so that you can play the game safely on your device.

Here are the details and system requirements for Ninja Heroes New Era that you must know. Checkidot!

DetailNinja Heroes New Era
OSAndroid 4.0.3 or more
Version1.1.1 (Apps Store)
Download100.000+ downloader

If your device matches what this application asks for, please download the game via the link that ApkVenue has prepared below. In the table below, ApkVenue has prepared a download link for Ninja Heroes New Era Android and Website.

However, ApkVenue does not provide the Ninja Heroes New Era MOD APK version because that version is illegal and dangerous. In addition, this version is also not yet available on iOS, so iPhone users should be more patient, yes.

How to Install Ninja Heroes New Era to Device

Because ApkVenue provides Ninja Heroes New Era APK from the original version download link , then you can download it as usual. That is, you don’t need to make permission settings such as downloading files from MOD APK.

When you download the file above, this game will be automatically installed on your cellphone, gang. So, you can play right away.

Featured Features of Ninja Heroes New Era

Photo source: Play Store – Interesting features of the game Ninja Heroes New Era.

Games with anime-style visualizations do give players a distinct impression. In addition to spoiling the eyes, the gameplay also looks different so that it makes an impression on gamers’ memories .

However, is the Ninja Heroes New Era game the same? Given that this game is inspired by the Naruto series, I think you will also get the same impression, you know.

The reason is, Naruto Ninja Heroes New Era brings a number of cool and best features that will definitely make you addicted to playing. If you are curious about the cool features, you can read more below.

1. Naruto Anime Visual Style is Fresher

Unlike other Naruto games, according to Jaka, this version features fresher characters and environments . The proof is that the characters and environment are displayed in such a slick design.

2. Nostalgic Backsound

In addition, what makes the players like playing the game is the background music that Naruto can listen to throughout the game, gang. Jaka guarantees that the theme song can make you nostalgic for the Naruto series and can make you more enthusiastic about playing.

3. Provide the Latest Characters

It’s not just the backsound that inspires enthusiasm, but Ninja Heroes New Era also provides a variety of the latest hero characters that can make the game more exciting.

As Jaka has leaked at the beginning, there are at least five characters that you can use to fight. They are even at the SSS level and you can get them without having to update them.

4. Provide Everything Free

In addition to the cool indicators above, Ninja Heroes New Era mobile also provides gacha services that you can enjoy for free. You can get this feature regularly again.

So, you don’t need to top up or redeem any code to get these facilities. Since the beginning of playing, you can gacha easily.

However, like the gacha feature , you can’t customize the character or skill you want, right? If you want to get what you want, you have to top up to get diamonds and then purchase in game to buy the dream character.

Tips for Playing Ninja Heroes New Era

Before you start playing, you must also check out the tips and tricks for playing this Ninja Heroes New Era game. Because, if you previously played the game and already have an account, you can’t use your old account anymore .

You must log in with the list using a new, active email address. After that, create a new account. You can see the complete way and tips for playing the game below.

  1. Open Ninja Heroes New Era APK that you have downloaded .
  2. Click “Sign Up” to create an account.
  3. If you have already created, enter the game using the account you created.
  4. After logging in, select the server, then click “Play”.
  5. When entering the game lobby, do gacha for the first time so you get heroes and gold .
  6. Participate in daily events to collect more prizes and gold .
  7. If your level has increased, do gacha again until you get an SSS tier hero. (Because, at point 5 the hero you get is still an ordinary level hero, gang. Not SSS).
  8. Don’t forget to check your inbox regularly to claim prizes and special gachas that are only sent via the inbox.

For more, you can watch the video above, yes. In the video, you can get detailed information about how to get SSS heroes easily.

Tier List Ninja Heroes New Era

At this point, you must be wondering about anyone, the hero who is at the SSS level. You see, this hero is so targeted and becomes the best hero who can help you improve your game.

Well, for those of you who don’t know what Ninja Heroes New Era APK tier list data is, you must see the data below. Jaka has prepared it especially for you.

Otsutsuki Isshiki (SSS & terbaru)146.8Earth
Byron Naruto144.8Wind
Otsutsuki Kaguya (SSS & terbaru)142.6Earth
Rinegan Sasuke (SSS)140.7Lightning
Boruto Karma Mode (SSS & latest)138.8Wind
Kawaki (SSS)136.8Fire
Six Paths Madara (SSS)134.7Fire
Otsutsuki Momoshiki (SSS & latest)134.6Earth
Mangekyo Sasuke (SSS)133.1Lightning
Nine Tails Naruto (SSS)133.0Wind
Koji Bone (SSS & latest)132.8Fire
Six Paths Obito (SSS)131.8Water
Sage Mitsuki (SSS)130.9Water
Hashirama (SSS)130.5Earth
Madara (SSS)130.3Fire
Sarada (SSS & latest)128.9Lightning
Tobirama (SSS)128.8Water
3rd Hokage (SSS)127Earth
Minato (SSS)126.9Wind

The final word

That’s Jaka’s explanation about Ninja Heroes New Era , the newest and legendary Naruto game that you can play on Android. You really have to play this game, especially for those of you who miss the Naruto game that was lost on the Play Store.

In addition, the game also brings a number of new features that can make gameplay even more exciting and fun. Interested, gang?

If you are interested, just download it via the link that Jaka prepared above, OK? That’s all and enjoy the game !