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Some smartphones that exist today are indeed equipped with cameras that already have high resolution. In addition, the camera is usually equipped with features that we usually get on a DSLR only. But for those of you who like photography and haven’t had time to buy a smartphone with a good camera, then you can optimize it with the Gcam Bsg 8.1 application.

The change in the function of a smartphone from a communication tool to a device that can be used for gaming and photography needs has been felt recently. We can see this from the many smartphone manufacturers who issue their products by highlighting the camera and processor side.

Usually gadgets that have a camera with a high resolution will be pegged at a fairly expensive price. This will make some smartphone users feel unable to buy it. For this reason, various solutions are also presented, including one of them is through the Gcam Bsg application.

Google camera or GCam is an application released by the California-based technology giant “Google”. With this application, we can produce every photo for the better. GCam BSG 8.1 is a modified application in which several other excellent features have been embedded.

By using this camera mod application, it will be easier for you to get the results according to your wishes. Just for additional information, currently there are quite a number of versions of this mod. An example is GCam Nikita which we have discussed before.

Advantages of GCam BSG 8.1

Of course, by using the application that has been released by this BSG modder, you will get quite a lot of advantages, namely as follows.

Support Multiple Smartphones

Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo and Oppo are some of the well-known brands today. Each of these smartphones certainly has some differences, but for those of you who want to use this gcam mod, you don’t need to worry, this is because this application supports many smartphones.

Delivering HDR+ Results

The clarity of the photos and the depth of color are very important things when we want to take pictures. Now you can get HDR+ results just by using this one application. Thus you do not need to buy a camera that has such an expensive price.

Fitur Wide Angel

To get the right position in taking a picture of course we have to be at the right angle. However, due to existing limitations, it is not possible for us to take these pictures. For this reason, the Gcam BSG application has been equipped with a wide angle feature, so you can take pictures with elongated angles.

Night Mode

This application has also been equipped with a night sight mode, through this feature we can get very clear photos even though it is done at night.

These are some of the advantages we can get when using this GCam BSG 8.1 application. So it’s only natural that those who like photography look for this application to download.

These are some of the advantages we can get when using this GCam BSG 8.1 application. So it’s only natural that those who like photography look for this application to download.

Download GCam BSG 8.1 Apk

In order to be able to install this application, then all you have to do is download the Gcam BSG 8.1 apk first. That way you can only use all the available features. However, you can’t get the file from the play store. Therefore we have provided the file for you.

File Size102MB
SupportAndroid 4.1+

Config BSG 8.1

With this config, you can adjust the config according to the smartphone you are using. For example, if you use a Samsung cellphone, then you can download the Samsung BSG 8.1 config, as well as other brands such as Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo. For those of you who want to download this config, then you can visit the address at https://bit.ly/3IlHCfM .


Each modified version must have received additional features that the official version does not have. GCam BSG also has many interesting features, including the following:

  • Video 30 FPS
  • Video 60 FPS
  • autofocus
  • Video Stabilization
  • Brightness manual control
  • Mode Astrophotography
  • RAW
  • Flash
  • Slow motion
  • DND
  • AR stickers
  • Photo Sphere
  • Zoom
  • Front camera

With some of these available features, it is certain that the results of your photos will look even more attractive.

Guy Install GCam BSG

  • First you can directly download the gcam bsg 8.1 file above
  • Next enter the settings menu
  • How to manager application or security menu
  • For the application section, you can check the unknown source
  • Open the save file and select gcam bsg
  • Then you just have to wait for this application to be installed on your smartphone.

With some of the ways that we have stated above, now the gcam mod camera application is installed on your smartphone.

How to Install GCam BSG 8.1 Config

After the application is installed, the next step is to install the config that we downloaded earlier. You can do this with the following steps.

  • Sign in to the Gcam BSG app
  • Swipe the screen from top to bottom
  • Enter the settings menu with the gear icon
  • Then and can look for settings and loading configuration
  • Name the config, for example “….xml”
  • Enter the config that you previously downloaded and then cut or move it
  • Then go to internal storage
  • You can find the GCam BSG folder then open it then paste or move it

Now the config is installed on your smartphone, that means all the features are ready for you to use. How easy enough is not to install the config.

The final word

You don’t need to be discouraged if you can’t afford to buy a smartphone with a high-resolution camera at this time. There will be many solutions that you can try to be able to produce clear camera results, including using this Bsg Gcam. Maybe that’s all the reviews we can convey, hopefully they can be useful and good luck.

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