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May 6, 2022
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SaveTik is a tiktok video download site without a watermark with amazing features, complete and also free. For that, read carefully the explanation of tiktok downloader MP3, HD quality MP4 below.

As is well known that the TikTok application is one of the entertainment applications. This application provides watching videos that contain music. The video content displayed is also in the form of videos made by the application users themselves.

The videos displayed are also short videos with a maximum duration of up to 15 seconds, 60 seconds, and 3 minutes. In addition, users can also save these TikTok videos in the device gallery.

Users can save it directly by pressing the Share > Save button contained in the video. However, videos that will be saved later still have the TikTok watermark.

With this watermark, it will usually interfere with the video display. Therefore, users can use other alternatives to save Tiktok videos without a watermark. Namely by using the SaveTik site.

Reasons to Save TikTok Videos Without Watermark

SaveTik is a useful site for downloading Tiktok videos without a watermark. Users can also use this SaveTik site from any platform.

Such as laptops, cellphones, ipads, and so on. Apart from that, users can also download these Tiktok videos without watermark for free. Both the web version of Tiktok and the lite version can also use this site. Users only need to open a browser and type in the SaveTik keyword.

Previously, users often felt annoyed and bothered by the presence of this watermark. Watermarks can usually be removed by blurring the watermark.

However, it will still interfere with the video display so that the video will look bad. However, thanks to the SaveTik site, users will find it very helpful. Then, what are the real reasons for users who want videos without watermarks?

1. Lots of Educational Videos

Besides entertainment, there are also videos on Tiktok that contain education. That way, many users want to save the video. This is because the video is considered useful, quality, and worthy to be stored.

Users also usually save this educational video to be re-shared with others. So not only educate yourself, but to others as well.

2. Lots of Interesting Videos

When Tiktok appeared for the first time, at that time there were still not many videos circulating. However, as time goes by, there are now many good and attractively packaged videos.

This is because users need time to adapt to this Tiktok application. Regarding interesting videos, for example, videos of Korean artists that are spread on Tiktok so users want to save them.

3. Number of Video Tutorials

Another reason is that there are video tutorials that are also spread on Tiktok. Usually users choose to save the tutorial video because it is interesting or someday will need it. That way the user will save it in the device gallery.

4. As Video Editing Material

Usually, there are times when users want to edit a video that has been spread on Tiktok. However, if the video has a watermark, it will greatly interfere with the appearance of the video.

This will also make it difficult for the editor to edit the video. Users who re-edit a video usually add some additional effects or stich the video.

5. To Reshare on Social Media

The last cause is because the user wants to re-share the video on social media. If the video still has a watermark, the video will look unprofessional and look less good.

The video will also look neater and more attractive without a watermark. That way, users need to download videos without a watermark when they want to re-upload.

Interesting Facts About Savetik

Well, before you download and install the savetik application on your device, it is very important to know in more detail about the TikTok video downloader tool down to its roots. The apk comes as a website specifically designed for downloads.

The application was also developed by BghitNkodi Studios as a pioneer for the ease of downloading TikTok videos without a watermark. Make no mistake, that the website is not only popular and widely used in Indonesia, but in various other world countries.

For those of you who often watch TikTok videos with all the fun, then we highly recommend using the savetik, whether the website version or the application version. Each version has the same function and use, only the access is different.

If you use the site, then you just open a browser and access the website address. Meanwhile, if you use the application version, then you have to download it first and then install it on your device. The features offered are quite interesting and will give satisfaction.

Savetik Video Downloader Feature Collection TikTok

Because savetik is one of the most reliable applications for downloading various interesting TikTok videos without a watermark, then of course the application cannot be separated from the existence of interesting features in it. For that it is very important for you to know all its features.

Not only used by new users, but even pro-class content creators take advantage of the advantages of the site. This is because there is an interest in the results of the video which are of very high quality, satisfying, and really maximized.

So what are the interesting features that savetik has that can provide satisfaction? Here are 10 features that you must know:

1. Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark

The first excellent feature is that Savetik can produce clean TikTok videos and avoid watermarks. The impression is as if the content you download is truly original, the work of your own creativity. You can directly share to other social media, whatever the platform.

