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UC Browser Download Untuk Android Dan iOS Versi Lama Dan Terbaru UC Browser Download Untuk Android Dan iOS Versi Lama Dan Terbaru

UC Browser

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Android 4.1+
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This application also has a size that is not too large. So the installation process can be done from anywhere from high-spec phones to big-spec phones. In addition, the alert phone can still install this application.

If you want to try using the APK version of the UC Browser application, especially the old variant. You can listen to the reviews below well so you can carry out the download to installation process without going through any problems or disturbances at all.

Review UC Browser APK

Before discussing further related to UC Browser and some of the features in it. It never hurts to listen first to a brief review related to this application as a whole. That way you can make a conclusion whether to use it or not.

This application began to develop a few years ago because it has a lot of interesting features. That is why many users switch from the default browsers of Android phones such as Google Chrome to UC Browser which is considered to provide many advantages.

In general when used this application has a very simple interface. This means that you are free to do anything without having to master it first. People who are using it for the first time can still take full advantage of this browser.

One thing to note if you want to use this browser is the version. Some versions have quite significant differences and sometimes can only be installed on certain types of phones. if you can’t use the latest version then you can do the downgrade process.

Last but not least, if you want to use this processor, it has at least 2 GB of RAM. If you already have these specifications, you can immediately use them according to your needs. So there will be no traffic jams or other disturbances.

Features UC Browser APK Offers

The features offered by UC Browser APK are quite diverse and most of the villages are well utilized by everyone. Here are some features that can be used to perform any activity.

1. Speed ​​up Browsing

The first thing that can be done by UC Browser is speed up the speed of browsing. This feature is very reliable for those who are in areas where the signal is not very stable so they often wait too long when opening the site.

So even if opening any type of site that is sometimes very heavy is not a problem at all. That’s why this browser is more widely used than others because it can open various types of sites more easily and quickly, even sites that contain videos.

However, it is still recommended to use a cellphone with the appropriate specifications. If the phone has specifications that are not good, the speed to open the website may decrease even though in general there will be no problems at all.

2. Speed ​​Up Downloads

Download speed will also be increased when using this browser application. Usually the download speed when doing the download process using a computer will be accelerated by using Internet Download Manager or IDM. If through HP can use this browser only.

So when downloading anything from media to various types of data, it can run faster. Especially if the server where the file is located is a server from Google Drive. It will most likely be able to download very quickly without any glitches.

One more thing that must be considered if you want to do the download process quickly is to use a stable connection. Even if you only use a connection from your cellphone, the download speed can be high as long as the network is stable and the package used is also suitable.

3. Good Video Player

One of the drawbacks of browsers that are owned by mobile phones is the ability to play media which is often messy. One of them is the ability to play videos from certain sites or mobile streaming platforms.

If you use UC Browser, this kind of thing will not exist because the video player available in this application is already running well. This means that if you open a site that has a video, it can be played very smoothly without experiencing any disturbance at all.

In addition, this application also has a video player installed so that if there is a video that has been successfully downloaded, it can be played perfectly. So there will be no problems at all that will occur when using the application to enjoy videos.

4. Ad Block

If you want to open a certain site, especially a free site, usually the number of ads there will be very large. Those annoying ads can cause problems if you accidentally press them so you install certain apps or get a virus.

One solution to overcome this problem is to use an application called Ad Block. This application is useful for preventing the appearance of ads that are very large in number and most likely will be very annoying when you open the site.

By utilizing Ad Block, it is likely that the site can be opened more securely. Various types of annoying ads such as ads that appear on the screen or floating ads can be overcome so that you are free to do anything from reading to downloading.

5. Data Saving

The next feature possessed by the UC browser application is the ability to do data saving. The purpose of data saving is to carry out the process of saving by downloading data from the website as small as possible so as not to burden the users.

If you use a wifi that has a stable and unlimited connection, this feature may not be useful. But those who use a cellular data connection whose quota is not too much. This feature will be very useful because it can be done to make savings.

This is the reason why UC Browser always opens any site faster and easier. The reason is simple, that this browser can save downloaded data so that the process for displaying pages can run quickly.

