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9 October 2022
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Android 5.0 or above
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Finally, the game Heroes Arise entered the Beta trial stage. Later, players can try for the first time a 5v5 MOBA game on an Android device.

Expected to be similar to Mobile Legends , this game brings a variety of the latest and freshest innovations . Starting from dozens of the strongest characters to the latest moves ready to make gameplay fun and not boring.

For the record, only a few players can access Heroes Arise officially. The rest have to wait longer until the official version is released to the public. Luckily, Jaka has managed to get the Heroes Arise APK download link in early access mode .

But before downloading it, ApkVenue warns you to be careful because this version is still prone to viruses and malware . All forms of device damage, both software and hardware , are not Jaka’s responsibility.

Review Gameplay Heroes Arise

Heroes Arise is a MOBA game developed and released by NetDragon in 2022. This game is claimed to offer a much more interesting gameplay than similar games, for example Mobile Legends .

Later, players will be faced with a global-scale battlefield. There are 34 characters that players can choose during the trial, and players can directly play them on the local server without any lag at all.

Broadly speaking, players get three types of specializations in combat, such as ranged, melee, and defensive magic.

Heroes Arise is claimed to have a file size of 1GB, much smaller than Mobile Legends which can reach more than 3GB. Interestingly, the quality of the graphics offered is the same as high and able to compete with similar games.

Link Download Heroes Arise APK 2022, Early Access

Before discussing further and more deeply about this MOBA game, of course there is nothing wrong with knowing the detailed specifications first. Come on, see below.

DetailHeroes Arise
OSAndroid 5.0 or above
DownloadedMore than 10 million downloads
RankTBA (Google Play Store)

The following is the download link for the latest 2022 Heroes Arise early access which you can download according to their respective superior features.

VersionUpdate DateFeatured FeaturesLink Download
Original9 October 2022https://ha.99.com/en/

Cara Install Heroes Arise APK

Installing Install Heroes Arise is not difficult. However, since there is no official version on the Google Play Store yet , there are some steps that need to be adjusted. Here’s the guide.

  1. Go to the Heroes Arise site .
  2. Download from the column provided.
  3. Go to HP Settings > Security , enable ” Unknown Sources “.
  4. Download dan install Heroes Arise APK.
  5. If you have, then Heroes Arise you can play.

Heroes Arise Featured Feature , Fight with the Best Characters!

To find out what features are offered by the latest version of Heroes Arise APK 2022, you can check the full review below, gang!

1. Dozens of Best Heroes

For information, Heroes Arise was developed by the same developer as the game Heroes Evolved. Therefore, the heroes presented are exactly the same, complete with capable epic skills .

2. Sharp and Stunning UI

The UI graphic display that is presented looks clearer and sharper. This is supported by the latest technology that makes gameplay anti- lag even though it is operated with low-spec HP .

3. Wider Map

The Maps feature is also available in this Heroes Arise APK game . Maps are very helpful for players to see the battlefield and enemies who are guerrillas.

4. Adaptable Hero Skill

Broadly speaking, players get three types of specializations in combat, such as ranged, melee, and defensive magic. Developers made it easier for new players to operate the game.

5. Battlefield View

For the appearance of the battlefield itself in matchmaking , it will look like it looks like in the Honor of King game . The system is also not much different, namely you can choose the line and mode to be played.

Heroes Arise vs Mobile Legends , Which is Better?

Basically, the Heroes Arise APK game can be said to be quite similar to Mobile Legends . The features are also the same, starting from Buff , Jungle , to Turtle .

Not surprisingly, many have accused Heroes Arise of plagiarizing Mobile Legends . Unfortunately, if you look at some of its features, Heroes Aries proves to be superior.

One of the main advantages of Heroes Aries can be seen in terms of its UI features. The UI graphic display that is presented looks clearer and more stunning than Mobile Legends . Similar to the best graphic Android games , you know.

Furthermore, Heroes Aries offers files that are much lighter than Mobile Legends , which is only 1GB . Of course, this is a breakthrough that MOBA game fans have been waiting for.

From this, Jaka concluded that Heroes Arise has a significant advantage in terms of file size and graphic quality. What do you think? Do you agree with Jaka’s statement, or do you have another opinion?

The final word

That’s the review and download link for the latest version of Heroes Arise 2022. Various interesting features in it are guaranteed to make the MOBA experience even more exciting!

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