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December 16, 2021
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Want to experience hours of driving trucks through different cities? Come on, try Euro Truck Simulator 2 MOD APK which will present an unusual experience for you.

In this game, you don’t need to be nervous and think about strategies that make you dizzy, gang.

You just need to drive a truck or other vehicle well and obediently and collect a salary so you can upgrade your vehicle.

What’s more, the MOD version will give you this game for free and an Indonesian map that makes the atmosphere familiar. Curious, right? Just click on the download link below!

What is Download Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Apk 3dfb3

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is an open world genre game developed by SCS Software and originally developed for laptop and PC platforms, gangs.

However, this simulation game is now available for Android devices along with its increasing popularity and growing fans.

Basically, in the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 you will be a truck driver with a specific mission and must continue to provide the driving experience like on the real roads.

Even though it’s just a game, you still have to comply with the applicable traffic rules if you don’t want to be penalized or ticketed.

In addition, all the vehicles in the game are also made very detailed and similar to the original vehicles; The same goes for the roads you’re on.

Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 MOD APK Unlimited Money

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Apk B733e

If you have previously downloaded Euro Truck Simulator 2 PC , now is the time for you to play this cool game using your smartphone anywhere and anytime.

The MOD version that ApkVenue has prepared below is guaranteed not to disappoint and no less exciting than the PC version, you know. Do not let not download , yes!

For information, to download torrent files, you can see how you can see through the article below.

The Difference between the Original Euro Truck Simulator 2 and the MOD Version

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Of course you are curious what makes the two versions of the game so different. The answer is in this table, gang. Which do you think is more profitable?

Euro Truck Simulator 2 OriginalEuro Truck Simulator 2 MOD APK Version
There are adsNo ads
There are paid features100% free
Unlimited moneyUnlimited money

Main Features of Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game MOD Version

Download Ets2 Mod Apk B215b

Well, now we will discuss the advantages of the MOD APK version that the original version does not have in more depth. What are those? Here’s the review, gang!

1. Unlimited Money & Gold

As Jaka mentioned, you need to collect a salary from your job as a truck driver to upgrade your vehicle. However, this MOD will give you unlimited money so you don’t have to be afraid of running out of money, gang!

2. Unlock All Types of Trucks

Modifications to this game will allow you to try all types of trucks because by installing the MOD APK version, you will immediately be able to unlock all types of trucks in the game.

From American Trucks to Scandinavian Trucks, you can drive all of them and choose whichever type you want!

3. Unlock Map Indonesia

Driving a vehicle on roads that are more familiar to you certainly gives a real in-game experience, doesn’t it.

Therefore, the MOD APK of your favorite game already provides an Indonesian map that you can play. That’s great, right?

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game Rules

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Indonesia Android 96762

Because this game does refer to the original experience of driving, there are rules that you must obey in playing it, gang.

So that you don’t get penalized by the authorities, here are the things you need to pay attention to when driving a truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2:

  1. Always turn on the light.
  2. Do not overtake vehicles or drive recklessly.
  3. Obey traffic signs along the way.
  4. Drive the car at a steady speed and don’t speed.
  5. Take a break and stop when the clock shows break time.

In addition to this MOD, there is also Truck Simulator Pro Europe that can be an option. Visuals, features, and how to play it are not much different. You can download Truck Simulator Pro Europe MOD APK Torrent for its free features.

Well, you can watch the gameplay footage in the video below.

The final word

Surely you are really interested, right, to download Euro Truck Simulator 2 Android APK? It’s clear, the features are really annoying!

Anyway, this game will be perfect for those of you who are patient and don’t like to be made nervous when playing games.