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Mar 24, 2022
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For some people, fishing activities sometimes seem very boring. But for some others, fishing becomes a very enjoyable activity. For those of you who are bored with fishing on Fishing Hook because of the difficulty of completing each challenge.

Then you need to know more about Fishing Hook Mod APK. The latest Fishing Hook Mod APK is software from the original modified version of the Fishing Hook game.

The emergence can not be separated from the difficulty of the players in accessing all the features that exist in the original version. Like any game in general, Fishing Hook also applies in-app purchases which are an obstacle for players.

For example, there are certain items that you can only use after you buy them. What’s more, the price offered is also quite expensive, ranging from Rp. 23,000 to Rp. 1,199,000.

That’s why this Max Level Mod APK version is here to make it easier for you to get premium features and items that you don’t get in the original version.

Gameplay Fishing Hook Mod APK

Fishing Hook is an entertainment game with a fishing theme. Fishing Hook itself is a game made by Mobirix as a developer. In the original version it has had tremendous success.

How not, successfully downloaded more than 50 million downloads. Not only that on the Google Play Store, Fishing Hook also got a pretty good rating, which is 4.4. You could say the game made by mobirix is ​​one of the most popular fishing games on the Play Store.

In this game, players seem to be fishing from a boat in wide waters. In addition to fishing, players can also raise fish that have been caught and then put into the aquarium. And if anyone is interested, players can sell the fish.

How to fish on Fishing Hook? Even though it is very easy, fishing for Fishing Hooks also requires caution so that the fish cannot escape. Here’s how, first throw the hook into the water by pressing the red button on the screen of your phone.

Next, after the fish eat the bait, lift the hook to the top by pressing the red button again. When pulling the hook, make sure that the rope is not broken so that the fish does not escape and enter the water. Therefore you have to be careful when pulling the hook.

Perbedaan Fishing Hook MOD APK & MOD

The original version and the Mod version certainly have a lot of differences. Interestingly, in the Mod version you will see drastic changes both in terms of features and also the items that you can access. Curious what are the differences between the two features? Check out the following reviews!

Unlimited Gold

The version offers unlimited coins, while in the original version if you want to have gold then you have to buy it first.

Unlimited Hook

Similar to Gold, the original version also limited the use of Hooks. And to replace the Hook then you are required to buy it. If you are using the Mod APK version, you can use Hook as much as you like at any time.


There’s nothing better than something free. Without having to spend a dime to buy accessories that are only quite expensive, you are free to use accessories that are available for free or for free. Easy easy?

Fitur Fishing Hook APK MOD

3D View

Fishing Hook APK MOD is supported by a 3D graphic display that is pleasing to the eye and looks realistic. Moreover, there are many beautiful fishing locations that you can choose from, such as the Bering Sea, Borneo Sea, Copacabana, Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea and Arabian Sea. All of these places are in a very good and amazing view.

Not only that, the realistic display is also supported by sound effects that can anesthetize players. Especially when you manage to get a strike the first time.

Time Mode

Generally a simulator game, Fishing Hook APK MOD max level is also equipped with a time mode feature. With this feature you can enjoy fishing with various time views, such as morning, afternoon, evening and even night.

Type of Fish

In addition to the above features, Fishing Hook APK MOD also has many and varied types of fish. Because the latest Fishing Hook APK MOD is a professional game, don’t think that the fish you will catch later are small fish such as Tilapia, Mujair and Bawal.

But premium fish such as Tuna, Mackerel, Clown Triggerfish, Marlin, Trevally to Yellow Tang. Not infrequently you can even get super large fish like sharks.

Interestingly, if in the original version you have to follow each level to get many types of fish. So on the Mod APK version you don’t need to do that.

Fishing Offline

Although it is a simulation game, you can play the latest Fishing Hook APK MOD offline without an internet connection.

Download Fishing Hook Mod APK – Max Level

If you are one of those people who don’t like challenges and prefer easy steps. Then you deserve to download the latest. By downloading you your job of catching fish will be much easier.

Cara Install Fishing Hook Mod APK

  • Make sure you have downloaded Fishing Hook Mod APK
  • Go to the “Settings” menu > select the “Security” option
  • Enable the “Allow Unknown Apps” mode then enable it.
  • Open the file you downloaded and then “Install”
  • Wait until the installation process is complete
  • Congratulations, Fishing Hook Mod APK is ready for you to play.

That’s the discussion about how to download the latest Fishing Hook Mod APK Max Level complete with gameplay and features offered. Interested in downloading it? Feel free to download it now!

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