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Instander Apk is one of the popular applications that is widely used by users.

Until now, the number of IG users is increasing, besides that Instagram is also considered a platform that is able to generate money easily.

However, did you know that Instagram only provides a few features and is not complete?

Some people may be aware of this deficiency, for example when you want to download content on Instagram and require you to use other third applications.

Because IG itself still doesn’t provide this feature, and it makes some users disappointed.

However, there is no need to worry because we will share one application that may be familiar to your ears.

The application is the Instander APK which we will discuss in this review at the same time. Instander itself is a mod version of IG that is widely used, and provides many complete features when compared to the original IG.

Therefore, if you want to know more in detail, we will explain it in full below. Please see the following review.

The Instander Apk is a modified version of the Instagram application that has been equipped with various advanced features.

And what’s even more interesting, if the instanter apk is able to maximize the features on Instagram.

Therefore, users can enjoy many features that you can’t get in the original IG version.

Because, as we know, Instagram offers few features and does not satisfy its users.

Some people may be disappointed with the features presented by IG, therefore this Instander was created to maximize the use of features on Instagram.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many users are still looking for the Instander download link for them to use.

By using this application you can get a variety of advanced features and please refer to the explanation as follows.

Overview Instander Apk (Instagram Mod)

Many are sought after by Instagram users and are used because of the very interesting features that are not found in the original Instagram or the original version. This Instander application provides many conveniences such as optimizing the use of menus on Instagram.

In addition, this application from The Dise is very useful for millennials. Because the Instander can help in the process of downloading content and others. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find this app on the Google Play Store or App Store.

Pros/Features of Instander Apk

If you already know an application that smells of modification, of course you will be very curious about the features or advantages it has. By using Instander, you don’t have to bother downloading other applications to get automatic download features and privacy.

Because usually to be able to download content, you are required to install a supporting application first. But it turns out not only that, because there are still many features that have their own advantages, namely:

1. Auto Download

In the original Instagram application, there are many features for uploading content such as feeds, stories, and reels that were recently released. However, all content cannot be directly stored in your smartphone’s internal storage if you don’t use a download-supporting application.

Usually for everyone who is actively doing business on Instagram, this is an obstacle that must be resolved. Therefore, in the Instagram modification application, Instander, you can get the automatic download feature and it is directly stored on the smartphone’s internal storage.

Without the need to download additional applications that even make storage space narrower.

2. Privacy and No Ads

Ads on Instagram will still exist and continue to run either on the original Instagram application or the Instander Apk . However, in this modified application you can set it through the Privacy settings to stop ads and remove traces of them.

This is an excellent feature because you won’t find it in the official app and it’s very useful for users who feel uncomfortable if the ads keep bothering you.

Especially for business people who need efficient applications and don’t waste time. Then the privacy feature for no ads can be maximized.

3. Ghost Mode

Furthermore, a unique feature that can be used to its full potential is the ghost mode. The usefulness of this feature is that you can view someone’s story without fear of being caught because your username will not appear in your list viewer.

There are things that are more interesting than this feature because it is used in three options, namely:

  • While typing a message, other users will not be able to see the status.
  • You’ve seen other users’ stories but they can’t tell.
  • Messages sent by other users will not be detected whether you have read them or not.

The unique and interesting things above are certainly not found in the original application, making this Instander application very useful and different.

4. Improve Quality

Next, you can improve the quality of the content you want to post before posting. An example is, when you want to post a story, you can increase the quality of videos and images up to 12 mbps.

Of course, this feature will not be found in the original application, which can only make simple editing with additional filters and stickers.

5. Adblock Features

It’s the same as the privacy and no ads feature above which makes ads not appear in the application. These annoying things can be removed and this Instander has an Adblock feature.

In the Privacy Settings menu you can activate the Adblock feature so that it stops serving as you wish and ads can appear if you allow it.

6. Gesture

The last feature introduced is the gesture feature which can be done alone. For example, such as photo links, zoom, photos, and so on. Or you can just choose from several options provided such as sliding for navigation, double tap, and long tap.

If you want to use this feature, you can just go to the Settings Menu contained in the Instander. There will also be many other features such as Profile Menu, Developer Menu, and others.

It’s fun not knowing the excellent features that can be used to get the most out of playing in the virtual world of Instagram. It will definitely save your time and make surfing on social media very effective for business people.

Difference Between Apk and Clone In

Apparently, in this modified application there is still a shadowing clone application. Even though they look the same, they actually have a significant difference.

If you want to use the instanter application, the original Instagram must be uninstalled first.

This is because one device cannot have two applications, even if it is the original version or the mod apk version.

However, it will be different if you use the Instander Clone application which can be lined up with the original Instagram application. So, you don’t need to uninstall the original Instagram application when you want to use the Instanter clone application.

It’s a little confusing, but if you have installed it, you will know how the advantages given to the Instander Clone are the same as the superior features in the Instander Apk .

How to Download the Stander Application

To be able to use this application will certainly not be easy for you because it will not be available on the Play Store or App Store. Therefore, you must visit the official website of this Instander which can be searched on the Google search page.

If you manage to find it then you can directly download and install it so you can use it. Or you can get to know this application first through the table below:

App Name: Instander
Version: 14.1
Developer: The Dise
Size: 40 MB
Update Date: 23 September 2021
Link Download:

In this application you can use it better than the original version because it is felt to be smaller in size so it feels light when used.

