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MOD v1.8.0.5

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14 Desember 2022
1.46 MB
MOD v1.8.0.5
Android 4.4 and up
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PicSay Pro MOD APK is the best choice if you want to edit photos like a pro in just one hand. What are you curious about?

Without the need for a sophisticated camera and difficult photo techniques, you can still produce stunning shots. In fact, you don’t need to use the best PC or laptop photo software to make your photos look aesthetic.

With this modified version, you can access premium features for free, such as new fonts , wrap brushes , and a perspective editor. However, using the MOD application can expose your device to malware that is harmful to personal data, you know. So understand the risk, OK?

If you are still curious, please download the full unlocked PicSay Pro MOD APK via the link below. Given the risks of using a modified version, ApkVenue recommends using this version only as a trial , yes, friends!

What is Picsay Pro MOD APK?

PicSay Pro is a premium photo editing application which is very popular because of its complete and varied features. Moreover, there are lots of animations and cool font choices that you can add to your photos.

It’s just that, there are several features that can only be accessed after you buy it in full , one of which is the HD resolution photo editing feature.

In this article, ApkVenue will provide the full version plus the full unlocked font feature for free. But you have to remember, this application is only a trial version before you use the original version.

Because, if you keep using this MOD application just to get the premium features for free, you will harm the official developer, friends. Make sure after this you also download the original version, okay!

Download PicSay Pro MOD APK Full Unlocked 2022

If you are interested in downloading the old and the latest version of the PicSay Pro APK, ApkVenue has provided the download link for free below.

Even though this app is quite popular, it’s a shame that the developer hasn’t released a new version since 2016. Therefore, you can only get version as the latest release.

Before you download , make sure your cellphone meets the minimum specifications for this application, yes, friends. Here is more information:

DetailPicSay Pro APK MOD
Minimum OSAndroid 4.4 and up
Size1.46 MB
Rating4.5 / 5.0 (Google Play Store)

For more details, you can check the following table, gang. ApkVenue has provided information and download links for PicSay Pro Full Unlocked 2022, starting from the original version to the modified version.

Differences PicSay Pro Original & MOD APK

Of course, apart from the official application, there are other differences between the original PicSay Pro application and the modified version. What are the differences? You can check the table below!

PicSay ProPicSay Pro MOD APK
Premium features locked.Unlock premium features.
In-app purchases.There are no in-app purchases.

Even though it tends to give you full features for free, the security of this application is not guaranteed, you know, friends. So, you have to be careful when deciding to use it.

Featured Features of PicSay Pro MOD APK

Pic Say Pro MOD APK 2022

Photo source: IST – Picsay Pro MOD APK

After you download the application, you must be curious about the popular and legendary PicSay Pro premium features?

Developed by Shinycore , PicSay, which you will get later, will be equipped with some of the latest features to make it easier for you to edit photos.

Its light and user-friendly application makes you addicted to using this application. Here’s a row of the newest features!

1. Editing With the Perspective Editor Feature

One of the newest features of PicSay Pro MOD APK 2022 is that users can use the offered perspective editor. Later, you can easily edit or add images according to the directions of the feature.

Apart from that, if you want to edit the background on the main photo, you can also do this by adding supporting photos.

That way, the edits can look satisfying and perfect. You will not regret using this application. No wonder this application is included in the row of the best Android photo editing applications !

2. New Post Type

This is one of the premium features of PicSay Pro that users of the original version have been waiting for the most, namely a much wider and more varied font variety .

By downloading PicSay Pro MOD APK Full font 2022, you can find all types of writing that were previously locked and can be accessed at will.

Apart from that, you can also find additional titles and new font styles with more attractive shapes. Users will get additional fonts that don’t exist in the old version or the original version.

Apart from the addition of a highlight font for the top photo caption , then plain text for descriptions, to other font forms , users are also given the facility to change the font size, color and position.

3. Wrap Brush Effect

Apart from additional fonts and animations, the features that you can find in PicSay Pro MOD are tools that allow users to create curved effects.

