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The existing music games have a monotonous appearance and gameplay and seem boring. However, it seems, there is already a new music game, My Singing Monster Mod Apk .

This game, is almost the same as other music games. However, there is a different view. One of them is from the characters provided in the game. If music games usually use characters like humans, they use monsters.

According to certain information, in this game there are already approximately 150 monsters that are ready to be used. One of the tasks given in this game, namely to take care of the monsters provided.

If you manage to take care of it, then you are entitled to the best songs that will be sung by the monster immediately. Interestingly, each monster has its own distinctive voice.

So, each monster does have a different sound. In this My Singing Monster mod Apk game , you can also raise, collect, and upgrade existing monsters.

This is of course the bargaining power of a music game that uses this one monster character. Well, for those of you who are curious about this one game, the reviews in this article might be quite helpful.

For those of you who have read a bit of the explanation above, you may already be able to catch and imagine how interesting and unique this game is. But for those who don’t understand, maybe the explanation in this section can be listened to.

So, this game is one of the games developed by Big Blue Bubble. And this game, is a music simulation game that is unique because it adds gameplay to collect monsters every day.

From this game, you can collect various types of monsters. Of course, the reason is because in this game, there are already around 150 monsters provided. Later, you are in charge of taking care of them.

In this My Singing Monster mod Apk , you have to feed and also release the existing monsters to grow. Each growth, marked by increasing the level of the existing monsters.

One of the interesting things that this game has and is different from other monster games, is the abilities possessed by monsters. Maybe you think that monsters are only creatures that can damage it.

Or it could be that monsters only exist in action games and become the party that must be destroyed. Different in this game. You are tasked with taking care of them so that their level increases.

In addition, each monster in this game has a very unique sound. Later, you can enjoy the experience of listening to music while playing fun games.