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February 22, 2019
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Watching anime is a fun activity and has even become a hobby for some people. In the past, before there were many gadget users, children used to watch anime on television. But now after the gadget era, anime can be watched anywhere. Includes Nekonime apk.

Nekonime is one of the many anime streaming service providers on the internet. You can choose this one application with the various advantages they offer. But before that, let’s first discuss in more detail about this anime streaming application.

About Nekonime Apk

Nekonime is a site or application that provides online streaming of anime. This site is already quite famous in Indonesia, especially among anime lovers who are still unable to watch anime from the official websites.

In Nekonime, you can find various types of famous anime such as Naruto, One Piece, to Attack on Titan. The episodes available here are also very complete. Starting from the first episode of the first season, to the latest episode.

So this Nekonime site is perfect for those of you who might want to start an anime marathon from scratch. Besides that, there are also viewers who miss anime in the past during the initial episode, with this site, you can rewatch to find out the story from the beginning.

In addition to famous anime, you can also find anime with anti-mainstream titles or in other words less well-known. If you want, you can explore the anime with the lesser-known title.

Because not infrequently, there are anime that are less well known but the quality does not disappoint. Anime like this are often found by anime lovers who may be too bored with mainstream anime so they seek refreshment through this Nekonime site.

If you don’t want to watch online to save data, there’s no need to worry because here you are also provided with a download feature so that the anime can be watched offline.

Talking about features, the Nekonime application certainly has many interesting features that you can use to support your anime watching activities. Here are some of them :

Interesting Features in Nekonime Apk

  • Streaming Anime

The main feature of the Nekonime application is of course the anime streaming feature. With this feature, you can watch your favorite anime very easily with just the application. Moreover, this streaming service has also proven its quality.

If your internet is smooth, then you can enjoy a good streaming service with many quality options. You can adjust it according to your internet speed so you can still watch anime comfortably.

In addition, the tools available on anime streaming services in this application are also quite complete and very functional. So that it will help you provide comfort while watching your favorite anime.

These tools include muting audio, raising and lowering the volume, skipping to certain minutes in anime, skipping a few seconds forward or back a few seconds, adjusting screen brightness, and so on.

  • Video Quality Options

Furthermore, Nekonime apk also has a quite interesting feature, namely the choice of video quality. Indeed, this kind of feature is needed in a streaming application like Nekonime. Because this feature will really support users to be more comfortable watching anime.

This video quality adjustment is very useful for anime lovers in the Nekonime application. Because they can adjust the quality of the video they want to watch with the quality of the internet speed they use.

If you have adequate internet quality, then you can choose the highest video resolution, which is 1080p to get the maximum viewing experience. But this will also consume more of your internet quota.

On the other hand, if you have slow internet, choosing a high streaming quality is not a wise choice because it will greatly interfere with the video playback process. Therefore, you should choose the lowest resolution.

Nekonime provides a variety of video quality that you can choose based on your internet condition. Starting from the lowest 360p to the highest it can reach 2060p.

This difference in quality also applies to the download feature. You can choose to download the anime video you are watching with which resolution. The higher the resolution, the larger the file size you have to download, and vice versa.

  • Download Video Anime

The next interesting feature that you can enjoy in this anime streaming application is video downloads. Yes, in the Nekonime application you can not only watch streaming anime online but can also download it to be played offline on your personal device.

The method is also easy because the link for each anime video will be available under each video you are watching.

For quality, as we explained in the previous point, you can choose what quality you want to download the video with. It all depends on your taste and internet condition.

The higher the quality of the video resolution you download, the more detailed and clearer the video will be. However, the file size will get bigger.

While the advantage of downloading files is that you can watch the anime videos offline repeatedly without having to think about the data lost when streaming as usual in the Nekonime application.

  • Highlight Anime

Not only providing streaming services, Nekonime apk also provides features that serve users so they can find out what anime is trending right now. To see it is also very easy because it will immediately appear on the front page.

This feature makes it easier for you to choose an anime to watch if you are still confused about which anime to watch. At the top of the list, you will be presented with a collection of anime that is currently popular and much talked about.

For example, now you can see the highlighted anime Boruto and Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 in this application. This is because both anime are hype and many people are watching.

This indicates that the anime has good quality to convince you to watch this highlighted anime.

However, if you are not interested in the anime recommended by the Nekonime apk system , you don’t need to worry. You can search for your own favorite anime by using the search field. In addition, here you can also search for anime alphabetically.

  • Ongoing Anime Highlights

Not all anime available here are still ongoing. Some of them are finished anime. Some people sometimes prefer to watch ongoing anime to feel the sensation of curiosity and discuss with the fan community.

Luckily by using Nekonime apk you can get these recommendations. Namely, recommendations for anime that are still ongoing today, such as Boruto and AOT S4 Part 2.

