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Aug 30, 2022
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For those of you who like action genre games with a ganster theme, of course you are familiar with a game called Gangstar Vegas. Gangstar Vegas is indeed one of the best-selling games among mobile gamers. You can even find Gangstar Vegas Mod apk which will make adventures in the world of Gangstar Vegas even more exciting.

As the name implies, the mod version of Gangstar Vegas is a modified application of the Gangstar Vegas game made by the developer, so that players can do various things that cannot be done in the original version of the game. For more detailed information about this mod game, follow the explanation below.

Review Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk

If you look at the name of the game, of course you already understand if the adventure area to be played is in Las Vegas, precisely in the Bluebird area. Well, in this game you will play as someone who has won an MMA event and has mixed martial arts skills.

So if you like action games, then this game is a must play. This game will make the players feel like someone who is in a gangster environment and not far from fighting. Of course this fight or fight aims to show who is stronger and must be respected between one another.

Well, in Gangstra Vegas, you will go to the city of Las Vegas which is famous for its gangsters with the aim of putting a name in the city. To make this happen, then you need to do battle with all the gangstars that are there. Of course the fight must end in victory so that your name can be appreciated by the gangsters.

There are tons of places to conquer so you can become a great leader in the city. In addition to the gangsters, you will also face the mafia who usually have a target in a riot. So, preparation in the form of storing weapons in the city area is also needed to prove if you are also able to compete in business with the mafia.

In addition to fighting individually, there are times when you have to fight in groups. So you need to create an army that comes from the people of the neighborhood. In addition, you and the gangster members also need to improve their martial arts skills in order to win all the battles that will be faced later.

When it comes to graphics, you don’t need to doubt it anymore. This game has brought extraordinary graphics, so that every action displayed will look very cool and impressive. Guaranteed you will not easily feel bored to play this game, even if you have already completed all the missions available in the game.

Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk Features

Because what is discussed is a modified application from the Gangstar Vegas game, of course the application is different from the original version of the game. This is realized by having several features that are brought to make the game feel more interesting and also exciting. For that, below are some of the features that the Mod version of the Gangstar Vegas game has.

1. A Wider City

In the game Gangstar Vegas, you can explore all over the city to find the locations of the gangstars and conquer those locations. Well, if the original areas in the city of Las Vegas that can be explored are only a few, but this mod will give you additional locations so that more areas can be conquered.

2. Fight against the Mafia

If in the original version you only had a mission to conquer the gangstars on the streets, then the mission in this modified version of the game is even more challenging. You also have a mission to get into the mafia world and take the fight, so that the dark business in the city of Las Vegas can also be controlled. In essence, you will become the greatest ruler in the city.

3. More Stunning Graphics

If in the original version of the Gangstar Vegas game you have seen a charming high graphic, then don’t be surprised if you see the graphics carried by the modified version of Gangstar Vegas. Graphic improvements made in this mod version, of course, will make every action in the game look more real.

4. Unlimited Coins

This Gangstar Vegas game also provides a shop that you can use to buy necessities, be it weapons or something else. Of course, this purchase requires the players to make payments using coins. Well, this mod application provides an unlimited coin feature so you can buy anything for free.

5. New Weapons and Vehicles

When you feel that the weapons and vehicles in the Gangstar Vegas game are just that, then it’s time to switch to using the modified version. In this version, you can find tons of new types of weapons. Not only weapons, there are many new vehicles that can be used to carry out the current mission.

Difference between Gangstar Vegas Original and Mod Apk

As a modified application, of course there are some things that are different from the original version of the application. There are subtle differences, and there are also quite significant differences between the two versions of Gangstar Vegas. If you’re curious, here’s a table of differences between the original Gangstar Vegas and the modified version.

Original VersionModified Version
· The area in the city that can be explored is fairly narrow.· Exploration can be done in a wider area of ​​the city.
· The mission is only to conquer the gangsters on the streets.· Missions have progressed by defeating the mafia and getting involved in the business.
· Coins that can run out when continuously used.· Unlimited coins and players can buy whatever they want.
· Limited collection of weapons and vehicles.· Added many weapons and vehicles that can be used.

Download Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk

If you already know some of the differences from the original and modified version of Gangstar Vegas and the features brought by the modified version, of course you are sure to download the mod application. Don’t be confused even though you can’t download it on Google Playstore, then you can download it via the link below.

App NameGangstar Vegas Mod
Size37 MB

Because this game is an application that comes from outside the Google Playstore, of course the installation method for this game is different from the application from the Playstore. You don’t need to be confused anymore, because you can follow several steps in installing the Mod version of Gangstar Vegas below.

  1. First go to your HP Settings app and select the Security and Accessibility menu.
  2. Then look for the “Unknown Sources” option, and enable the option.
  3. If so, open the folder where the downloaded APK is stored on the cellphone.
  4. Finally open it and install it by following the given steps.

By playing this Gangstar Vegas Mod , of course the battles and adventures that you do in the city of Las Vegas will run more exciting and exciting. Moreover, the power struggle with the mafia makes the story in Las Vegas even more slick.

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