6. Incognito Mode

Incognito mode is a feature that can be used to open any site privately. This means that other people will not know whether you visited a certain site or not. All data on this page will usually be deleted immediately.

Usually this part of inkognito is used to open some very important account pages. So various data will not be stored in the browser because it will be completely deleted immediately so that someone’s privacy will be more awake.

7. Small Windows Mode

One drawback that the browser used by Android phones has is that it can’t minimize the process. If you want to open another application, you have to close it so you can’t open it directly.

Fortunately, if you use UC browser.apk, there will be no such thing because the small windows mode feature is available. By using this feature when you open another application, the page from the browser still reads or hovers.

The size of the page will be made smaller but can be shifted wherever desired. If you want to be called again then you can press on the page to enlarge it. This ability is well suited for those who work by using mobile phones.

UC Browser APK Old Version

There are actually two types of UC Browser that are widely used today. The first is the content of the latest version of the browser and the second is the APK version of UC Browser which is an older version or release in the past few months or years.

There are several reasons why one prefers to use the old version of UC Browser APK over the new one.

1. Compatible with Phone

One of the reasons why people prefer to use the old version of UC Browser over the new version is compatibility. Not all phones are compatible with the latest version released directly on Playstore or the official website of UC.

Because it doesn’t match, usually this application will not be installed properly or it will be rejected by the cellphone. Even if it can be installed, usually the inside cannot be used optimally so someone has to do the downgrade process to an older version.

This is the reason why someone prefers to use the old version according to the type of cellphone used. If you are using an old type of phone, it is likely that the old version of UC Browser is more suitable for use than using the latest version.

2. Rarely Error

Using the most recent version of the app usually triggers an error or problem. This can happen because the cellphone is used not in accordance with that version or the latest application is still not stable so it still often experiences problems such as errors.

If you experience something like this, inevitably the latest version of the UC Browser application must be removed first. Then you can install the APK file from the old version of UC Browser so that it can still be opened and used as needed.

3. Size is not too big

The size of the old version of UC Browser is usually not too big so it can be installed on various types of cellphones. One type of cellphone that is often used is an old Android phone, so it requires a size that is not too large to save memory.

Moreover, old phones usually have memory that is not too large and most of it has also been eaten by the system. In order to still be able to take advantage of the capabilities of the UC Browser, an old version of the application is usually needed that is functionally still running well.

If using an older version it is recommended to choose one that is not too far from the most recent release. So most of the contents in it can still run optimally and have no fundamental differences with the new version.

Cara Download UC Browser APK

How to Install APK

The APK installation process can actually run as usual. The system will not do the rejection process because the APK file from UC Browser is a genuine application and is also available on the Playstore.

When you modify or use a mod type application, it is good to follow some ways or steps below.

  • First enter into the settings or settings available on the Android phone.
  • After entering it, look for additional settings which are located at the bottom.
  • Go into additional settings and then look for the security or security section .
  • Once inside you have to look for the install from unknown source section or installation from unknown sources.
  • This section must be activated first.
  • After it is active, you can then carry out the installation process as usual by pressing the APK file that has been obtained.
  • Wait for the installation process to run to completion.
  • After that, immediately open UC Browser to be used as needed.

Tips for Using UC Browser

If you use browser principles, it’s a good idea to listen to some simple tips below.

  • It is always recommended to use the latest version as it usually has the most recent and useful features.
  • If you have to use an old version, it is recommended first to turn off the automatic update process on the Play Store.
  • Always download APK files from sources that are well known to the public and don’t just download from untrusted sites

UC Browser APK is a tool that can be used to easily open various types of sites. Moreover, with this application you can be saved because the data that will be downloaded when opening the site will be compressed quite well.

In addition, by using this browser you can also open various types of blocked sites. So you can take advantage of Incognito and the VPN that is already installed in it to open various types of websites that are considered infringing but in fact the contents are no problem at all.

Furthermore, this application can be used to make the download process easier and faster. You can even use it to download various types of videos such as Korean dramas or other videos faster and can pause and resume processes.