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3 Jun 2022
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PojavLauncher APK is an application that can be linked to the game Minecraft. This APK functions as a launcher , which is a tool that can give you full control over the game made by Mojang for free.

Pojav Launcher is similar to Minecraft Launcher . That’s why this application is loved by many people, especially for those who don’t want to spend money to buy the premium Minecraft game available on the Google Play Store .

Although available on the Play Store, this APK is not an official application for playing Minecraft, yes. Jaka still advises you to keep downloading the original Minecraft APK to make it more secure and reliable.

Immediately, let’s see Jaka’s explanation regarding the launcher feature for the open world game and the download link for the Latest PojavLauncher APK 2022 below!

About PojavLauncher APK

Pojav Launcher APK is an application or tool made by Artdeell which is a solution for playing Minecraft Java Edition on Android . Based on Broadwalk, this launcher is accessible for almost all versions of Minecraft, from 1.12.2 onwards, making it compatible with Android 5.0 OS.

As one of the recommended launchers other than Minecraft Launcher, Pojav is available for free on the Play Store so you can directly download it from the market.

With PojavLauncher, you can modify content in Minecraft. The reason is, the game made by Mojang is open for gamers to be creative, either in-game or outside the game.

PojavLauncher is an alternative that contains some data in it. So, you don’t need to download the previously modified application.

Launchers like this are available in large quantities on the Play Store, which means you don’t need to make a lot of changes to your cellphone. Just choose the one you like or the one that suits your needs. Next do the installation and use as needed.

Download Pojad Launcher APK Terbaru

Before continuing to download, you must first check the specifications needed for Android and iOS cellphones so that you can play them. Please check the details in this table:

Minimal OSAndroid 5.0 and above
Size74 MB

Here are some download links for the latest PojavLauncher 2022 that you can download according to their respective superior features.

Pojav Launcher Features and Advantages

With this application, you can find all commercial versions of Minecraft for free, gang. Then what are the excellent features of this one application? Here’s the review!

1. Free to Use

This Pojav application does not cost anything when you use it. Unlike the original Minecraft application, which costs around IDR 100,000 for a single purchase.

In addition, this application also allows you to download other versions of Minecraft that are paid but can be played for free.

2. Safe to Use

In general, there are two types of launcher applications , namely those available on the Play Store and those available on certain sites. Those available on the Play Store are definitely safe and can be used for free.

3. Skin Chooser dan Skin Changer

As a modification tool , this APK frees you to choose the character skin that is used because all the looks are already open and can be used without the need to buy the skin first.

Another feature is to unlock all Minecraft character skins. So, you can freely choose the appearance of the character used after successfully installing this application.

4. MOD Menu

The function of using the launcher application for this Minecraft game is to make the modification process easy. We know that the Minecraft application requires a lot of creativity and patience.

Well, to overcome this, you can use the launcher to change the skin used or make the desired weapon.

How to Use Pojav Launcher for Minecraft

Unlike some other modification applications. This launcher application for open world games has a very simple interface.

You could even say this application is almost similar to the original Minecraft application. There is no difference at all available there so you can play directly and for free.

As for how to use PojavLauncher is as follows:

  1. Download and install Pojav Launcher via the link above.
  2. Login or Select Account with email and password .
  3. Pilih Singleplayer > Create New World > Klik Game Mode Creative.
  4. To set the FPS, click Options > Video Settings .
  5. Under Render Distance , select 7 Chunk.
  6. Under Graphics , select Fancy.
  7. Under Smooth Lightning , choose Medium.

Important! Risks & Dangers of Using MOD APK

Before deciding to try and use the modified version, first understand the risks that you can accept as follows:

  1. Vulnerability to viruses and malware : The main risk of files coming from third-party sites is the potential for viruses, as they are not legal from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  2. Permanently banned account : Login or register in MOD APK will be considered as illegal activity. Your account or email could potentially be permanently banned by Google.
  3. Hacking of private data : Installing and logging in the MOD APK file can also hack privacy. The login or registration data that you enter on the site or APK will go to the developer.
  4. Damage your cellphone : If a virus or malware has entered your device, your cellphone may be damaged and completely dead, or the files that are there are completely lost because of a virus.
  5. Disadvantage to the developer : The MOD APK version unlocks premium features that are usually paid for in the original version. Therefore, downloading and playing MOD APK games is the same as closing access to developer income .

Well, because the use of this APK from Pojav is detrimental to Minecraft developers and is dangerous for security, ApkVenue recommends not trying it!

Besides PojavLauncher, there are other launcher applications that function to modify Android phones. The best 2022 Android launcher application is very light so it doesn’t waste battery. The list, you can see through Jaka’s article below.

The final word

Those were some descriptions of the interesting features of the Pojav Launcher APK Latest Version 2022 application . This application can make you more creative when playing the Minecraft game.

Besides that, ApkVenue has provided a link for you to use to download the game directly. Choose the application version wisely, yes, so as not to affect your account or device in the future. Jaka recommends that you just try the original version.

Is there an application or game that you want to download also from JalanTikus? Leave your message in the comments column, okay?

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