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Increasingly sophisticated technology, now almost all Instagram users are looking for an NGL Mod Apk link , because this application is currently booming all over the world, here are the links and how to make this popular NGL application.

Even now it has become one of the obligations of social media users to be able to interact with each other. This social media application is a tool that bridges the communication of all internet users.

Now there is one app that everyone wants to talk about: an Instagram app that allows all users to share a short video and a photo of them.

This IG or Instagram has been colored with various popular things and one of the things that is currently popular in this Instagram application is making the NGL Mod Apk Anonymous Instagram Link.

So how to make it? Just take a look at all the discussions about the link and how to make the NGL Mod Apk below until it’s finished

About NGL Mod Apk

This NGL Mod Apk is one of the things that is currently popular in the Instagram application, even a lot of all other Instagram users are very curious and want to try to make it.

When you also want to follow this popular thing, of course you have to follow the method of making NGL Mod Apk, because when you want to start making it you will get a secret message sending whoever sent it.

In addition, NGL is a site that has been equipped with various features to send messages secretly without knowing their identity, even in modern terms, namely anonymous.

If you have ever used a site like Secreto Site. This NGL site is the same as that site, where you will receive a message from all users of Instagram randomly and confidentially.

But the difference is that this NGL site is a link made specifically for all users of the IG or Instagram application. That way all users can share the Question Box on insta stories.

Not only that, this NGL feature is almost similar to the questions and answers in insta stories. However, when you use the question and answer feature in the IG application, a message that you have sent will be caught by the user who sent the message.

But it’s different from NGL where when you use this feature, and send a message to all other Instagram users, then the message will be a mystery or secret will not find out who sent it.

And what’s even cooler, when you know an impression and response to all the content that has been created to be one of the self-evaluation materials. So here is a feature, link and method of making NGL Mod apk that you can easily follow.

Download NGL MOD APK Latest 2022

Okay, gang. Here Jaka has provided a little information about the NGL MOD APK . The good news is that this app is available for free on the Google Play Store. If you are interested, you can download it here, gang!

DetailNGL: anonymous q&a
Minimal OSAndroid 5 and up
Size24 MB
DeveloperNGL App

On the Google Play Store, this application is ranked first in the list of top free in the social media category . Well, if you want to enjoy all its features for free, please download via the following link!

Cara Install NGL APK MOD

To install the NGL MOD APK application, it’s not difficult, gang. You just need to follow the steps below to be able to download and play it.

  1. Delete the previous version of the NGL application if any.
  2. Go to HP Settings > Security & enable Allow from Unknown Sources .
  3. Download the APK file that ApkVenue has provided above.
  4. Click the NGL APK file and install it on the device (Click ‘Allow from this source’ if prompted).
  5. Wait until the installation process is complete.

Difference APK NGL: Anonymous Original and MOD

You may still be confused, is the NGL MOD APK application the same as the original or not? Don’t worry, Jaka has made a comparison, so you can judge for yourself.

NGL: Anonymous q&a OriginalNGL MOD APK
Limited features.Premium feature.
Limited functionality.Faster and functional.
There are ads.Ad-free.

Featured Features of NGL MOD APK

Photo source: Google Play – Featured NGL MOD APK

Well, this is a more detailed explanation about the superior features of the modified version of the NGL application. Here are the points that Jaka has collected.

1. Premium feature

Unlike the original version, NGL Premium MOD APK is more premium and has unlimited uses. You can enjoy it for free even if you don’t pay a subscription fee.

2. Faster and Functional

Because it is specifically designed for premium users, this modified version of the application is certainly faster and will not waste battery. Its use is also easy and practical.

3. Ad-Free

Most importantly, you can download NGL Anonymous APK MOD and use this modified application comfortably because it is not disturbed by ads at all.

IMPORTANT!!: Risk of Downloading MOD APK or Third Party APK Files

Jaka has indeed provided a download link for the NGL MOD APK. However, you must understand very well that downloading MOD APK files or third parties is very dangerous, high risk, and has the potential to harm many parties.

Below Jaka will give you what risks you will receive if you download the MOD APK file:

1. Potential Viruses and Malware

Viruses are a danger that you must know when downloading the MOD APK file. This is because the virus can be attached to the MOD APK because it is unofficial or illegal. Because it was developed by a third party, the application security of the MOD APK cannot be guaranteed.

Even worse, there are also third parties who are not responsible and deliberately spread viruses or malware . In fact, most viruses or malware can’t be solved with an antivirus application !

If it’s like this, only you will feel miserable because no one wants to be responsible for this.

2. Permanent Ban

Your account can be permanently banned once you dare to log in to the MOD APK version. Because, MOD APK is an illegal application. Google will also consider you to be in violation for using the application.

It’s not just in-game accounts that have the potential to get banned . Google accounts such as Gmail, GMaps, Chrome, to Drive can also be locked. Too lazy, right, if you have to create a new email account again !

3. Potential Hacking/Hacking

The biggest danger of using MOD APKs is hacking. Because, you will definitely enter personal data such as email, password, or even cellphone number when you register or log in.

Once you do that, it means you have to accept your privacy and personal data being used by others. The risk of your account being hacked is even greater !

4. Disadvantaging Developers

You don’t really accept this risk. However, still using the MOD application is an act that harms others. More precisely in this case is the original developer.

They will obviously lose money in terms of material. Because the income they get from the premium version will be lost because you use the MOD version which opens access to premium features.

Therefore, ApkVenue strongly discourages downloading the MOD version of games made by local developers . Appreciate their hard work, guys!

5. Damage Device

This point is the “ultimate” risk of all the risks that ApkVenue has described earlier. Suppose your Android phone has been hit by a virus because you downloaded the MOD APK. Viruses will clearly damage your cellphone from many aspects, such as hardware to software.

The final word

What do you think about the latest version of NGL MOD APK 2022 , gang? So pampering you in playing NGL, right? That’s because this version already provides unlimited premium services, so it’s only natural that it helps.

However, don’t forget. Even though it is useful, you must remain vigilant because the dangers that Jaka mentioned above you can accept, you know. Then it’s good to reconsider, yes, gang. Bye and see you!

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