Interestingly, this application is not only intended to download watermark-free videos, but is able to remove ID. This means that the first owner of the TikTok video that you downloaded earlier will not appear visible, it only needs to be modified to make it look more perfect.

2. Download HD Resolution Videos

When you manage to have the application and use it to download various video content, then we make sure the results look HD quality. Although there are also many similar applications, not all of them have good results, and you only feel through this application.

Initially there was no single platform that could provide satisfaction, but now savetik is here as a pioneer capable of producing the best quality downloaded videos with high resolution. But also make sure the video that is downloaded is of the same good resolution, because it is very influential.

3. Simple Display (User Interface)

The advantage of this third feature is that users will be made to feel comfortable, at home, and easy while in use. You will feel this in all versions, whether the website or application version. We also make sure that new users can easily operate.

Its appearance, which has a very simple design (User Interface), makes the TikTok video download tool more attractive to many people. So don’t be surprised if the name of this site often appears early in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when searching with TikTok keywords .

4. Support on All Devices

Another feature that you will find is the ease of accessing it, because it can be used on all devices, both Android, iOS, and Desktop. Especially for the Mod Apk version, because you only need to activate unknown sources.

To use it on your device, you need stable and fast internet support for a smooth download process.

5. Access Without Installation

Some TikTok video downloader tools require their users to install, but this application is different. The existence of this complete version allows you to choose and determine whether you are interested in the version of the application that must be installed, or portable via the website.

So that Smartphone users with low specifications can determine, and the impression is also that this video download media can be used by everyone without exception. For those whose devices are over storage, then please access via the website only.

6. Easy & Fast Download

We have mentioned in the previous explanation that savetik has a very user-friendly interface, allowing you to quickly and easily run the application. Especially when it comes to downloading TikTok content that is clean of watermarks.

There’s no need to worry either, because as well as using it through the website and the application, they are both very easy to understand. With just a few clicks you can immediately have the desired TikTok videos automatically saved on your device.

7. Lightweight Apps

From the size of the application, the downloader tool only has a capacity of 6.8 MB, so it is quite ideal and light to install on the device. For those of you whose cell phone is a potato type, then don’t hesitate to immediately download and install it on your smartphone without any lag.

8. Compatible on TikTok Lite and Regular

Some people have noticed that TikTok consists of two versions, the regular and the lite version. Frequently, questions also arise that emphasize the differences between the two versions. Of course there is a difference, because TikTok lite is lighter in size than regular.

However, both versions are compatible for use on all devices, so there is no need to argue, the most important thing is that they both provide quite fun entertainment content.

9. Free Service Access

Another interesting feature that will be felt by users of this downloader site and its application is access to the services it provides free of charge without any fees. Of course it’s very interesting, because with it you can have various quality videos that are free from watermarks.

Please download as many TikTok videos as you want, and all you need is the availability of an adequate internet quota.

10. Free from Virus Malware

Of the many TikTok video downloader applications and sites available on the Play Store, only one we recommend the most is savetik. The application is very safe to use and provides guarantees to all users, so that data security will always be maintained.

What’s more, the application is not the result of third-party modifications and can be found on the Google device market. For that do not hesitate, because there is absolutely no malware virus tucked in it. Google itself has carried out strict filtering to ensure its security.

Now you know in more detail about all the features that you will find in it. This feature will later help you and all other users to make it easier to download TikTok videos, so that the results are quality, clean, and satisfying.

Download Savetik & App Specifications

Anyone who wants to download TikTok videos by using the website, then please access via the following address; For those who are interested in taking advantage of the application version, there are special steps that you must know first.

Here we have prepared a table that contains information and specifications for the savetik application. We recommend that you fulfill this information, especially for those who want to use the application and install it on their device. Otherwise, the application will not run optimally.

