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25 July 2022
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Money-making applications are currently so reliable because they are claimed to be able to help users make money in an easy way. One of the applications that are excellent among money seekers is VidNow APK .

The application developed by Kampai Tekno is currently viral everywhere. Although it is no longer available on the Play Store, but until now there are still people who are looking for it.

In fact, based on Jaka’s search on the YouTube Channel, Find Money Yok! , how to gain money in the VidNow APK is quite difficult. There are many missions that must be passed so it is not easy to withdraw money there.

So, what makes VidNow a viral money -making app that people rely on so much, huh? To find out the answer, you can see Jaka’s discussion below.

VidNow is a money-making application that was just released by Kampai Tekno in early 2022. Later, you are required to complete several missions in order to get coins.

The coins that you have collected in the VidNow application can later be exchanged for cash. The disbursement can also be done through several e-wallet applications, for example DANA.

Uniquely, when you register for the first time, you will immediately get a bonus gift in the form of a balance of Rp. 20,000 . The new money can be withdrawn when your balance reaches IDR 250,000 . Interesting right?

You can also complete tasks in the Referral Program. You are required to invite friends to join or install the application with a referral link to claim 300 bonus coins and cash .

Download Link VidNow APK Latest 2022

For those of you who are curious about this money-making application, ApkVenue has prepared a download link for the latest version of the VidNow APK along with a review of its superior features in the following table.

How to Earn Money on VidNow APK

As Jaka said above, you have to complete several missions presented by the VidNow application in order to get coins. The missions are as follows.

  1. Watch videos : Watch videos from popular apps like YouTube to earn coins. The condition is that the video must be watched until it runs out, if you skip it, the coins will not increase.
  2. Invite friends : You are asked to invite friends to this VidNow application with a number of stages, ranging from 10 to 100 people. The prizes also vary, ranging from Rp. 10,000 to a maximum of Rp. 500,000.
  3. Installing applications : You are also asked to install a variety of popular applications, from games to filling out surveys.
  4. Complete daily tasks : You are required to search for keywords twice in the app, download 3 recommended videos, download 3 videos from recommended sites, share 5 videos or share 3 movies.

To withdraw your balance, you are required to first connect your DANA account with VidNow. Once connected, you will be redirected to the Withdraw page again .

On this page, click the Redeem Now button again and you will automatically be directed to the balance disbursement history page. It is said that the withdrawal process is fast, which is 2 working days.

Is VidNow APK Safe or Scam?

Even though it’s viral, the main problem that Jaka found is that the VidNow application has been removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

There has been some speculation. First, the VidNow application was deliberately withdrawn by the developer, in this case Kampai Tekno because there were technical problems in it.

Second, this money-making application was blocked because its users were reported to have committed fraudulent actions. This is evident from the many complaints from various social media sites that regret VidNow not paying its users on time.

Similar to the Sungrow application, the VidNow application is indicated to play money games that are illegal and full of misuse of personal data.

In addition, the testimonies found from users on social media such as Facebook are doubtful. Therefore you cannot rely on subjective testimonials from social media users.

Considering the above, ApkVenue does not recommend that you install or operate this application.

The final word

That was Jaka’s discussion about VidNow APK, a money-making application that is said to be able to generate money quickly and easily. What do you think?

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