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RA WhatsApp ( RA WA ) Apk Download Versi Terbaru 2022 Official RA WhatsApp ( RA WA ) Apk Download Versi Terbaru 2022 Official

RA WhatsApp

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Along with the number of users using WA Mod, many developers have started to launch Mod chat applications. One of the most recent is RA WhatsApp. Although less popular than similar applications, this WA Mod cannot be underestimated.

RA WA APK certainly provides many interesting features that cannot be found in the original WA. This is what makes many WhatsApp users prefer this Mod version. Its function is also the same as the original WhatsApp.

Where this Mod application can be used to chat with the best features in it. Before using the latest WA Mod application, try to check the following article first. The goal is to be able to use the application properly.

Information About the Latest RA WhatsApp Version

RA WA is a WhatsApp-based social media application that has been modified by a third party. So it’s very natural that there are many choices of features that can’t even be found in the original version.

An Indonesian programmer named Ridwan Arifin is the third party. He has modified the original version of the WA application into this very popular WhatsApp Mod.

He has also added various interesting features to RA WhatsApp iOS so as to ensure easy access for every application user. RA itself is an abbreviation of his name, Ridwan Arifin.

Some users also refer to this app as RaWa. Even though it includes a new WA Mod, the features are also not inferior to the experienced ones. Check out the following features.

Features in RA WhatsApp Mod

Every feature embedded in RA WA will make access to chat users more fun, safe and easy. The embedded features are as follows:

1. There is a complete privacy menu

The privacy menu is one of the features that can be enjoyed in RA WA iOS APK. This feature is very helpful for users to enable more secure privacy features. Immediately activate whenever you need this feature.

In it, there are many important features for users. Among them are features to turn off the blue tick, make application users not visible online even though they are online and so on.

2. Can send multiple files at once

The next interesting feature of the latest version of RA WhatsApp Mod is that every user is free to send multiple files, videos and images in one send. As for those who use the original WhatsApp, you can’t send freely.

The reason is that there is a size limit for sending files that you want to do. For those who want and often send large files, using RA WA is the right choice.

3. Very attractive interface

This feature is suitable for WhatsApp users who are bored with the original WA display. Where the latest RA WhatsApp Mod has a myriad of interesting themes that are also simple.

RA WA is also equipped with a look like an iPhone phone. So that makes users can use the phone with a very different sensation. All the themes provided here can be used free of charge without the need to pay.

4. Already Anti Banned

As we know that mod applications are very prone to being banned. Including this WhatsApp Mod. It’s just very different if you use RA WA. The reason is that in this application there is an anti-ban feature that makes users more satisfied.

So, no need to worry when using WhatsApp Mod. Because the account will not get banned. It’s just that, it is recommended not to use this Mod application excessively.

5. There is an app lock/App Lock feature

For those who are afraid that the chat content will be seen by others, RA WhatsApp also provides an “Application Lock” feature. That way, chat security is guaranteed even if the phone is used by someone else.

You can use a password, pin or fingerprint to lock the RA WA application on the smartphone you are using.

RA WhatsApp Application Review

Know that RA WhatsApp is a type of WhatsApp application that has been set or reprogrammed by a developer named RA (Ridwan Arifin). Interestingly, the application was reprogrammed by an Indonesian. Certainly a very extraordinary achievement, and deserves to be appreciated after all, even more very proud of this country.

Most people who use the application are nothing but looking for new sensations and want the interesting features it offers. This application also has a lot of fans, because it has a quite unique appearance and is different from other types of WhatsApp. Actually, there are also many types of WhatsApp that you can find easily today.

Among them are WhatsApp Aero, GB WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, and FM WhatsApp. All of these applications are developed by third-party hands whose main purpose is none other than to redevelop their default features to make them more interesting and can provide their own satisfaction. You won’t even find the features it presents in the Original version.

Well, one of its interesting features is that there is no size limit in sending files. Of course, you can’t do things like this in the original version, considering that there are so many limitations during the use of WhatsApp from the official version. So don’t be surprised if the modified version is far superior and many users are switching to this latest version.

