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Jun 14, 2022
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Football is one of the most popular sports worldwide. This is not surprising because it can bring people together while also highlighting the competitive side of players and audiences. Well, you are very lucky! After downloading the Head Soccer APK, you can enjoy the sport you love anytime and anywhere.

If you are a long-time soccer fan, you may have tried other soccer video games on your Android device. There’s also a good chance that you stop playing them after a while because sports games tend to have very complicated controls.

Well, that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about once you download Head Soccer APK for free! You’ll never run out of things to do because you’ll find yourself wanting to unlock all the characters and use them across different game modes.

Be a Striker and Goalkeeper!

This game has easy-to-navigate controls and still has challenging and thrilling gameplay – download Head Soccer APK and you’ll understand what we mean. Every match is full of fun in Head Soccer because you play the roles of a striker and a goalkeeper at the same time.

In most game modes, each match is timed for 60 seconds where you and your opponent will battle it out by scoring and defending your goalposts. Whoever has the most goals after 60 seconds is the winner.

What if the score is even, it’s still being asked? You’ll move on to Sudden Deathmatch, which is much more exhilarating because the first to score wins!

There are More than 60 Characters to Unlock

When you download the latest version of Head Soccer APK, you will be given the first character named South Korea. The character has the most basic skills out of all the 60+ characters, so he’s perfectly designed to let you familiarize yourself with the gameplay and seize those early achievements with ease.

Each character has a different level of power, so you’ll be motivated to unlock them all. Power level is measured by the number of stars a character has. South Korea has 0.5 stars, but 5 stars is the highest level. Some characters also have special abilities. For example, Mon-K will double the points you earn in matches.

You should keep an eye on every new version of Head Soccer APK. Usually this game comes with new characters to unlock.

Easy Controls with Detailed 2D Graphics

When we say easy to control, we mean it. In fact, you only have to deal with four controls: Move Left, Move Right, Kick, and Jump.

You’ll also notice that the game is in 2D, graphics perfect for maintaining the simplicity of the controls without compromising on the quality of the game. Plus, you’ll notice that Head Soccer’s graphics are filled with incredible detail.

Watch the people in the stands? What about your opponent’s eyes turning slightly purple when you hit him with the ball?

Customization Options – Make Your Avatar Look Good When Scoring

You will find many reasons to keep playing after downloading Head Soccer Mod APK on your Android device. Apart from unlocking characters, the game has tons of customization options for both costumes and stats upgrades.

Sometimes, the CPU opponent’s outfit will be your reward from the match. If you only win points, don’t worry, because that’s what you need to improve your stats. The upgrade cost starts at 500 points and goes up to 256,000 points.

Remember These Power Tips for Playing Head Soccer

Although the game controls are very easy to manage, you should think carefully about your next moves such as which game mode to choose or which character to use. Avoid wasting your efforts by following these simple tips.

Know the 6 game modes and their benefits: The latest version of Head Soccer APK has six single player modes. While the general rule is to win matches, each mode will affect your progress differently.

Arcade – Best for beginners. Practice in this game and start winning matches. Collect those easy points to increase your stats and earn Achievements to unlock starting characters.

Tournament – ​​You will go through several knockout stages to reach the final round where the winner earns 1,700 points. Pro tip: UFOs may appear in the final round, hit with the ball and your opponent will be instantly defeated.

Survival – The matches are harder and never end, but the concept of winning in this game means getting lots of points and exclusive costumes.

League – The goal is to finish in the first place of the three league tiers: Amateur, Minor, and Major. Your efforts will pay off well here as you can win over 100,000 points in the end.

Head Cup – this mode is a pretty big gamble on this game as you will be paying 5,000 points to play. This mode is also set up like the FIFA world cup where you will go through the group stage and knockout stages, so you will either lose those points or win as much as 30,000 points if you get first place.

Death Mode – You have to play well to free the characters locked in cages that you will see on the screen. Get ready for surprise obstacles that randomly stun, freeze, electrocute, and even kill your character.

Each character has a unique Power Shot: Power Shots are special attacks. When used at the right time and hitting the right angle, it will help score or win.

Some power shots are best for attacking while others are great for defending. There are also different shooting angles and how they affect the opponent. You have to know which character’s power shot belongs to in order to choose the right avatar that best suits the game mode you are going to play.

Use power shots wisely and choose the right time because they are not available throughout the game. Once the power bar fills up – a flame-shaped bar next to the flag at the top of the screen – a power button will appear next to the Kick button.

Head Soccer Mod APK – Unlock all costume

Yes, it’s quite tedious to unlock the characters you want that can help you win in the more challenging game modes. That’s why there’s no judgment here if you’d want a little help by having the Head Soccer APK with a mod that has unlimited money. Download it for free and be the best soccer player you dreamed to be!

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