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Kunai Master Mod Apk Download Unlimited Money Unlock All Skin Kunai Master Mod Apk Download Unlimited Money Unlock All Skin

Kunai Master Mod Apk


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Oct 27, 2022
114 MB
Android 5.1+
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The fantastic app of Kunai Master: Ninja Assassin comes from the famous developer CASUAL AZUR GAMES. Take control of a brave ninja who jumps onto the platforms to destroy the bad guys. Your main goal in each level is to eliminate the samurai, who are scattered on the floor and move in different ways.

The game’s controls are a bit unique; To jump and hit the enemy, you have to swipe the screen. Once you eliminate every enemy in the area, the level will end.

You only need one finger to control the main character. You will swipe, causing you to jump high. The villains are initially at the top of the scene, while the heroes are at the bottom. As a result, you have to progress by doing swipes.

You can jump by swiping up, but you also need to swipe sideways to go sideways. You now have a chance to shoot your opponent. Although challenging, with practice, you can succeed. So, pass the level, get rid of the samurai, and win.

Features of Kunai Master Mod APK Latest Version

  • Unique combat mechanics. This game has a unique combat system, where the player must swipe the screen to attack the enemy. This makes the game more interactive, compared to other slash games. You have to be careful about swiping time, because it is the only way to beat your opponent. It’s easier to find combos, because you can easily move through enemies. The game offers an amazing experience that you will never find in any other game in this genre.
  • Beautiful Graphics. The graphics are one of the best parts of this app. There are various backgrounds depicting Japanese villages, and they are all very beautiful. Each level has a unique design, which only adds to the experience. The animations are also excellent; it’s fluid and the characters look realistic.

    You’ll see some special effects, such as smoke rising from the floor when you kill an enemy. The game has a wide variety of colors that are bright and fun to look at. The graphics are mostly made up of bright colors, which are great for grabbing attention. There are also a number of special effects, such as weather conditions.
  • Boss with various skills. The game features various bosses at the end of each level. At times, you will face standard black samurai enemies. Other times, you’ll face bosses who have special skills, such as teleportation, throwing bombs, and so on. These bosses make the game more interesting and challenging, because you have to be more careful with your moves.

    Each boss has a certain number of lives and special skills. You can also earn special points by defeating them and unlocking new achievements. Bosses are easy to spot because of their red or blue outfits. You can see what skills they have by the color of their clothes.
  • Easy Control, Only One Finger Needed. Not much can be said about the control scheme, as it is very simple. You just need to tap or swipe on the screen to move your character. The game also has a special mode where only one finger is needed to play the game. This makes the game more accessible to people with disabilities or people who don’t like to play with their thumbs. However, this mode is only available in some levels of the game.
  • Different types of ninja warriors . The main hero of this game is a ninja. You’ll find various other warriors throughout the game, such as samurai and monks. The samurai are the game’s standard foes; You will find them in almost every level. As for the monks, they are only found at a certain level.

    The game also features a variety of different enemies, such as dogs, mice, and snakes. It also has several bosses at the end of the level, which are stronger than ordinary enemies. You will face different types of enemies, and they will all be challenging to beat.
  • Teleport remotely and dodge attacks. Your main weapon is a kunai, which is a ninja throwing knife. You can attack enemies by moving your finger across the screen. You can also teleport to avoid attacks and reach enemies easily. You will be able to teleport distance only when you unlock this special skill. As you play the game, you will collect coins and special items, which will be of benefit to you. You can spend coins to unlock new characters with special skills, which will help you defeat your enemies.

Kunai Master Mod APK Download

As for if you download this game through this page you will get many benefits. What you will get is Kunai Master Mod APK Unlimited Money. With this Mod you will freely buy any item in the game.

But maybe some of you think that if you use Kunai Master Mod APK Unlimited Money, the game will become easier and lose the challenge. But the good side is that you don’t have to spend a dime to buy items in Kunai Master Mod APK for Android.


Kunai Master is a fun and highly addictive game. The game has a unique combat system, where the player must swipe the screen to attack enemies. The graphics are one of the best parts of this app, as they are beautiful and realistic. The game also features a variety of different enemies and bosses, which add to the challenge and make the game more interesting.

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