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Tor Browser Apk Download Untuk Android Dan iOS Terbaru 2022 Tor Browser Apk Download Untuk Android Dan iOS Terbaru 2022

Tor Browser Apk


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Android 5.0+
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Tor Browser is used to anonymize network traffic, so as to protect the privacy of users surfing online. This application is very useful for those who want to increase security in the internet.

Tor itself is actually similar to other browsers, such as Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox, or Opera. However, Tor has been optimized in terms of privacy and security by providing anonymous online communication.

In addition to its advantages, the internet must be admitted to have shortcomings in terms of privacy. When we access the internet, data such as IP addresses will be recorded so that the location of the device can be tracked.

In order to cover these weaknesses, we can use the Tor Browser. What is Tor Browser ? Come on, see the explanation, how to use it, to the download link that ApkVenue has provided below.

What is Tor Browser?

The Onion Router (TOR) Browser is a virtual network to increase the security and confidentiality of data on the internet. This browser helps you browse anonymously.

Based on its philosophy, this browser is called “Onion” or onion because the scheme used consists of many layers. The goal is to hide traffic or the real identity of internet users.

Initially, the Tor network itself was designed to assist the United States Navy. This network allows the US Navy and other military organizations to communicate anonymously online .

Currently, Tor focuses its attention on the browser and the development of several other privacy tools. You only need to download the Tor browser application to be able to access a safe internet network .

Download Tor Browser APK for Safe Internet

You can find the online Tor Browser application on the Google Play platform and the App Store for free download. You can experience the internet with a better level of privacy.

DetailTor Browser
DeveloperThe Tor Project
Minimal OSAndroid 5.0+

iOS 11.4+
SizeVaries by device

Download the Tor Browser APK by clicking the link that ApkVenue has provided in the following table. Tor Browser download , which is no less functional than BF Browser , is guaranteed to protect you when you’re busy surfing in cyberspace.

Features & Advantages of Tor Browser Application

This browser application can be used to stay anonymous online and protect you from being tracked by visited websites, internet service providers, even companies and governments.

Tor Browser for Android, iOS, and for the desktop has a number of features and advantages that users can take advantage of. What are its interesting features? Come on, see below!

1. Block Tracker

This app will isolate every website you visit. As a result, third-party trackers and ads cannot track you. Any cookies are automatically deleted when you are done surfing the internet.

2. Anti Surveillance

This application can prevent someone or other parties from seeing your connection to know what websites you visit. Parties or individuals monitoring your internet habits may see that you are using Tor as a defense.

3. Layered Encryption

When using Tor Browser, your internet network traffic will be forwarded and encrypted three times. This network is made up of thousands of servers by volunteers known as Tor relays , making the security layer more difficult to penetrate.

4. Lintas Platform

This application is available for various devices based on operating systems ranging from Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, to Linux. So, you can apply this security system more freely.

5. Open Blocked Sites

Not only securing our identity in cyberspace, this application is also able to open all sites that are blocked by both internet service providers and the government. This application is also often called Tor Browser dark web .

How Does the Tor Browser Work?

Tor Browser works on a dedicated network consisting of many servers. The network has thousands of servers run by volunteers around the world. When we use Tor for internet access, the connection will go through the encryption process.

User internet traffic will not be easily tracked by others via IP address. This is because the encryption process forms a node pattern, so that the network in it cannot be detected.

On the other hand, this mechanism allows users to bypass the blocking of content posted on a site. Unfortunately, this browser service has a very slow speed in accessing content.

This is because there is a relay to several servers at once scattered throughout the world before reaching the destination site. As a result, accessing site content using Tor will be slower than normal browsers .

How to Use Tor Browser

The decision to use Tor or not depends entirely on your needs. Tor is free and easy to use, and is usually very effective software in the privacy sector.

For those of you who want to get freedom on the internet and be more protected, here’s an easy way to use Tor Browser:

  1. Download and install Tor Browser .
  2. Select the platform you are using.
  3. Click the Tor Browser icon when it’s installed.
  4. The browser is connected to the Tor network.
  5. Wait for the process to connect to the Tor network.
  6. Done and internet access as usual.

Is Tor Browser Legal & Safe to Use?

Tor Browser is completely legal to use, but in some countries this service is banned or blocked by national authorities. China, for example, bans anonymity services and blocks Tor.

Countries like Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran also prevent their citizens from using Tor. Recently, Venezuela has even blocked all Tor traffic from being usable.

In essence, Tor is a service or application that is safe to use but is not liked by countries with repressive regimes. On the other hand, this service helps support the freedom of expression of its users online .

The final word

That’s the Tor Browser review that internet users can use to protect and improve online security . This application is perfect for those of you who want freedom on the internet.

Jaka recommends not using this application for illegal activities such as accessing the dark web that contains negative and sensitive content. So, use this application with a focus on maintaining data confidentiality!

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