Featured Features of RA WhatsApp Apk App

Features are one of the most important points that you must pay attention to when you want to use an application, because the more interesting features, the more fun during use. It’s the same with the RA WhatsApp application which is able to present various interesting and superior features compared to other versions, especially similar to the original WhatsApp but in its iOS version.

There are many more interesting features that you will find while using it. For more details, please pay attention to the following reviews below.

1. Can Change Appearance

The first excellent feature possessed by the RA WhatsApp application can be said to be one of its flagship features, with this feature the number of users is increasing. Later, if you have successfully paired it on the device, it will automatically get a theme and display that is exactly the same as the appearance on WhatsApp in the iOS version.

For those of you who don’t like the appearance of the iPhone version of WhatsApp, then you can also use other versions of the display, because there are lots of themes available in it for you to use as much as you like. Besides being able to change the appearance, each user can also change the chat room, font, and make changes to the size of the tab itself.

2. Lock Apps

The second excellent feature allows each user to lock the application. The existence of these features keeps you awake from ignorant people, so the impression is much safer and can maintain all the privacy you have. Well, the features available in it make it easier for users to lock applications without having to install additional applications.

In terms of security, you don’t need to doubt the application, because there are three methods that you can apply later. For example, the password, pin, and fingerprint method. Once again you will be quite safe and protected from abuse by irresponsible people.

3. Send Large Files

Furthermore, it is also not uncommon that the WhatsApp application is used as a medium for transferring files, because the convenience it offers is quite satisfying. However, in the original version there are limitations regarding the size you can send. This means that only certain file sizes can be sent. But not for this Mod Apk version, because you are given access to send as many as possible.

That way you can freely regardless of the size of the file that will be sent without any limitations. So it is very suitable for those of you who often come into contact with document files, whether at the office, school, and so on.

4. Privacy

Here there is also a privacy feature which is one of the most liked features by all its users. Actually, this feature is not much different from other modified versions of WhatsApp. Well, for this privacy feature, including the feature to turn off the blue tick, delete the last seen, hide status, setting contact numbers, to limiting video and voice calls. Interesting right?

5. Anti Banned

You also need to know that actually using the Mod Apk type application is very risky, one of which is account blocking by the authorities because it has violated the rules and is illegal. Most of the modified application types claim that they are really anti-banned. However, it is rare for users of the Mod Apk application to be blocked by itself.

You don’t have to worry about getting banned if you regularly update according to the standard application that has been determined. Moreover, the developer (RA) has implemented an application updating system, so that later it can minimize unwanted things such as blocking.

6. Available Theme Options

The last excellent feature is that the RA WhatsApp application provides a large selection of themes that you can choose and define as you wish. In addition to the availability of themes that seem diverse, you can also try the latest features such as dark mode. That way you can get a WhatsApp look that is unusual and looks interesting when viewed.

For those who make interesting and unique themes in the WhatsApp Mod Apk application, it is kawai, so you can freely choose the theme you want so you don’t get bored while using it.

7. More Features

  • Support call.
  • Emoji modifier.
  • Change tick mode or bubble mode.
  • Can zoom in the profile.
  • Theme Mod dan Theme Server.
  • There are counter statistics for a group.
  • Preview media without having to reload.
  • Can see online status or born on screen.
  • Added status words from 139 to 250 characters.
  • Copy and paste status.
  • Hides name and date when copying to chat users.
  • Allows identification between broadcast messages and conventional messages.
  • Can easily press the link to the status of an existing friend.
  • Can add more types of files PDF, TXT, XLS, RTF, XLSK, Doc, Ppt, Vcard, Zip, Pptx, and Dockx.

Download Link for the Latest RA WhatsApp Apk 2022

As we have explained that RA WhatsApp is one of the modified applications that was redeveloped by a third party, so you won’t find it in any Play Store. But you don’t need to worry, because below we will share the complete download link along with the application specifications.

App NameRA WhatsApp
OS MinimumAndroid 4.4+
App VersionNew Version
DeveloperRidwan Arifin
File Size51 MB

Please download the application via the link that we have shared above, as for if you are not interested then please also look for it on the internet because it is now widely available. But also make sure not to carelessly or carelessly download the application, considering that currently there are many irresponsible parties and can be fatal if you are careless.

