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October 19, 2022
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Android 7.0+
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FilmoraGo is one application that you must try if you often edit and play videos. This best Android video editing application is very reliable for producing quality videos.

FilmoraGo APK developed by Wondershare Software (HK) Co., Ltd is in great demand because it allows you to produce funny videos. Not bad, right, for filling content on your social media?

Interestingly, there is now a modified version or MOD APK that offers a number of free premium features such as No Watermark. However, using MOD applications carries the risk of transmitting viruses or malware to your device.

If you are still curious, you can download FilmoraGo MOD APK as a trial before switching to the official version. Please read this article to the end because ApkVenue has summarized various features that you can use.

What is FilmoraGo App?

Filmora Go MOD APK

FilmoraGo is a video editing application that is quite multifunctional. How not, this application can not only be used for editing, but also for showing videos.

With the FilmoraGo application, you can easily edit with added effects and music in it. In fact, this application is not inferior to KineMaster for video editing , you know.

You can also get a little entertainment by playing funny videos in this application. So, you can see videos edited by other users. That’s great, right?

Link Download FilmoraGo MOD APK

Before Jaka describes in full the features that FilmoraGo Pro MOD APK has, of course you want to download the application right away, right?

Before downloading , you should also pay attention to the minimum specifications of FilmoraGo. Don’t let it download , you don’t know your cellphone doesn’t even support this application, gang.

DeveloperFilmoraGo Studio
Minimal OSAndroid 7.0+

Relax, in addition to the Google Play Store version, Jaka has prepared a download link for FilmoraGo MOD APK without the latest version of the watermark below. Guaranteed to be free and you can directly use it to edit to play funny videos on a premium basis, you know!

How to Install FilmoraGo MOD APK

MOD APK versions of Android such as FilmoraGo require manual installation so that the application can be installed on your cellphone. Even though you have to do it manually, how to install it is not difficult, really! You see, Jaka will give the guide below:

  1. Download FilmoraGo MOD APK via the link that ApkVenue has provided above.
  2. Open the Settings menu , then click on the Security & Privacy option .
  3. Klik More Settings lalu tap pada Install apps from external sources.
  4. Select the browser you use to download the APK file .
  5. Open File Manager , then locate the FilmoraGo MOD APK file .
  6. Click to start installing, then wait for the process to complete.

Difference between FilmoraGo Original and MOD APK

In the modified version, you will find several features that are not available in the official version of FilmoraGo on the Google Play Store and App Store. The differences are quite numerous and crucial. So, you should know the comparison through this table:

FilmoraGoFilmoraGo MOD APK
Premium must payPremium unlocked
Ada watermarkNo watermark
There are adsNo ads

Featured Features of FilmoraGo MOD APK

Filmora Go MOD APK No Watermark

After you download the FilmoraGo application and use it to edit videos , it’s a good idea to know a number of features provided by this application. The following are some of the mainstay features of FilmoraGo !

1. Remove Watermark on Video

Do you like to use free editing applications but your video has a watermark from the application you are using? It definitely makes the video aesthetic look bad.

In addition, the presence of a watermark can make you look like you like using free applications instead of having to buy premium ones.

But don’t worry, because in this FilmoraGo application you can edit watermark -free videos , gang. So once the video is finished you can share it with your friends without worrying about the watermark on the video.

2. Access All Premium Features

Once you download this application from you can use various premium features of this application, gang.

Like you can import your favorite song into the application so you can add it to the video you are editing.

In addition, you also use effects without being locked, so you can make the edited video look funny.

The premium features can be said to be the size of a YouTuber-style video editing application for beginners, gang. Very easy and simple to use.

3. Edit Ad-Free Videos

One other feature that is quite fun in this application is that you can be content to edit videos and play videos without being bothered by ads.

Because it is premium, then enjoy the video editing experience and play videos in full without being disturbed by banner ads or pop up ads that like to appear suddenly.

Because you definitely like to annoy when you are seriously editing videos or watching funny videos, you are even bothered by the appearance of advertisements in the middle of advertisements.

4. Remove Noise in Video Background

For those who like to edit videos, you must know how it feels when you have taken a video as quietly as possible but there is still sound leaking into the video.

The feeling between being annoyed and irritated because you feel the hassle of needing to take the video again. Because unwanted sound leaks into the video recording.

However, don’t worry, FilmoraGo video editing has a feature that can remove unwanted noise or noise in the video background.

5. No Limit of Import Video Duration

The following FilmoraGo application will be able to make you as satisfied as possible to edit videos without a time limit from uploaded videos, gang.

So you don’t have to worry if it turns out that the video you want to edit is long. The reason is that the feature does not limit the video you want to import.

Suitable if you want to edit a video that has several parts as well. So you don’t have to feel sorry for having to throw away some parts of the video during the editing process.

Other Featured Features of FilmoraGo Pro MOD APK

Next, ApkVenue will discuss several other advantages of the FilmoraGo Pro MOD APK application. The goal is to make you understand more and not be disappointed with this application, gang.

Well, instead of getting impatient, it’s better to just look at Jaka’s explanation below!

  • Can Make Subtitles: Want to make your videos easier to understand? With FilmoraGo MOD APK, you can add subtitles like a movie, you know, gang.
  • Reverse Effect: This one effect will make your video have a reverse or reverse flow. It’s perfect for making music videos to make the cinematography even better.
  • Language Support: FilmoraGo Pro MOD APK comes in several International languages, such as English, Italian, Chinese, and others.

IMPORTANT! Dangers of Using MOD Apps

After reading some of the advantages of this application, you are also required to recognize the various risks that the FilmoraGo Pro MOD APK application has. Because the modified application is an unofficial application, gang.

Here are some risks you need to be aware of. Come on, listen carefully, yes!

  • Vulnerable to Ban : Because it is illegal, of course the developer will be firm in banning this application. So, stay alert so that your account doesn’t get banned , gang.
  • Frequent Bugs : The name is also a modification, of course there are bugs that are quite annoying when you use this application.
  • Virus and Malware Prone: Not only bug -ridden , MOD applications are also prone to viruses and malware that can harm your device. Your important data might be lost due to being attacked by a virus
  • Disadvantage of Developers: Using premium features for free is tantamount to cutting profits from developers. Not to mention that this illegal modification is also a form of copyright infringement.
  • Is a Scam Application : Since the creators do not have a clear identity and license, it could be that they are a group of irresponsible people who intend to deceive you with this application. Be careful your personal data can be hacked!

If you already know the risks, do you still want to use the MOD application? According to Jaka, if possible, you should just use the official application to be more secure.

The final word

FilmoraGo MOD APK is definitely an application that really makes it easy for you to produce slick videos. With all its excellent features, and its simple use , you don’t need to be a pro to edit your own videos.

Moreover, FilmoraGo can also be used as a video editing application on iPhone or iPad as well as on Android. So it’s easier to access, right?

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