Thus, the user will be able to make curves on certain photo objects. Uniquely, this feature is not found in the original version, friends.

Later, the Wrap Brush effect on PicSay MOD can only be used on all Android smartphones that support OpenGL ES 3.

More Features…

Pic Say Pro MOD APK

Photo source: IST – Picsay Pro MOD APK

Apart from the three features above, PicSay Pro MOD APK also has many other features that are no less sophisticated, you know.

To find out more, see below, gang!

  • Emojis and Unicode
  • Adjustment of Size and Scale
  • Crop Image
  • Full font
  • Blur effect
  • Light and shadow effects
  • Shadows and saturation
  • Edit HD resolution photos
  • Insert text
  • Multiline text
  • Insert pictures
  • Sticker
  • Filter
  • Can save to SD card
  • and so on.

How to Install PicSay Pro APK MOD latest version 2022

After Jaka explains about its features, you can try to take a peek at it through this modified version of the PicSay application. So, for this one, you will get the updated version .

Here’s a guide on how to install PicSay Pro MOD APK:

  1. Download the PicSay APK that has been provided.
  2. Make sure you have allowed your cellphone to install applications from unknown sources by going to Settings > Security > Check Unknown sources .
  3. Install the app by clicking on the downloaded APK.
  4. Finished! You can open and operate it as usual.

Oh yes, if you are interested in editing the best videos, you can download or download Alight Motion Pro MOD APK . This application is no less good than other applications, you know!

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How to Edit Photos Using PicSay Pro

If you have installed PicSay Pro MOD APK on your cellphone, now it’s just a matter of how you can use this application to edit photos with the best results, friends.

For example, to make romantic or funny quotes , you can follow the steps below!

  1. Prepare the photos that you will edit .
  2. Import a photo by clicking Get a Picture .
  3. Pilih menu Sticker > Title.
  4. Select the desired font type.
  5. Enter text as desired.
  6. _Tap+ and hold on the text, then select Duplicate .
  7. Select Effect and set as desired.
  8. If so, click Export > Save Picture to Album .
  9. You have successfully saved the edited photo .

Well, editing images from this application depends on the creations of their respective users, friends. So if you want to edit photos with other models, all you have to do is adjust the features yourself. It’s easy?

Risks of Installing PicSay Pro MOD APK

As ApkVenue explained earlier, if you continue to use this free PicSay Pro APK, you can harm the official developer of this application. That’s because this application is illegal, friends.

If you can get premium features without paying, it means you are breaking the profit chain for the application development company.

It’s not only detrimental to other parties, it turns out that using this MOD version of the application can also harm yourself, because there are several other risks that you have to face, including:

  • Banned : Because it is an illegal application, you are very likely to be banned by the Google Play Store. If this happens, it will be difficult for you to access various Google applications that play a large role on your Android phone.
  • Leakage of Personal Information : This MOD version of the application is modified by a third party, whose existence and copyright are of course unclear. Instead of making applications that benefit users, MOD applications can actually be a form of scam that will harm you in the future.
  • Virus : The modified version of an application is very prone to being contaminated with viruses, friends. This could be due to imperfect system modification processes by third parties. Or even the virus is deliberately inserted into the system to damage your device.
  • Violating Copyright : Apart from harming the official developer in terms of material, this modified application is also a form of copyright infringement, friends. Copyright infringement is regulated by law. So, if it is violated, of course there will be a criminal act.
  • Damaging Hardware & Software : Non-standard system modifications that are made can affect the software on your device . It is possible that the compressor and operating system of your device are working unstable.

The final word

That’s a full review of the Picsay Pro MOD APK along with the download link . After knowing the premium features provided by the MOD version, you don’t hesitate anymore, right, to try the original version?

Unless you are able to bear the various risks of using the MOD application that ApkVenue described earlier, but even that is very dangerous if used for a long time.

Is there another application that you want? Don’t forget to tell Jaka, OK?

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