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Jul 26, 2022
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Racing games are one of the game genres that are in great demand by many gamers. Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod APK is one of the best Drag Simulator Mod APK that you can play.

As recently, gamers are back in the game of motorcycle racing. Due to the current state of the planet, it is not feasible for people to watch motorcycle races or ride their bicycles on the streets.

As with drag motorcycle racing games, the demand for motorcycle racing games is also increasing.

Due to the large market demand, Indonesian game developers also take advantage of the opportunity to produce drag bike racing themed racing games.

real drag simulator indonesia mod apk

Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod APK 2022, a thrilling motorcycle racing game, has just been released by Indonesian developer Marangi Putro. This game is themed drag and various kinds of motorcycle modifications typical of Indonesia.

Professional Drag Racing Motorcycle

You can now play this entertaining motorcycle racing whenever you want on Android. As in previous years, it is currently not feasible to hold a live contest that can be observed by millions of fans due to the state of the world.

Even though every city in Indonesia often has crazy racing arenas designed specifically for drag motorbikes. Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod APK for Android is a game that will help you get rid of your cravings if you miss the motorbike drag races you usually hold in your city or miss watching the matches you usually watch on television.

You can use bikes like Jupiter Z, Vario, and Mio in this game, and all the bikes have been modified as much as possible.

download real drag simulator indonesia mod apk

Get the latest version of Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod APK for Android if you are curious or want to feel the atmosphere. On your phone, enjoy the atmosphere of drag racing.

Features of Real Drag Bike Racing

We have compiled some online user opinions about this game to help you feel more confident playing this thrilling game. For those of you who are looking for a drag bike themed game, this is the right game.

Stunning interface and audio effects – This game doesn’t have realistic visuals like Moto GP or WSBK games. However, as a game with a motorcycle racing theme, this game offers a quite satisfying visual experience for the players.

This game uses basic 3D graphics technology similar to that of PS2 games. If you want to compare with other games that use similar visuals, consider the PS2 title DTA San Andreas. You may have experienced the thrill of car drag racing as a professional racer with visuals like this.

real drag simulator indonesia mod apk unlimited money

This game not only looks beautiful, but also has great audio settings. You can listen to the realistic audio system in this game. In a real racetrack, you will hear the wind or the hum of a motorcycle engine.

The makers of this game have made an effort to create a truly immersive experience with this adequate framework. Of course it worked.

Easy-to-use controls – Due to its challenging controls, most of the motorcycle racing and auto racing games are dropped by gamers. After all, humans are competitive by nature and want to win at any cost. Moreover, most of the racing games have a challenging game control scheme that causes the player to lose every game.

Although the game is designed to encourage players to practice as much as possible, many players feel hopeless before even starting the game.

Fortunately, nothing in this game will be very challenging. There are usually two game control modes in this game. The first control way is joystick mode, and the second is gyroscopic control mode. You can choose the control you are most comfortable with using these two control options.

real drag simulator indonesia mod apk 2022

The creators also carefully considered the balance system, sensitivity and other control mechanisms. As a result, you will be completely comfortable tackling all matches in all styles of play.

Large selection of game modes – The creators of this game have created a number of game modes for its players to make them feel comfortable and at home for a long time. There are three game modes in this game: Quick Race, Career, and Free Play.

You have the option to play any mode in this game. You can quickly play races across multiple circuits in Fast Race mode, but in Career mode, you can gradually explore your options as a racer. And you can access the vast game world in Free Play mode. You are free to explore the city at your leisure while in this mode.

Race circuits from various regions- There are several circuits in this game that can be found in various cities in Indonesia. From the cities of Palu, Aceh, Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya 1, Surabaya 2, Semarang, and Pontianak, circuits are available. In Quick Race mode, you can directly experience the circuit. Unlike Career Mode, where you have to win a few games first in each city.

real drag simulator indonesia mod apk latest version

Wide Choice of Motorcycles – The bike itself is the most recognizable element of drag racing. Unlike other forms of motorcycle racing, drag racing uses custom motorcycles which are often motorcycles. The engine, exterior and characteristics of this motorcycle have all been changed. You will ride customized motorbikes like Satria FU Drag, Jupiter Z Drag and Vario Drag in this game.

Download Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod APK

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