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MLive Mod Apk Buka Room Yang di Kunci Gembok Gratis MLive Mod Apk Buka Room Yang di Kunci Gembok Gratis

MLive Mod Apk


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June 20, 2022
80 MB
4.4.0 and above
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Downloading MLive MOD APK is something you must do to make new friends right now. Not only that, here you can also become a new famous celebrity, earn money, and even get a new girlfriend, gang!

MLive is one of the live streaming applications that is currently on the rise. Like similar APKs, you can interact with other people directly through videos. You can also watch other people’s live streams here.

By using this APK, you can become famous as well as get additional income, gang. Especially if your content goes viral. It is guaranteed that your dream of becoming an influencer on well-known social media in Indonesia can come true!

Eits, but behind the various benefits that you can get, there is a danger that lurks from using third-party modification applications like this. You see, applications like this are still illegal and have the potential to bring viruses or malware into your device, gang. Not to mention there is a risk of a permanently banned account which is very detrimental.

So, ApkVenue does not recommend you to download this MLive MOD APK, yes. However, if you are still curious and just want to try this live streaming APK as a trial version only before downloading the original version, you can directly click the download link for the latest 2022 MLive MOD APK below and get the premium mode unlock feature !

What is MLive MOD APK?

MLive is a third-party modified application that provides live streaming services for its users. This app is similar to BIGO LIVE, V LIVE, Live.me , and a number of similar apps. You will be watched by thousands of other users here.

The MLive MOD APK feature allows you to show yourself off and make lots of acquaintances, both male and female. A number of premium features and functions are offered by the MOD version of this live streaming application .

One of the interesting features is the premium room ( Premium Room ). Here, you can get many rewards or prizes in it.

However, you will need to access this room for a fee, as is the case with a number of other premium locked and paid features. But, with MLive MOD APK unlock room 2022, you can access all the premium features for free!

Download Latest MLive MOD APK V2.3.7.1 2022

You must be impatient to try this application, right? Therefore, below, ApkVenue has included the minimum specifications and the latest MLive MOD APK v2.3.7.1 download link .

DetailMLiveU: Hot Live Show
DeveloperWinNine Pacific Pty Ltd
Minimal OSAndroid 4.4.0 and above

Here are the download links and excellent features of MLiveU: Latest Hot Live Show 2022 V2.3.7.1 that you can use. Jaka also includes other versions, including the original version.

Main Features of MLive MOD APK

As Jaka explained earlier, before you download and use this application, it’s a good idea to know a number of features provided by this application.

Here are a number of premium features and functions that you can get from MLive MOD APK version V2.3.7.1 , gang. Listen to the end, come on!

1. No Ads

MLive MOD APK can be used for live streaming freely without being disturbed by ads. Thousands of people watching streaming videos on the MLive MOD APK app don’t have to worry about ads.

In this application, you can practice being a VJ or karaoke to your heart’s content and do various other activities without being bothered by advertisements.

In addition, you can also watch live streaming of your idol or also the people you follow without being disturbed by advertising banners that damage the appearance of the application interface .

2. All Features Unlock

With Mlive MOD APK open a lock-locked room for free, you can use all the features provided by the MLive application without being locked and paying again, gang.

This application also still allows you to carry out all missions and get lots of rewards or prizes. Later, this reward can be used to increase your crown level .

The higher your crown level , the more famous you will be in MOD APK MLive and get a lot of fans! Having enough fans will also make you more enthusiastic about contributing to this application, right?

3. Earn Money Periodically

It turns out, you can earn money regularly or monthly with your creativity and talent through the MLive MOD APK unlock room application , you know!

The conditions are easy, really! You need to become a VJ in this MLive MOD APK application, when you are able to form your own fan group and become more famous among other MLive users.

All forms of income that you get from your creative activities such as live streaming can be exchanged for certain prizes from MLive, or you can convert them into cash .

4. Become a Professional VJ

In the MLiveU MOD APK unlock room application , you can become a professional VJ by improving the skills you have.

In addition, as the fans you have increase, you can also upgrade the stars in your MLive account so that your income in this live streaming application also increases.

You can choose talent in singing, cooking, playing music, and so on as a live streaming topic, gang. There is even a live streaming of adult content in this application.

5. Other Entertainment Features

If you’re tired of watching live streams from your idols or the people you follow, you might be able to switch to watching live streaming games here.

You can do other activities in this MLive MOD APK Unlimited application, gang. A number of other interesting features are also provided in this application.

Like you can play various games available in this application or also read news from around the world to add to your information.

Difference between Mlive Original and MOD APK

Already through third-party development, of course there will be differences in features with the official version. For that, here are the differences between the original Mlive and the MOD APK version:

Mlive Original FeaturesFitur Mlive MOD
There are ads.No ads.
Must complete missions to unlock features.Unlock all features.
No other entertainment features.There are other entertainment features such as watching streaming games.

How to Install the Latest MLive MOD on Android

How to install MLive MOD APK V2.3.7.1 is really easy, really. You just need to download it via the link that Jaka provides, then you just have to install this MLive application on your Android phone.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download the MLive MOD APK live streaming application via the link that ApkVenue has included in this article.
  2. After downloading , open File Manager on your cellphone.
  3. Find the APK folder , then click on the MLive MOD APK that you downloaded to start installing.
  1. Make sure you have given access to install applications from unknown sources ( Unknown Source ). The trick is to open Settings > Security > Install Unknown Apps > then select File Manager .
  2. Wait until the process is complete. After that, click Open to open the application.

IMPORTANT! Dangers of Using MOD Apps

The MOD application is an unofficial third-party modification. Of course, this application has many risks that you must be aware of if you download it . Here’s the explanation.

  • Risk of Virus/Malware: Illegal applications with non-standard modification processes are at high risk of being infiltrated by viruses or malware. This can damage the cellphone and even eliminate important data in it.
  • Permanent Ban : Google Play Store will immediately ban if your cellphone is detected as having an illegal application installed. You will not be able to access other Google apps.
  • Fraud and Data Hacking: Unidentified creators may intentionally create fraudulent applications like these to hack your personal data and misuse it.
  • Harming Developers: Using illegal applications is just as detrimental to the developer. Because, you can break the rope of profit by distributing premium features for free.

Jaka still recommends that if possible, you should continue to use the original version of the application to maintain the security of your own device. Unless you are prepared to bear all the consequences, of course it will be a different story.

The final word

That’s the discussion about the excellent features as well as the download link for the latest MLive MOD APK V2.3.7.1 2022 . Using this APK, you can express yourself more and train your self-confidence. Who knows, when you get used to it later, you can become a famous live streamer in Indonesia and have a lot of fans!

But remember, gang. The version of the application that ApkVenue provides below is an unofficial modified version. So, ApkVenue recommends you to use the official application which is safer!

Not only can you live stream yourself, you can also enjoy other people’s online TV live streaming , you know, gang. Interested or not to download ?

Download links