App NameSavetik Apk
DeveloperBghitNkodi Studios
Apk TypeTikTok Downloader
Service AccessFree
App Size6,8 M
App VersionV.8.3
Release Date18-04-2020
Update Date06-05-2022
Minimum RAM1GB
Minimum ROM50 MB
Root SystemNot needed

Please adjust the device to the application specifications so that you really get the maximum benefit and as desired. It’s not a difficult thing to just download TikTok videos with maximum results and free from annoying watermarks.

Advantages & Disadvantages of the Savetik Application

In addition to the very interesting features that savetik has, here you also have to know some of the advantages and disadvantages that will be felt during the use of each version. This is a consideration so that later you can be wiser in determining and using it.

1. Advantages of Savetik

  • Every user will get HD quality and clear download videos.
  • Can remove watermarks and IDs from downloaded video content.
  • It has various versions and is compatible on all any devices.
  • It has a simple interface that makes it easy for users.
  • Accessible using website and app versions.
  • Support with TikTok Lite and TikTok Regular.
  • Has a light application size and will not burden device performance.
  • The application is safe to use and protected from malware viruses.
  • The free service can be used as much as you want without any limitations.

2. Lack of Savetik

  • Some users have experienced bug problems when using the application.
  • There are still many ads that will be found during the use of the Apk version, and many complain about it.
  • The application is designed by an external party that has no cooperation with TikTok.
  • There is access to permissions that must be done to be able to open the available services.

The purpose of the advantages and disadvantages we convey is none other than to maximize all the advantages and minimize some of the disadvantages in order to get satisfaction when the application is operated.

Various Ways to Download TikTok Videos on Saveti

Who can’t wait to download interesting TikTok videos right away? Once again keep in mind that savetik is very easy to use and won’t leave you confused. There are 3 ways to download the video that you can do here, as follows:

1. Via Android

  • The first way, please open the TikTok application on each device that is already installed.
  • Find the TikTok video content that you want to download.
  • After that Copy the Link
  • Then not the address of this site; or the app version.
  • Continue by Paste Link in the column provided for each version.
  • Tap Download to download it immediately.
  • Wait a few seconds while the download process takes place.
  • Now check the device’s Gallery Storage Folder , and the video is automatically downloaded.

2. Using iOS/iPhone Device

  • Not much different from Android, you must immediately open the savetik application/site on the device.
  • After that, specify the TikTok video that you will download.
  • Click Document by Readdle on the respective iOS/iPhone device.
  • Enter immediately to the available Browser by using the Program
  • Login to the site; in iPhone device browser .
  • Paste/Copy the download link link in the search field.
  • Click Download and wait.
  • The download process will take place according to the speed of the internet connection used.
  • After that the video will be saved in the device gallery.

3. Download Via PC/Computer

  • Open TikTok Site with address; in device browser is available.
  • We recommend that you use Chrome for a more optimal and compatible impression.
  • Please Login using Account .
  • Select a video to download.
  • Copy the Video Link you want.
  • Open a New Tab in the browser.
  • Continue to go to the official website .
  • Re-enter the link that you copied earlier into the search field.
  • Tap Download and the download process will take place.
  • You just need to wait for the file to be saved to your device automatically.

Is it safe to download TikTok videos on Savetik that are not authorized by the owner?

Here there is something very crucial for all potential users of this savetik application and site to know. Moreover, the videos you download are the work of other people whose status is protected by copyright law. So that downloading videos without watermarks must be considered.

Regarding whether or not a work belongs to someone else that you download by removing the identity of the owner, then this really depends on the owner of the content. This means that if the owner feels that no one has been harmed, of course there will be no serious problems.

Vice versa, considering that it has been confirmed that the videos that you have downloaded are mostly reposted to other social media, such as IG, WhatsApp, FB, and others. The goal is to affirm that you are the one who made it. Isn’t that right?

Savetik Site Security Leve

As we have reviewed in the explanation above, the use of the savetik site is safe to use by anyone and any device. So don’t let you hesitate and be enveloped in fear when using the TikTok video downloader application, because it is guaranteed and proven safe.

Now there is no more reason for you to ignore TikTok videos that you find interesting. Immediately download as many videos as possible, because they are not limited by anything, unless your device does not have internet quota.

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