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SD Maid Pro Apk Download Premium Unlocked Terbaru 2022 SD Maid Pro Apk Download Premium Unlocked Terbaru 2022

SD Maid Pro Apk


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Android 4.0
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For those of you Android users, of course, you want to have a smartphone with fast acceleration. Slow performance will certainly hamper the activity of using several menu options. No need to worry because an application has been created to control and improve Android speed.

Lags on smartphones are usually caused by cache files or system app junk. One solution is to use SD Maid Pro. However, you must first download the latest SD Maid Pro-Unlocker v4.15.1 Full Apk + Mod before use.

Review SD Maid Pro

SD Maid Pro-Unlocker is the best cleaner and cache eraser app on Android. Its presence will help you in keeping your device clean and tidy. Apart from that, it also offers a collection of tools to manage the files that are already installed.

SD Maid Pro is a premium or paid application if downloaded via Playstore. But don’t worry you can also get it for free with the “unlocker” version. The file size is only 7 MB, so it doesn’t require a lot of storage space.

The existence of this application is equipped with several features that can be used for free. By using SD Maid Pro-Unlocker, the cache will be deleted and then gone without a trace. Amazingly, it can also detect the database and then fix it.

Cara Download SD Maid Pro

The process is not complicated and only requires a few easy steps, as for how to:

1. Open Browser on Smartphone

In particular, there is no provision for what type of browser to use. Can use the default smartphone browser or others such as Opera mini, UC Browser, Google Crome, Firefox Browser for Android and so on.

2. Download SD Maid- Unlocker v4.15.1 Full Apk + Mod

To download the SD Maid Pro-Unlocker v4.15.1 Full Apk + Mod application the method is quite easy, you only need to do one step, namely clicking on the link http://consultormultinivel.com/sd-maid-pro/ then wait a while until the download process completed.

3. Check the Application First

If it is downloaded, then check the download folder on your smartphone, this is to ensure whether the application files are already stored in that folder. If all the steps have been completed then immediately proceed to the installation stage.

Cara install SD Maid Pro

After you finish downloading SD Maid then you have to install it, here are the easy steps:

  1. Open the SD Maid Pro-Unlocker application file on your smartphone, then click install. Wait a few moments until the process ends then click “Finish”.
  2. If a warning appears during the apk installation process, then enter the “Settings >> Security >> Check Unknown Source menu”.
  3. Open the application in the smartphone menu, then it can be used.

After installing it, you can enjoy the features provided to support cleaning the smartphone from cache.

Features of SD Maid Pro

SD Maid Pro-Unlocker v4.15.1 Full Apk + Mod is equipped with various features to support users when using the application, including:

1. Cleaner

This confirms that the app is the best cleaner for Android. In addition to clearing the cache, it also saves memory. The need for these features is adjusted to the user’s needs to be more accurate.

2. Control over Apps

When using SD Maid Pro-Unlocker, you will have full control during the execution stage. With the help of this feature, you can easily delete, modify or reset the application. Thus, managing and controlling becomes an easy task.

3. Optimize Database

This feature serves to increase the speed of the smartphone by optimizing the database. In addition, it also reduces the size of data that is not needed in order to increase the speed of your Android performance.

4. Detect Duplicate Files

When there are several duplicate files on your smartphone, SD Maid Pro-Unlocker is able to detect their presence. Next it will delete it and make memory free from junk.

5. Maintenance Free

With this feature, you can schedule a function to clear the device from cache. After that, it automatically optimizes the performance of applications on the smartphone.

6. File Search

This feature will make it easier for you to find any file from your smartphone. So, there is no need to open every existing folder. The method is quite easy, just search for the file name and it will check all folders automatically.

7. Remove System Apps

It is known, that applications on the Android system cannot be deleted. But with the SD Maid Pro-Unlocker, that’s indisputable. That way, you can eliminate, freeze and also reset any applications on your smartphone.

How to Use SD Maid Pro

If you don’t understand how to use it, here are the easy steps:

1. Opening the SD Maid Pro-Unlocker App

First open this application in the smartphone menu. When you run SD Maid Pro-Unlocker for the first time, it will display 4 main features that are made to free up memory. After that, you just click the “scan” button.

2. Delete Process

While the scan process is done, wait a while while the application scans the system and memory. When finished, click the “Run Now” button. After that, a confirmation popup appears then tap “Delete”. Next SD Maid Pro-Unlocker deletes the scanned files one by one.

In addition to using the method above, you can also use others. By clicking the button on the top left, there will be other options such as “Storage Analyzer”. This is used to scan memory and until it finds all junk files.

“Duplicate” is used to find duplicate files. Furthermore, the “Database” feature can optimize storage. Thus, making the device work even more optimally.

Required Smartphone Specifications

In order for you to use all the features provided, it requires a device with Android 4.0+ (Jelly Bean) or higher for smooth operation.

The capacity of this application is quite small, only 7 MB. So, when downloading it takes about 15 MB of free space on the internal storage. In addition, it requires a fairly large RAM, namely 1 GB and 8 GB ROM.

With a capacity of 7 MB, you don’t need to worry because its presence will not interfere with the overall performance of Android.

Other Optional Types and Versions

The SD Maid Pro-Unlocker application has several versions, including:

1. SD Maid Pro-Unlocker v4.14.39

This application is the latest version of SD Maid Pro-Unlocker which will help maintain the performance of your smartphone. In addition, it also functions to provide crash reports and other unwanted files.

2. SD Maid Pro-Unlocker v4.14.37

SD Maid Pro-Unlocker v4.15.1 can help you in keeping your Android device clean and tidy. In addition, it also has many functions such as detecting duplicate images, music or documents, optimizing databases and so on.

Download SD Maid Pro-Unlocker v4.15.1 Full Apk + The latest mod is free and the process is very fast, this is because it has a fairly small file size. If you have passed this stage, you can already enjoy all the features provided.

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