Make sure you are on a truly trusted source to minimize unwanted things. We are worried that the device you are using will be exposed to some kind of malware virus that can damage the system performance of a device. Not all Mod Apk applications are dangerous, and depending on where you get them.

Here’s How to Install the RA WhatsApp Application

Since the modified RA WhatsApp and the download link are not available in the store of each device, the installation process also has differences from the applications you usually download via the Google Play Store service. Later you must first give device permissions or activation of unknown sources. Only then can the device you use receive it.

If you are curious and want to know the installation process, please pay attention to the steps like this:

  • First, make sure you have actually succeeded in downloading the RA WhatsApp application via the link we have shared above.
  • If you have downloaded it, make sure to open it first.
  • Please go to the Settings / Settings menu on each device.
  • Then look for the Privacy / Security menu as well.
  • After that, check the Unknown Sources text for the process of granting permission or activation related to the application that you will install on the device.
  • Then look for the downloaded file in the File Manager menu in the storage folder.
  • When you find it, open the application and click Install.
  • Wait for the process until the application is actually successfully installed on the device.
  • Good luck and good luck.

How, how easy is the application installation process? Please follow the steps as we have provided the guide above. Don’t let anything go wrong or out of sequence, because if there’s just one step that doesn’t match, it’s likely that the application has an error and doesn’t work as it should.

That way, you inevitably have to re-download and reinstall the application on each device. But before reinstalling it, you must first uninstall the application that previously failed and errored. It aims to avoid spam files that can burden the performance of a device.

Differences RA WhatsApp Mod Apk with WhatsApp Original

This version of WhatsApp Mod has similarities with GB WhatsApp which is equipped with features to be able to download a status directly, view deleted status, or status that has been lost and can create video statuses with a long duration. For more details, please refer to the following points:

Featured FeaturesRA WhatsAppWhatsApp Original
Emoji Variants
Size Sending Image50 MB16 MB
Size of Sending Video700 MB16 MB
Anti Delete Message
Changing Theme
Send Blank Message
Theme Videos in Status
Viewing Deleted Stories

How to Overcome Banned in the RA WhatsApp Applicatio

The solution to avoid getting banned which can happen at any time is to diligently update the application to the latest version, whether on Android or iOS devices. So, if you want to know the process, please follow these steps:

  • The first step, please open the Settings Mode in the RA WhatsApp application
  • After that proceed by opening Updates and selecting Check for Updates.
  • If later you find the latest version, please click on Download Web.
  • The last step as usual you have to install the latest version of the application until it really works.
  • Good luck.

The point is that if you are active and diligent in updating the application to a new version, you will get support and updates from the developer. That way, you will get the latest features and even more interesting items.

Advantages and Disadvantages of RA WhatsApp Application

We make sure that all applications of any type will not be separated from two sides, advantages and disadvantages. Likewise, RA WhatsApp is difficult to separate from these two things. That way you can take it into consideration when deciding whether or not to use the WhatsApp Mod Apk application. Below are some of the differences:

Advantages of RA WhatsApp

  • Have a Theme Like iOS
  • Many Interesting and Sophisticated Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Can Lock Apps

Disadvantages of RA WhatsApp

  • Unofficial Application (Illegal)
  • Can’t Update on Play Store
  • Not Complete Security
  • Special Link

Is it safe to use the RA WhatsApp application on the device?

Whether or not the Mod Apk version of the RA WhatsApp application is used on a device depends on the developer itself. This means whether he has been following and obeying the official WhatsApp party or not. Because so far the modified version of the WhatsApp application has always updated all the latest policies, so so far it can be said to be safe.

You need to underline too, that not all modified applications are really dangerous. This depends on the developer and the links obtained by each user.

If the developer provides a periodic updating system and users get the download link from a valid source, then it can be said to be quite safe and avoid being banned. But whatever the reason, the use of this Mod Apk type application is not justified, because it has violated and the application is not official.

However, we think the RA WhatsApp application is far superior to the original version, starting from features, access to use, and much more. So which version do you want, the original or the Mod Apk? For those of you who want to feel an extraordinary sensation while chatting, we recommend using the modified version.

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