You can download it first via the link above, you can download the Instander Apk unclone or Instander Clone version which can be adjusted to your needs regarding the original application is still needed or not.

The advice given is that you can use the unclone version so it doesn’t use up too much storage space on your smartphone.

In addition, the performance will be easier because not many applications are run because the original version of Instagram is included in the category of quite heavy applications.

How to Install Instander Apk

After you decide to choose a clone or unclone version, you can proceed with installing on a smartphone first. To pair is not easy because this is not an officially registered application.

Do the installation manually and can use the method below so that the installation is successful, namely:

  • First, make sure that the application that you downloaded earlier via the link above is correct.
  • Then, do a check on the smartphone Settings Menu.
  • To perform a manual installation you must enable Unknown Sources.
  • The trick is to go to the Settings / Settings Menu Security Applications Allow Installation and Unknown Sources on click until active.
  • After that, just go back to where the apk file is stored, namely File Manager Downloads / Download.
  • Click the Instander Apk file and in the lower right corner there is the word Install, select it and click
  • Wait until the Installer installation process is complete and the application is 100% installed properly.

The installation process itself does not take long until you can use it. With a successful installation, you can be sure that the features in it can be satisfied to use.

How to Use Features on Instander Apk

Enjoy all the features used in this application to the fullest and can help your business effectively. There are several ways to do it if you want to use this application, namely:

  • First, open the Instander application first
  • Then, you can register a new Instagram account or you can use the account you used to use before by entering your username and password.
  • After that, look and click the profile menu located in the lower right corner which usually looks like a person’s photo icon.
  • When you enter the profile menu, press the three dots and there will be several features offered.

The method above is useful to see some of the features in it. However, to activate the features one by one you can use the method below:

1. Downloading Stories

One of the advantages of the advantages of the Instander feature is to download IG stories which can be done automatically. In order to do this, you can follow the steps below:

  • First find the IG Story you want to download.
  • Then, see if the story view is open or not, you can download it by pressing the three dots located on the top right.
  • Later, you can select download and the process will run.
  • If the download process is complete, the image or video from the story is already stored in your smartphone gallery.

Isn’t it very easy to save a friend’s story using the Instander Apk ? You can do it without a long process and using additional applications.

2. View Story Without Seen

There are several obstacles why you want to see someone’s story but without getting caught. For example, you want to stalk your ex, crush, or friend but don’t want it to be seen that you saw the story post.

In this Instander application, you can hide your activity and it’s even very easy to do so, namely:

  • Open the Instander application on your smartphone.
  • Proceed directly to the IG profile in the lower right corner.
  • After that, press the three lines on the top right of the screen.
  • There you will see a lot of Stander settings.
  • Then, you can select ghost mode and enable Don’t mark stories as seen.

That way this feature is active and you don’t need to be afraid of being caught stalking. If you look at the explanation above, this mode is a ghost mode or ghost mode that can’t be caught even though you have seen other users’ IG Stories.

Your ex, crush, or friend will never know that you have been stalked by seeing the story he made.

3. Read DMs Without Knowing

Ghost mode appears again by reading DMs without being caught. DM or Direct Message is a direct message sent by fellow IG users.

Sometimes, there are DMs from someone you don’t want to reply to so they don’t get read. However, if you use the Instander Apk , you can read it without being read. So, even if you’ve read the sender’s DM, the sender won’t know if you’ve read it.

If you are curious about how to use this feature, you can follow the steps below:

  • Open the Instander application and click on the IG profile in the lower right corner.
  • In the upper right corner of your IG profile, you can click the three line menu.
  • In the instanter settings you can click Ghost Mode.
  • Activate the Don’t mark Direct as read menu.

When you have successfully activated the mode, you can freely read messages from people without being caught because they have been read. This is very effective if you are a businessman but don’t want to reply to harsh criticism from other IG users.

4. Hiding Love or Likes

Unlike the previous activity, now you can hide the Love that you do, through the methods below:

  • Open Instander Apk , and go to IG Profile.
  • Then, continue by pressing the three lines in the upper right corner.
  • In the instanter settings you can select Misc and enable Hide liked post.

Isn’t it fun, you can make people curious with how many likes you get on your posts? This will be very cool for those of you who have an introverted personality.

5. Download Images, Reels, Videos and IG TV

If at the beginning the method was explained how to download IG Story, now you can find out how to download other content such as images, reels, videos, and even IG TV.

  • Still the same, first open Instander on your smartphone.
  • Then, select the content from the options above that you want to download.
  • After that, tap the content and press the download icon (down arrow).
  • Wait until the process runs and the content you downloaded is successfully saved in the gallery.

Easy isn’t it, without waiting a long time you can already use this interesting feature without any hassle.

Is the Instander Apk Safe to Use?

A modified application will not be separated from the question of security and Instander is no exception.

Until now, users of this IG modified application have not had any complaints, which means security problems.

If you want to use it, then use the features that are needed and must be used wisely. This is to avoid getting banned on accounts that are included in this application.

To be safe using the Instander Apk wisely, you can use a second account and always update the Instanter application so that when there is a ban it will not have an impact on your real account.

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