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Bellara VIP Apk Download Auto Headshot Dan Anti Banned 2022 Bellara VIP Apk Download Auto Headshot Dan Anti Banned 2022

Bellara VIP Apk

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Bellara VIP Apk is one of the most popular cheat applications among free fire game players. So for those of you who don’t know what Bellara VIP apk is. Read more below.

To be able to win the game takes quite a long time, especially if you don’t have enough stock to start the game.

One of them is a free fire game, although it looks easy, the reality is that this game is very difficult to beat. Because it takes several strategies and capable weapons to be able to kill enemies easily.

However, to get all these techniques, you need qualified playing skills so that you can win FF games easily. However, there is no need to worry for beginners who are just playing the free fire game.

The reason is, you can use certain cheat applications that are widespread on the internet. The use of the cit application for game lovers may not be surprising anymore.

And one of the cheat applications that you can use is the Bellara VIP Apk. Who doesn’t know this Bellara most popular cheat?

This application is one of the mainstays of the players because it provides a variety of superior features that are very sophisticated and you can use them for free. Therefore, to find out more details, please refer to the explanation below.

What is Bellara VIP MOD APK FF?

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Bellara VIP MOD APK is a Free Fire game mod application that is directly integrated with the . You don’t need to open other applications because all these features can be used directly in the game .

This Bellara VIP APK application will display its features in the game ‘s main menu so you can choose which features you want to activate and which ones you want to remove.

How to activate this feature is also fairly easy, even you can still tinker with this feature in the game directly.

In addition, there are also game icons available. When you open the icon, several settings will appear that can be used. This will be useful to help you win the game.

For those who are curious what are the features in Bellara VIP APK Free Fire, you can see it in full at the bottom.

Download Bellara VIP MOD APK Latest Version 2022

The Free Fire game security system is fairly strict, and from the searches that ApkVenue did, many sites offer the same application but when I try it it doesn’t work at all .

This is fairly reasonable because the security system imposed by the Garena team is indeed very strict. However, the latest version of Bellara VIP APK can still penetrate the security of this game .

With Bellara VIP APK Diamond, you can use the various modifications offered. This modification option will certainly make it easier for you to win.

If you want to try this game cheat application , ApkVenue recommends not using it too often because it can make this game more boring.

Remember, gang, use the file that ApkVenue shared wisely and for certain purposes only, such as academic and investigative purposes.

Don’t let you disturb other people’s playing comfort by downloading the FF Bellara VIP APK cheat below.

For more details, here is the download link for the latest and most updated version. Bellara VIP MOD APK v22 from ApkVenue.

How to Use Bellara VIP APK Android

You must install the Bellara VIP APK application directly from the smartphone you are using via the link above because this application is not available on the Play Store .

ApkVenue does not recommend you to use this kind of application because there is still a risk of getting banned , although so far there is no problem at all.

Although a little difficult, Bellara MOD APK can be installed on Android without the need to root first. Here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Download the Bellara VIP APK file via the link that Jaka has shared.
  2. Install the Bellara MOD Menu APK application and allow all the permissions requested by this game.
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  1. In case of glitches, manually enable permissions on the app page to make this Bellara APK run better.
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  1. Select the type of cheat you want to use. Scroll down because there are quite a lot of cheat options .
  1. Press the close button to close the selection window and press the cheat icon if you want to display it again.

This way you can immediately try to use this application. But be careful if there is a new update the possibility of detecting the use of cheats is higher.

Bellara VIP APK MOD Featured Features

There are various features in this game , and these features emphasize more on in-game functions, not like diamond cheats and the like.

This Bellara VIP APK MOD offers a lot of features ranging from Aim Bot which makes players’ shots more accurate, to Ghost Mode which makes players harder to see.

This cheat application is indeed focused on making it easier for players to Booyah . Players only need to focus on looting .

Of the many features offered by Bellara, here are some of the most essential features according to Jaka.

1. Auto aim headshot

The most important first feature in Bellara is Aim Bot. With this feature players can play Free Fire more easily to aim weapons at the enemy’s head.

With Aim Bot Auto Headshot, players only need to press the bullet button because the weapon will automatically be aimed at the player’s head by the Bellara VIP FF system.

Coupled with other features such as the no recoil feature , the process of eliminating enemies becomes much faster and easier.

2. Sonic Speed

When playing a battle royale game , players do not always have an adequate supply of weapons and bullets.

Players often have to hide and avoid shots because they don’t have a good weapon yet, and this is made easier by Bellara VIP v22.

With the Sonic Speed ​​feature , players can move up to 25 times faster than normal . This automatically increases the survival chance of the player.

3. Aim Spot

One of the biggest challenges in a battle royale game is finding where the enemy is and then eliminating them.

Unfortunately, nowadays people’s ability to hide has become very good. With the latest version of Bellara VIP APK 2021, the presence of enemies will be detected automatically.

The player will see a series of orange lines connecting the player with his opponent. This way, players will find it easier to detect the opponent’s location, even behind a wall.

4. Aim Ignore Knocked

This feature makes you immune to blows. The damage from the blow depends on the type of character used.

5. Other Featured Features

In addition to the features above, Bellara VIP FF also has other features that are no less useful, you know, gang. Here’s the list:

  • Auto Headshot , makes it easier for you to target the enemy’s head, which most of the novice players will find it difficult to do.
  • Speed ​​Hack , you can speed up the movement which will make it easier to find or defeat the enemy.
  • No Recoil , you will not get a beat when shooting enemies or opponents. So, you can accurately and stably shoot your opponent.
  • Anti Logs , you don’t need to login first using an FF account. You can directly play without logging in.
  • Improve PING Game , this feature can solve Ping problems and you can focus more on playing.
  • Ghost Mode , you can activate this feature so that the enemy cannot see you clearly.

Is Bellara VIP Safe?

As Jaka mentioned earlier, Bellara VIP FF is one of the game cheat applications which is certainly illegal and prohibited by Garena as the developer of the Free Fire game.

The reason is, in addition to being subject to temporary or permanent bans , these third-party applications are also very at risk of being infiltrated by viruses and malware that harm the device.

In other words, Bellara VIP MOD APK is not safe to use and can make your Free Fire account banned by Garena if cheating is detected.

The final word

That’s the review and download link for the latest Bellara VIP MOD APK 2022 for the Free Fire cheat. Don’t be a cheater , gang, win with your own efforts.

This article is only a security investigation article, although the result is that the security of Garena’s system can still be compromised with this kind of application.

Play honestly, and hone your dexterity in playing this game, instead of winning using cheat APKs like this.

Hopefully the information that Jaka shares this time is useful for all of you, and see you again in the next articles.

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