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WhatsApp Business Apk Mod Gratis Untuk Android Dan PC WhatsApp Business Apk Mod Gratis Untuk Android Dan PC

WhatsApp Business


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26 Jul 2022
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Technology that is increasingly developing has also influenced changes in the business world. Therefore, business actors both small and large are required to be able to utilize technology as a means of promoting and marketing their products. One solution is to use the WhatsApp Business application.

What is WhatsApp Business?

Most business people start promoting their products through technology so that information can reach consumers’ ears. One of them is through social media which is visited every day from various circles and age groups. Social media that are popular in recent times are Instagram, Facebook and also TikTok.

But apparently not only that, WhatsApp also released an application specifically for business people, namely WhatsApp Business . Unlike WhatsApp Messenger, which is an application for exchanging messages for personal use, WhatsApp Business can be used to make it easier for business people to communicate and connect with their consumers.

Then what is the difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger?

Difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger

Before you use these two applications, you should know the differences in the features that WhatsApp Business has with WhatsApp Messenger.

a. Account Profile

An account profile is the most important feature to let people know who owns the profile. The account profile will display a business profile, starting from the business name, category, address, working hours, website address, to a brief description of the business you run. 

While WhatsApp Messenger only contains a username, info and phone number.

b. Auto Reply Message

WhatsApp Business has an auto-reply feature that can speed up your communication with customers. However, this feature is not owned by WhatsApp Messenger. 

For example, when a customer types in the number 1, a chat will appear such as a welcome message, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), or other information.

c. Broadcast Message (Broadcast)

When you want to send messages to hundreds of people, it’s impossible to send them individually.

By using WhatsApp Business you can send messages to more than one person with the same template at a time, not with WhatsApp Messenger which can only send messages to one person. 

This feature will be very helpful when the business is holding a promo or there is other important information.

d. Show “Add to Cart” Button

This feature will simplify the ordering process and allow customers to collect items that will be added to the cart to add and send all the desired items to you in one message.

Advantages of WhatsApp Business Application

1. Business Account Profile

A business account profile will display information about your business, from your name, description, business category, address, hours of work, to an email or short link.

2. Account Verification

To secure your account from someone unknown logging into your account, this verification will protect your account from that. This feature will secure your WhatsApp by registering a 6-digit PIN number.

When you enable two-step verification, you have the option to enter an email address. This information will allow WhatsApp to send you an email with a link to reset it when you forget your PIN and also to help keep your account secure.

3. Telephone Number (Home/Office)

On WhatsApp Messenger, users can only use and display one mobile number. But on WhatsApp Business, you can use a mobile number as well as add a home or work phone number.

That way, you can easily separate business and personal accounts from mobile numbers that are used for personal purposes. So, private conversations don’t mix with business.

4. Product Catalog

With the catalog feature, you can easily share information about the products to be offered. The catalog will be displayed on the business profile. 

Makes the ordering process easier and allows customers to use the cart feature to add all the desired items in one order.

5. Welcome Message (Greeting Message)

Greeting Message , which allows you to greet and welcome new customers via automated messages. This feature also makes it easier for you to promote new products to all consumers.

6. Message Away (Away Message)

Away Message , this feature allows you to reply to messages from consumers automatically, so that even if you are busy, you can still answer consumers.

7. Quick Reply (Quick Reply)

Quick Replies , with this feature, you can reply to messages from consumers with the same question. 

It’s easy, you just create a few messages that many consumers ask about your business. 

When a message comes in, you can simply type the slash symbol (/) and the quick replies that you have created will appear, saving you time.

8. Statistical Data Analysis & Customer Interaction

The Statistics feature of the WhatsApp Business app helps you understand customer interactions and experiences. This feature displays how many messages were sent, delivered, read, and received.

9. Group Messages (Labels)

Message groups (labels) will make it easier for you to group different categories of customers. Starting from a new customer, a new order is waiting for payment, has paid or the order is completed. 

10. Social Media Integration (Instagram and Facebook)

Reach more customers with social media integration. You can link your WhatsApp Business account with your Facebook page or Instagram Profile to provide customers with another way to communicate.

11. Short Links

Use this feature to share short links with customers. They can use the short link to start a chat. 

If the customer opens the short link in Whatsapp installed on the device, the application will immediately open a chat between the customer and you.

12. QR Code

Your customer can scan the code to start whatsapp chat. WhatsApp QR codes make it easy for people to find and communicate with your business. 

Potential and existing customers can message you on WhatsApp by scanning the QR code of your business account. 

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Business Application

1. Permanent Mobile Number

For those of you who like to change numbers used to fill out account profiles, now you need to get rid of this habit. 

The WhatsApp Business application recommends that you do not change the number, so you have to make sure the number that will be used must be permanent.

2. Potential Leakage of Personal Data

Data leakage is the thing that most business people fear. This leak might happen to WhatsApp, where this potential will always be there when irresponsible people want to take advantage of popular business accounts.

3. Different Number with WhatsApp Messenger

Using WhatsApp Business doesn’t mean you can’t use WhatsApp Messenger. You can still use WhatsApp Messenger with WhatsApp Business at the same time, but with different numbers.

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