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ZArchiver Mod Apk Download Premium Unlocked Gratis 2022 ZArchiver Mod Apk Download Premium Unlocked Gratis 2022

ZArchiver Mod Apk

Varies by device

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Varies by device
Varies by device
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To be able to send files via cellphone, you can use several applications that are obtained through the google playstore or app store.

One application that you can use is the Zarchiver Apk which may be familiar to your ears. With this application you can send files in various formats.

In addition, you can unify the application to all files in one folder which you can later send via email, bluetooth, cloud and so on.

There are two versions that you can try to access this ZArchiver apk, either the free version or the paid version. However, to access more features, you can use Zarchiver premium.

You can subscribe first every month, at a price of 20 thousand rupiah. However, there is a solution that you can try to use Zarchiver pro.

We recommend the Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk which you can try to use right now. Check out the explanation as follows.

ZArchiver is an application that is useful for archiving. By using this application, you can use it to open files in various formats such as .rar, .zip, .wim, gzip and many others.

And you can also summarize files easily in one available folder. So, using this application is able to meet your needs to send large files via email on a smartphone easily and quickly.

ZArchiver itself has two types of applications that are distinguished by colors such as green and blue. The green version itself has many limitations and is incomplete.

Dengan zarchiver biru atau dengan nama lengkap ZArchiver Donate atau Pro menawarkan banyak sekali fitur premium yang bisa dicoba.

Dan untuk menggunakan fitur pro tersebut diperlukan biaya 20 ribu perbulan. Jika kalian ragu, maka bisa menggunakan versi gratisannya yaitu Zarchiver Pro Mod Apk. Simak penjelasannya sebagai berikut.

ZArchiver Pro MOD APK is a solution application for those of you who want to send lots of files via cellphone . With ZArchiver, you can unify all files into one folder that can be sent via email, bluetooth, cloud , and more.

In the modified version of ZArchiver, there are a number of free features that you can try before using the official version. But remember, if you are comfortable, just subscribe to the premium version, yes, gang.

That’s because MOD APK is classified as an unofficial or illegal application . So there is a risk of being exposed to malware attacks that can be harmful to your device, one of which is the theft of personal data.

Well, if you understand the risks and still want to try, see the following reviews and get the free Zarchiver Pro APK download link and its features below!

ZArchiver Pro MOD APK Blue at a Glance

ZArchiver is a special archiving application that you can use to open files of .rar, .zip, tar, gzip, wim, and many other formats.

In addition, you can also summarize various files into one folder. In fact, you can also use ZArchiver APK Android to send large files via email on your cellphone .

For information, ZArchiver there are two types of applications, one is green and the other is blue. Applications that are green are just ordinary applications with various limitations.

While the blue application called ZArchiver Donate, or often referred to as ZArchiver Pro , provides premium features.

However, in order to use this feature, you need to pay a fee as a form of donation to the ZArchiver project of IDR 20,000 .

If you want to try it, you can experience these premium features by downloading the modified version of ZArchiver MOD APK latest version 2022 in this article.

Download ZArchiver Pro APK Latest Blue 2022

This application comes with full features that you can directly access for free. If you want to try and buy the official version, Jaka has also provided the Play Store link below.

DetailZArchiver Donate MOD APK
Minimal OSVaries by device
SizeVaries by device
New version1.0.5

Here ‘s the download link for ZArchiver Pro MOD APK MediaFire Latest Version and original that you can use. Please select the version you want below, yes, gang.

Face Install ZArchiver Pro MOD APK

To install the ZArchiver MOD APK application, old version or the latest, it’s not difficult, gang. You just need to follow the installation steps below, come on!

  1. Delete the previous version of the ZArchiver Pro app if any.
  2. Go to HP Settings > Security & enable Unknown Sources .
  3. Download the APK file that ApkVenue has provided above.
  4. Click the ZArchiver Pro APK file and install it on your device (Click ‘Allow from this source’ if prompted).
  5. Wait until the installation process is complete.

How to Open RAR and ZIP Files with ZArchiver

How to open RAR or ZIP files is very easy, especially by using ZArchiver that you just installed on your device. Here’s the guide.

  1. Open the ZArchiver app.
  2. Select the RAR/Zip file you want to open.
  3. Press the ” Extract Here ” option to extract the contents of the file to an external folder.

Difference ZArchiver Pro Original & MOD

Because this is a modified version, of course the MOD version will feel a little different than the original version. So what are the differences?

ZArchiver OriginalZArchiver Pro APK MOD
Limited features.All features unlocked.
There are pop-up ads.Free from ads.
Limited time.No time limit.

ZArchiver Pro APK Featured Features MOD version

The features in the ZArchiver MOD APK version 0.9.5 or the latest version are similar to the original application. However, since this is a modified app, you can access all the features for free.

Just download this application, you can directly access all its features easily! For more details, you can see the features of the following modified version.

1. Compress Large Files

Zarchiver helps in compressing large files to be sent. For example, the previous file size was 2GB, if archived using this application, the size can be reduced by more than half.

This feature is very helpful. Especially for those of you who use potato cellphones or have small memory specifications.

2. Simple User Interface

The modified version of the ZArchiver Pro APK application is one of the most favorite archiving applications because of its simple and easy user interface .

This easy-to-use application makes it easy for all people to use the application smoothly.

3. No Ads

One other feature that is quite fun in this application is that you can be content to archive and compress files without being bothered by ads.

You can also enjoy the document archive experience without being bothered by banner ads or pop-up ads that appear suddenly.

Risks & Dangers of Using MOD APK

The most important thing you must understand before using Nova Launcher MOD APK or modified applications in general is that there are risks and dangers lurking. You can experience some disadvantages when using it in the long term.

The developers will take strict action against users who use modifications of their applications. You have to be prepared to accept the worst conditions when caught using the MOD APK.

Here are some risks and dangers that can occur when you continue to use MOD applications:

  • Banned : Your Google account or the like could be banned by the developer . It is possible, one day you will be detected using a MOD APK.
  • Viruses : Given that the source of the MOD application comes from a third party and is not official, the potential for your device to be infiltrated by various viruses is very large. This can certainly damage the device later on.
  • Disadvantaging Official Developers : The first party who immediately feels the bad impact is the official developer. Because you are using another version, they are at a loss in terms of material
  • Hacking : It is not impossible if the application you download from third-party sources is actually a mount of hackers . They will enter your device and steal important personal data.

The final word

That was a review of interesting features along with the download link for ZArchiver Pro APK Latest Version 2022 from Jaka. You can directly download and use the application to read and send .rar, .zip, tar, gzip, and wim files to friends.

In addition, ApkVenue also recommends the WinRAR application, a .rar file opener for Android in the following article:

Download links