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Oct 3, 2022
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For those of you who are looking for recommendations for fun car driving simulator games to play, Car Driving Online (CDO) might be an interesting choice.

Developed by Maleo , this one game offers the sensation of driving a car that will not make you bored. The reason is, you will be invited to drive as freely as possible in a wide open world.

Ready to conquer all challenges with your best cars? If so, keep reading the reviews and download links for Car Driving Online Maleo APK only in this article, OK!

What is Car Driving Online Maleo?

Car Driving Online is one of the most popular Android car games among gamers . On the Google Play Store alone, the game gets a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, aka almost perfect, you know.

Already downloaded more than 100 thousand times, this game made by Maleo is quite fun because it frees its users to drive the car as wildly as possible. However, you are also obliged to complete the existing challenges, yes.

The challenges are guaranteed to be fun. Starting from being a taxi driver, parking the car, drifting , to bringing the car to jump through the circle of fire. At first glance, this game is similar to the Car Driving School Simulator APK but is more challenging.

Of course, here you can also speed up by participating in multiplayer races on streets or circuits around the world. Don’t forget to upgrade the engine to maximize your car’s performance.

To make the game more colorful, you will live life as a reliable driver character. Here, your character can improve his physical abilities, to build the best house and garage for your car.

Download Car Driving Online APK

Can’t wait to play and download this Car Driving Indonesia? Don’t worry, you can download it for free via the link that ApkVenue will provide below.

Don’t hesitate to play it because this game is one of the best graphic Android games that has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times on the Play Store!

DetailCar Driving Online APK
Minimal OSAndroid 5.0
New version1.1
Rating4.8/5.0 (Google Play Store)

Here, just enjoy the excitement of playing this car racing game by clicking the following link .

Cara Instal Car Driving Online APK 2022

To play this game, you must first install it. There are 2 ways to install games or apps on Android.

First, through the Google Play Store. If you download it via the official platform , the application or game will be automatically installed. Make sure the download process reaches 100%, yes.

Second, manual installation. This step should be done if you download an application or game from a third-party source, whose file has an .apk extension . Here’s how:

  1. Download the game or application you want.
  2. Enter the Settings menu .
  3. Look for the Permission Settings option .
  4. Click the Install from Unknown Source option .
  5. Click Save .
  6. Open the folder where the file was downloaded .
  7. Tap the file .
  8. Select Install .
  9. Wait for it to finish.
  10. Game ready to play!

Featured Car Driving Online Indonesia

Are you looking for a realistic car simulator game that doesn’t make you bored? Car Driving Online is the answer. Here, there are a number of excellent features that you can enjoy too. Anything? Come on, see the reviews!

1. Character Customization

Build the life of your own character! By playing CDO, you can improve your character’s physical abilities by doing various activities, one of which is exercising.

You too can have your own dream house, do business to earn more income so that life becomes more perfect. That way, his ability when driving will also increase, you know.

2. Upgrade Mobil

Don’t leave your car alone. Upgrade the car engine to make it even better on the road. Choose tires, rims, exhaust, color and car transmission (manual/automatic) according to your wishes!

3. Multiplayer

When the time comes, you can speed up each other with your best car. Play multiplayer mode and beat opponents from all over the world!

4. Map Area

Car Driving Online provides a vast open world . There are various maps or street backgrounds that you can enjoy. You can visit cities like New Delhi, Bolivia, and even Jakarta. Each map has its own terrain character, so you have to be smart to adjust it.

The final word

That was Jaka’s review of the latest Android game entitled Car Driving Online 2022 on this one. Very suitable for those of you who need a recommendation for a car simulator game that is not boring and also challenging.

Are you ready to bulldoze all the terrain with the existing challenges? Come on, hone your driving skills here. Just access the download link above, yes!