Advantages of Nekonime Application

After discussing the important features of this application, let’s move on to the advantages it has. To clear up your doubts on this one application, let’s start with the first one:

1. Watch Anime directly from the App

The ease of watching anime is an advantage offered by this application. You no longer need to go to the Nekonime website to watch your favorite anime. Because there may be a lot of annoying ads that are often a nuisance when you want to watch anime episodes.

Using the app, you just need to open the app and search for the anime you want to watch. The process is easy and there is no need to enter the browser. It’s just that you have to give up a little space in your internal memory to be used by this application.

But don’t worry because Nekonime apk doesn’t take up too much space in memory.

2. Free

This is the most interesting advantage as well as the reason why many people choose to watch on the Nekonime application. Yes, free is something that many are looking for, including watching anime.

As is known, if according to the legal way, then you have to enter the official streaming service and pay a subscription fee to be able to watch anime there. For some people, this is quite burdensome, especially for those who are still not earning.

The choice, of course, is that you can use Nekonime because all the anime available here can be watched for free without any time limit.

However, keep in mind also that free applications like this are illegal. There is no protection that directly protects user data so you should still be careful in its use.

3. Can Watch Offline

When else can you download anime for free. Even on paid sites, there are rarely any that provide a download feature to be stored on a personal device. But with Nekonime apk , you can do it.

Moreover, this download feature can be collaborated with the video quality adjustment feature that has been provided by Nekonime when you want to stream anime on this platform.

That way, you can download anime series videos with the quality you want. Of course, you can also adjust the internet quota that you want to remove from the quality of the video you want to download from Nekonime.

4. High Video Quality

Indeed, in Nekonime you can adjust the quality to a very low resolution to be able to enjoy every content that is here even with low internet speeds. But for those of you who don’t have problems with the internet, then you can be spoiled with high video quality.

Yes, in this Nekonime apk application you can watch streaming or download anime videos up to 2060p resolution. With this high resolution, you will be presented with very clear anime videos and smooth animation movements.

5. Complete Anime Collection

In addition to the excellent quality, don’t forget the core of this application itself, namely the anime collection. Nekonime is a free anime streaming service that provides very complete anime series and movies.

In addition to popular anime and ongoing anime, you can even find anime that were finished or created years ago. So if you want to reminisce about an anime series or movie title, then Nekonime apk is the right place.

6. Ada Live Action

It turns out that not only anime, you can also enjoy live action shows in this application. Of course, not all live action is available because the live action referred to here is a live action based on an anime story.

Some of the live actions adapted from anime include Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z, and many more. Although it’s a shame that most of the live action adaptations from anime don’t work.

But at least with this live action, you can increase your viewing options on Nekonime if you are bored with the same anime.

7. Updates Every Day

Especially for those of you who are following certain anime series, then you will be greatly helped by the advantages of this Nekonime apk . Because Nekonime will always update its anime collection every day including the latest episodes of the ongoing anime.

You also don’t have to wait long to be able to get updates from the latest episodes. Because the update in this application will come immediately after the new episode is released on official platforms such as IQIYI or other applications.

8. Small and Light App Size

The next advantage that the Nekonime apk application has is that its relatively small size makes this application very light and can run smoothly on your smartphone.

Not only that, the small size of this application makes your internal memory space will not decrease too much. So there is more room for other applications besides this anime streaming application.

9. Friendly Specification

Still related to the previous point, the small size of the application makes the Nekonime application not require too high a specification. So it’s safe to say that this app is very spec friendly.

This means that you can run the Nekonime application on almost all types of smartphones. Both the high-spec to the low-spec though. But keep an eye on the operating system you are using.

If you use an Android operating system that is too old, it is feared that Nekonime will no longer be able to support this application, which will result in not being able to install this application.

Does the Nekonime Apk Have to Use a VPN?

Maybe there are some of you who ask whether to be able to use this Nekonime application you have to use a VPN? Given that usually to be able to access some illegal sites or applications, a VPN is needed.

The answer is no. You can use it directly after you download and install this application.

Likewise with rooting. You don’t need to bother having to root your smartphone to be able to run this application. Because Nekonime can run well on smartphones that have not been rooted.

Download and How to Install Nekonime

This application is not an application that you can find on the Play Store, App Store or other official online application stores. This has an effect on how to install it, which will be slightly different. If you are still confused about how, you can follow the following tutorial:

  • First, first download the application via the link we shared above, then save the file first
  • Then you can enter the HP settings
  • Here go to Privacy and Security settings
  • Go to application installation detail settings
  • Look for the option “ Allow Installation from Unknown Sources ”
  • After that you can start installing the application.

Enjoying free anime is really fun. Moreover, it is supported by interesting features in Nekoanime. Your anime viewing experience will be more comfortable and maximized with Nekonime.

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